Do you think you need to break a sweat to have a good workout?

Coline T.
No. Strength or flexibility workouts (such as yoga or just plain stretching) are just as effective in waking up your muscles and sculpting them if you wish to do so. Sweaty workouts tend to be more cardio (as you move around so much you break a sweat therefore your heartbeat goes up) which means these might be more targeted towards fat loss rather than muscle training. It is up to you to try both and see what works better for you and your fitness goals
Isabella C.
Not necessarily. It depends on the workout. You can still get your heart rate up and not break a sweat. Walking and yoga are both great workouts, but you might not sweat at all. And if you're exercising outside, the airflow from your movement, and any breeze might make it seem like you're not sweating. Sometimes, if you're just starting out with an exercise routine, it might also take some time to start sweating in response – possibly several workouts. Keep drinking water to make sure you stay hydrated, and the sweat will come.
Ingetraud I.
I think it is, but you don't need to neccessarly do it with hard workouts you don'r like doing. You can easily break a sweat with just dancing in your room, playing sports or doing something else that you find interesting and engaging.
Marco U.
No! I do a five minute yoga routine each morning, and there are some days where I don’t sweat. As long as you feel refreshed, I think that makes a great workout 🙂
Same P.
Not neccesarily. It reall depends o thr workout you're doing. If you are doing cardio, or weight lifting you can expect to sweat, but there are other good workout routines that will help you tone up without as much sweating if any. Ex. Strength Yoga is one that you may not really break a sweat doing, but will help to tone up target areas.
Nataniel C.
Yes because if you don’t feel worn out your muscles haven’t really been working or pushed to their limits from where they can get stronger.
Ramiro E.
I think so. A really challenging work out that takes you out of your comfort zone (and maybe gets you a bit sweaty) is more engaging than one that’s too easy.
Justine F.
No. People sweat glands and fat content are different. Some folks after a workout look like they just took a dive in the ocean, while others who completed the same workout look like they never even finished the warm up. 😏
Terrence Q.
Depends; do you sweat easily? Dometimes it is more about actually working out than thinking about it. A good workout is a workout.
Santina Z.
Not really. The workout can be very simple without any unrealistic push. It has to be regular, and that can help form a habit, which is a bigger win than breakibg sweat. Slowly the workout can be made more rigorous.
Luis T.
I mean if you are sweating that means you are working hard. But you could go to the swimming pool and swim for a workout and their you don’t sweat so it depends.
Dean C.
I don't think it is about that, it is more about fulfillment of the plan. It is important to keep going, sweating is not that important. I feel energised just by getting myself to move in the first place
Randall F.
No, sweating is the body's mechanism to stay cool. If you're doing an anaerobic workout and your not overheating then you won't sweat. Also going for a walk is a great workout and you don't always sweat on walk.
Johnny U.
No, a good workout is a good conversation between your mind and your body.
If your heart is beating fast then you are doing cardio. Pay attention to your breath at this point.
Stretching is very important after to soothe.
Hope this helps, good luck!
Tyler E.
It depends on your reasons for working out. If you're aiming for a high intensity workout or cardio, sure, but for me a good workout is one that I complete. I don't feel the need to sweat or even breathe hard so long as I have the accomplishment of doing whatever is within my limits at the time.
Mathilde Z.
Not necessarily. Each person is different. I have some friends that sweat while sitting still and others that seem to barely sweat at all. You know better than anyone else if you have pushed your limits or challenged yourself in your exercise.
Ethan F.
I think it depends on the person. Some activity is better than no activity, but for me personally, I know I haven't pushed myself hard enough if I'm not sweating.
Kenzo Y.
No I don’t believe so….but I myself on the other hand do sweat very easily… so it isn’t very often that I do a workout and not sweat
Waltraut O.
I actually think you do need to break a sweat to have a good workout. But any movement contributes to your overall health and well-being. I don’t break a sweat walking from the car to walk across a parking lot, but it helps.