I really want to lose my belly fat. I am exercising and eating well; any other suggestions?

Jana Z.
I don't think I have any other suggestions just please be patient with your body you will eventually reach your goal<3 just stop eating suger and eat carbs but not alot of carbs that's all have a nice day!<3
Naseer N.
Losing belly fat has no short cuts . All you can do is stick to diet and exercising reduxing caloric intake until its gone
Aquiles E.
Drink lot's of water and green tea (green tea should be the first thing you drink after you wake up). Stop drinking sugary drinks. But please don't starve! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚
Ishit N.
You know how you can pause your breathing and tuck your tummy in that makes your belly look less fat. But that's not practical you cannot hold your breath forever. So what i used to do when i was at your place was try to tuck my tummy in without holding breath using your abs muscle. Do it all the time and with time your muscles will adapt and become used to this and you will be able to keep it in for whole day or atleast when you are outside. Bad explanation but try it.. and also do not give up and don't strive to be like someone else's body. Do not do this so that at the end of it all you will look like the celebrity or model you admire just focus on being fit and healthy a lot of people do this to look beautiful rather than being fit. Because i am telling you, you will not look like what you think you will look like aftwr transformation there will always be parts of your body that you hate normal people like us cannot reach that ideal so that's why you should focus on being fit because that's the only thing you can do remember you are always beautiful the way you are and don't give up.
Kate Y.
Don't give up, sometimes results take some time to show. Also, it would be interesting to see a professional so you can have proper assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚
Villads Z.
Hmm, to get in shape you need to have a calorie deficit. Of course, that doesn't mean to starve yourself, no no. You can search for a calculator online and then stick to that deficit. Also, I highly recommend sweets and bread being less eaten or even cut down. I hope I helped you and good luck!
Cleci Z.
You have to concentrate on what you are eating, a lot of carbohydrates is very bad for your belly fat, take a little carbohydrates with some Proteins, and more over for exercise plank and lounges are the main factors to reduce belly fat. This will make you lose your belly fat and weight easily.
William Y.
Just be patient and consistent for the results.. believe that you can do this and stay persistent on your diet and exercise