Do you exercise before or after the breakfast? And which exercises kicks your energy up?

Lina N.
I exercise before breakfast, right after I drank my water just so I don’t have an opportunity to not exercise because I might not feel like it that day. I usually do yoga because it calms me down but also gets my heart rate up, so perfect for someone who isn’t trying to lose weight or gain muscle and has problems with anxiety.
Devyn G.
I exercise before I eat, as I’m usually never hungry right when I wake up. (I wake up, get dressed, and do a workout.) Out of the exercises that Fabulous provides, the abdominal workout is what makes me the most hungry!
Grace U.
I Exercise before I have breakfast. Exercises that kick my energy up are stretches or squats/lunges. Sometimes I will walk outside which helps me to.
Sunrise P.
Many people choose to exercise right after waking up. And each person's routine varies, some people prefer walking, while others go for bicycling. But I prefer trying aerobics. Remember a nice stretch before you make your moves!
Derrick O.
I actually don’t eat breakfast because, for the sake of my metabolism, I do intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for 14-16 hours after dinner. There is no evidence saying you HAVE to eat breakfast. If you’re hungry in the morning, eat breakfast, if not, it’s fine. Even before I started doing that, I would always workout before eating breakfast because you are more prone to feeling sick when you do intense workouts. It also gets it out of the way. The easiest exercise to get you awake is Jumping Jacks or jump rope. It wakes you up real quick.
Terri O.
I like to eat breakfast first, then exercise right after. I usually don't eat a heavy breakfast, so it doesn't weigh me down while I'm exercising, and the breakfasts I do eat give me energy to exercise.
Julia C.
I workout before breakfast because it makes me feel less sick to my stomach if my stomach is empty. I like to run to get my energy up 🙂