How do you keep yourself motivated to do your exercise? Especially if it’s an outdoors activity and the weather isn’t very good?

Eckhardt F.
Being flexible is the key. It's easy to get in a routine or on a good streak or have an idea ahead of time about what exercise you plan to do. But we're not robots. How we are from day to day really can vary. So you have to check in with yourself every day. If my usual stuff isn't coming fairly easily or I'm feeling reluctant or tired, I ask myself "what would you do?" You have to be creative when answering this and consider allllll the possibilities when it comes to movement.

Some of my go-tos are a bunch of pre researched YouTube videos which I've saved the links to and renamed them in my bookmarks as to what the exercise is, duration and how hard or easy it is. I have some shoulder rehab exercises I could do as an alternative. Or recently discovered yin yoga which is about extremely long stretches. I do my own version of this. Walking is another one. Bargain with yourself and go through possibilities until you find something that your brain and body goes, yeah, ok, I could do that one. Some days it might be that you can only do 5 minutes of stretches and other times you'll be energetic and up for a challenge. Make sticking to the act of moving every day whatever that means that day, the priority, without pressuring yourself to always manage the same intensity.

Daniel O.
I find if I remind myself of my goals and that exercise is a part of reaching them, it gives me motivation. Often times I will feel so much better if I exercise and I remind myself of how much more productive I will be afterwards if I do exercise. My mental health is very much linked to the amount of exercise I do. To make energy I need to use energy.
Armand Y.
I trained hour upon hour in the cold and rain for highschool sports. My biggest motivation to keep going was a combination of things. Passion, grit and stupidity. I was beyond passionate for the game so I wanted to get better. I wanted to prove I was tough so I practiced in crazy conditions. Finally it was stupidity. I was crazy to be out there but I was crazy enough to do it. That's what mattered, if I was the only one crazy enough to do it I was practicing while someone else wasn't. I was getting better while other stayed inside. Tale the weather as a challenge. Who's gonna get out and exercise today the rain stops most athletes. But if your crazy enough to do it you trained while others watched you get better.
Thembi A.
Well I hardly do my workouts outside. I usually pack my bag the night before & the fact that my gym is open 24 hours a day helps as I can workout at any time. I’m part of a community of women that are taking their health to the next level. Perhaps get a workout partner & download exercises that you can easily do at home.
Irin Z.
It may seem ridiculous but I kinda talk to myself. I will remind myself that I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to actually go out and exercise. I will remind myself that I am fortunate enough to have a healthy enough body to work out, that I have working organs in my body, that I have the luxury of time, health and resources being available for me to do it. I tell myself that there are many people who are not able to do this anymore and for them the ability to exercise is a miracle. I remind myself that it's better to be able to work hard and sweat a little than to never be able to do it ever again. Somehow telling myself all this works.
Sarah V.
I like dancing, so I enjoy dancing along with some YouTube videos (dance cardio). Just 10 minutes, it’s easy. You may search JUST DANCE in YouTube, you can dance too.
Johanne Y.
I have a dog that I walk every morning. That counts as exercise. I also wake up earlier and just wont feel right the rest of the day if I don't check off those morning routine boxes. I'm sure at some point I will mess up, but I will never stop trying. I will pick myself up the next day and the next day and keep going.
Alison Y.
Rain or shine, I simply remember that my exercise has to be done no matter what, because putting it off won't get me anywhere.
Julia P.
For outdoors I just have an alternative: I say that if the weather is not comfortable for me, I do a long training of yoga indoors. This helps me to stay tuned and keep my tonus.
Hanns G.
I'm trying my best to complete my exercises every day to the point that I could even enjoy it
I find and create the best music to boost my energy and I also try different exercises to the point when I find the right one for me
and for the weather, I always keep in mind that I can switch my exercises from outdoors to indoors
I keep myself motivated with the thought that I need this change and that I don't want to let down myself
I keep my exercises fun and short for as long as I need to before switching to harder exercises
I find inspiration from social media but keep in mind that there is also so much photoshop and fake stories and everyone have their own journey so I don't compare myself to others because it would only pull me down
hope this helped you even a little bit, take care !
Darlene U.
There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. I dress appropriately and consider it an opportunity to exercise my mind (motivation) in addition to my body. And talking about motivation in general, goals help me with that.