What kind of exercises do you love to do? How did you figure that out?

Juno Z.
I typically go on YouTube and find an aerobics or total body work out videos. Personally I enjoy the ones which incorporate some dance and music to motivate me.
Megan O.
Trial and error. However if I didn’t like it but knew I needed to get cardio or that particular muscle group I looked for something else to work it.
Heinz G Nter Z.
I’m a heavier guy so I like things that aren’t hard on the joints. I weight lift, do elliptical, and ride bikes. Swimming would be good, too. This sounds lame, but I also dance every morning. Put on a dancing jam and let loose. Right now I’m all about “Rhythm of the Night” by Debarge. Good luck!
Evelyn P.
I love to walk at the ranch. Especially with my two Saint Bernards. I used to walk for hours but since back surgery I need walking sticks to get some weight off my back. I still walk but not as far. Being outside even in crummy weather is invigorating. Also water aerobics in..summertime.
Ruth Z.
I love to do F45 and waka ama. I like it because I like to push myself, I know yoga wouldnt suit me, but it suits others.

You need to find something that makes you want to go every single minute of the day, that makes you excited to want to be there and makes you feel satisfied.

It's just trial and error

Kim P.
Outdoor morning walk. Walking is the first small step for workout. Outdoor is connection to nature when we stayed in the office all day long.
Marius Z.
I really love working out my legs because I'm already kind of strong there. I find new exercises by isolating specific muscles and looking up workouts on the internet
Lisa E.
For finding exercises that I love I kept trying things.
I discovered that running isn't my favourite but I do enjoy being out in nature and having walks.
I discovered that I enjoy swimming but diving isn't for me.
I signed up for a spin class with a friend and I enjoy that. I try to combine what I like with things that are good for me.
For example I cycle my stationary bike while catching up on my favourite YouTube streamer.
I got to a fitness class with a friend and it makes it easier as it's fun too.
Kristin S.
I like exercises that are easy , suit for some busy days , requires less equipments and also exercises that have lots of benefits for my health , mental , physical and fitness.
Stefanie C.
I wanted to give yoga a try, so I downloaded this app called Yoga for Weight Loss. I wanted to do it for both my body and my mind. I absolutely love the app, because it eases you into it, with short basic workout sessions led by clear guidance. It's harder and more rewarding than I expected, but those 10 minutes became a part of my daily habits.
Sarah X.
I really enjoy yoga. I feel excited in the morning or after work to get a chance to do it. Starting small with something you truly is what helped me. I started with something very short and very mild. 20 to 30 minutes of mostly seated and reclining poses. I don't feel exhausted or sore afterwards. My heart rate hardly increases. After two months though, I know I'm stronger and more flexible, and because it's such an approachable and mild routine I don't get burnt out and have the motivation to do it again the next day. I do the yoga routines offered by the Palouse Mindfulness MBSR course. It's free.
Larry N.
Swimming is the only exercise i enjoy of but I swim once a year cause i dont have money for going to the pool and i dont ride often to the sea. I figured that out by time and different kinds of exercise i did
Laly Z.
i cross country ski race and i travel all the time and i love skiing. i train 6 days a week every week of the year. i love to climb, hike, run, roller ski , mountain bike, i like going to the gym
Ga L Y.
I now enjoy taking my dog for walks in the morning, i started by just playing with her in the back yard for 10 minutes before coming inside, then a short walk each morning, and now we have a routine and she loves the morning ritual as much as i do now.
Leah N.
Workout at the gym with a trainer, yoga and Muay Thai
I tried these for several weeks (and not just once) to see if I would like them. I didn’t enjoy them the first class, neither the 2nd one but after trying a few times, so don’t judge before trying at least a couple of weeks…