How do you nail the morning workout routine? I often think I’ll train in the afternoon (and mostly do) so there is no need for a morning routine that day. What routines are fitting if you do vigorous exercise three days a week?

Thiago Q.
I actually do vigorous exercise 7 days a week and i normally do them late afternoon nearly evening time so in the morning i do a walking exercise where i walk on the spot for 60 seconds then do some light stretching of my muscles for 60 seconds in rotation for 5 minutes i know i stretch after every workout but if you go hard sometimes the pain is still there in the morning so doing morning stretched and low impact walking gets your heart going and gets you ready for the day but if you do only do vigorous exercise 3 days a week i would suggest doing a low impact walking exercise but incorporate toe taps and tap backs side steps squats so do walking on the spot for 60 seconds then toe taps while lifting arms up etc for 60 seconds then back to walking but you have to figure out what's right for you if you like yoga do light yoga for 10 minutes everyday or maybe dance around the kitchen for 5 minutes while cooking breakfast it all helps
Tony U.
I think as the guide has mentioned that the best way is to make sure just to do something little since the stress factor can easy take control of it all. As I see it, the training is meant as a quick “wake-up” and not really meant as a big workout (unless you have the time), just make sure to do it if it makes you feel good.
Joshua T.
I run 4-5 times a week (Mostly, the run pace is rather easy) I also try to stay active on my “rest” days so there is always at least some walking and stretching out very day. I rarely skip the exercise. I think of this habit more as a part of “try to stay active everyday” routine. Sometimes I will feel so good, that this day I go for a morning run. But sometimes, I will feel this is the day I will do only some dancing or maybe some push ups or maybe just a light stretch or walk to the store for bread (this also counts :D). I mostly prefer to do fully exercise afternoon but sometimes the morning runs are just the best. Listen to yourself and treat yourself like a beautiful person that deserves some movement. I feel that some days, the morning is really the only opportunity to get some movement, so this is the mainly advantage for me.
Irene Z.
I have the same problem. So I have started small. I do a 7 minute workout. (Mine is in an app called FitCoach.) I also sometimes do a 10 minute rebounder workout. I think consistency is the real game changer. I do hope to find time for more formal exercise but I will keep the 7 minute workout even when I do.
Holly O.
I get dressed in my workout gear and fill out my water bottle. Then block out an hour on my calendar after I review my list for the day.
Horst C.
I have always struggled with getting out of bed – especially now in winter. Fri I set my alarm for 5:30 and went for an invigorating coastal cliff walk close to my home. My day went so much better because of it. Clarity and productivity. I felt amazing. The next day was my weekend but I still rose early and did the same walk – it gave me so much more of my day. I followed it by shopping and buying plenty of healthy food and a followed with a healthy breakfast. This morning it is pouring rain here. I chose to get up and do a yoga DVD that I enjoy. It has again set me up for a load day – even though it's Sunday – I am determined to keep my walk up on fine days and do something active at home if the weather is poor. 🙂
Tia W.
I find morning exercise to put me in a better mood and wake me up faster, unlike afternoon exercise morning exercise boost you’re metabolis. If you don’t have much time just do five minutes of squats Burpee‘s and push-ups or go for a short walk. I hope this helped!😁
Jacques T.
In my instance, the first morning workout routine happens after breakfast. Without any distractions in my way, any activity that sees me get up and moving can be considered as an activity. This could be because I am not leaving to a job but I don’t lying in bed either.

Getting up and moving through the case, often I find myself going downstairs and then back upstairs. These two flights of stairs always make sure I am active and moving. When doing vigorous exercise three days a week, one’s eating habit may change to five small and simple meals throughout the day. The morning workout for vigorous exercise in my humble opinion might be best to start with a stretch when getting out of bed first thing and when after the exercise to warm down. The workout could be used between the days of vigorous exercise.

I think a seven to eleven minute workout ideal based off of what Joel Therien talks about from as the best to warmup for this length of time using personal gymnasium equipment. If someone does not have their own home gymnasium equipment, then going to a gym can provide circuit training as a good workout option.

Amybeth J.
The yoga sun salutation routine is 6 minutes long, and is designed to make you breathe into your body and make yourself limber… definitely works on the mornings where I'm struggling to keep moving.
Nasreen X.
I make it as a ritual early morning day starts with one bottle of water and following exercise.

Early days I think will do later but once starts doing exercises I feel change in my energy and day to day activities. From that onwards I am not skipping it.

Clarisse Z.
My morning routine gave me the option to just dance for 8 minutes. To break a sweat while jamming out to some of my favorite songs. I have a morning playlist full of good songs that I dance to while making my bed and getting ready for the day. If you choose to not exercise in this way, then you could go on a morning coffee walk and take in some scenery. It’s not breaking a sweat, but it is getting your body moving and your mind relaxed for the day ahead! I hope that this gave you some ideas.
Caitlin Y.
I have 2 children that demand my attention the moment they wake up so if I don't do my routine in the mornin I more than likely won't get one in that day other than my night time yoga since I go to bed shortly after they do
Eliot P.
First i workout 6 days . And second you have love what you are doing ,you have to be passionate for whatever you are doing . Ask yourself why you want to do it , what will it give you ? As i think i have to be fit , i want to look good ,i want to look slim long becouse i will feel confident : never delay anything on tommorow because that tomorrow will never come . And how it do it in the morning as a keep everything ready a night before and wake up early and start my day with fabulaous . You can go and edit your morning routine and add exercise so you wont miss it . Ans remember , "be passionate"
Rosie T.
I try to work out first thing when i wake up after drinking water and a smoothie. The main reason why i do it in the morning is because i know myself, and if i postpone it I'm more likely to skip it altogether. And the workout gives me a good rush of endorphins which puts me in a good mood for the day.

I'm not sure what would be good exercise routines to do 3 times a week, I'm currently doing the Chloe Ting challenge every day, it's not TOO high impact, which works for me because I've never worked out until very recently.

Usually i also try and squeeze a yoga session later in the day after eating lunch or dinner.

I don't know if all of this is relevant, but it definitely has elevated my overall mood and i feel stronger and more relaxed.

Ravindra O.
I wake up early every morning and as soon as I wake up I drink a glass of water around 300 ml and then head toward my roof where I walk for around 10 minutes or so. It helps my body warm and then I just use the fabulous and start a 7 minute workout or streching. I think it's more fun for me than exercise.