What is your greatest motivation to exercise?

Antonieta A.
Увеличить продолжительность жизни и качество. Плюс я действительно чувствую себя лучше, после того как стал регулярно делать зарядку по утрам!
Florence J.
When I exercise consistently I typically eat heathier. The heathier I eat, the quicker the weight comes off and I can really put my effort into training so I can eventually race again.
Lisiane Y.
I like feeling that I'm alive. Exercising makes my lungs work faster and deeper. I like the feeling. I love breathing the fresh air and hearing the birds sing as I ride my bicycle to work. I like that exercising makes my day different. It's not about sitting at a desk in a closed room anymore. It's about doing good things to my body and mind. However, I'm usually lazy to exercise. This is why this challenge works so well with me. I use exercising as a moment of attentiveness.
Milka O.
My greatest motivation for staying in shape is my health and my husband. We’ve only been married three years and as we both age our bodies are changing- metabolism is slowing down! I may not be able to keep the fit body I had but I don’t want to just let go.
Same B.
My greatest motivation to exercise? I have two: firstly I had always exercised when I was younger, even out of boredom, but now I realise how detrimental it has become on my health to make exercise a secondary part of my life. I don't want to be someone who only realises the importance of taking care of my health when it is too late, I want to take control of my health and reap the benefits that come with it. Secondly, I exercise every morning with my mother, so this gives me a chance to spend extra quality time with my mother, which I so dearly love and treasure, just as I do my mum. <3
Marcus B.
I don’t consider what I do to be exercise. I am an athlete and I train for performance. I train to be fit to lead and coach. I’ll often sign up for races in order to put a timeline on a performance goal. My run fitness fell a bit over the past few years so I gave myself a training program and signed up for a half marathon in 3 monrhs
Sammy P.
I have a pretty consistent exercise routine that I have built up over the years (high school & college sports, college yoga class that introduced me to the school of yoga I currently practice). After graduating I lost a lot of that structure, and I felt a need to keep those routines alive. I think my biggest motivation is knowing that I will inevitably physically decline, but that I have some control over just how fast the declines set in. As an office worker this fear is very real, and the motivation that drove me to keep in shape was definitely the fear of aging (and being single might have played a role as well! )
Ljiljana J.
To feel energized, clean my mind and manage stress.
Starting the day jogging with my dogs (ideal to think and plan the day) or training in the gym are the best way to charge not only my body but mainly my mind.
Constance F.
Because I want to be alive for my daughter as long as possible. Working out helps prevent diseases that run in my family. And, I have a chronic disease working out helps manage my pain. I love the endorphins. My mental health is greatly improved.
Na L T.
I guess I just think about the feeling I get when I exercise. I think about that burst of energy I’ll have after I exercise, and that is pretty much all that will motivate me. I can get myself pumped up for exercise if I listen to upbeat pop music beforehand- that’s what I listen to when I exercise so maybe my brain starts releasing those good hormones when I hear the music. Also if I’m listening to music beforehand I can’t talk myself out of it, which I can often do. Yesterday I was all set to do the elliptical before work but then at the last minute I decided to run to the store to get some storage bins. Instead I did some jumping jacks and pushups which weren’t quite the same but at least I did something.
Dawn T.
I believe that by exercising I can be healthier, leaner, and less stressed. I think that while exercising we can clear our mind of our problems and just focus on what we’re doing. That will lead to a calmer mind.
Charlie U.
Two things: having a concrete goal really helps. I have a dance performance coming up this week and in the months leading up to it, I started taking dance and I got way more serious about physical therapy to get my hip in better working order. You might not have a dance performance, but think about something you want to do – hike a particular trail, run a particular race, dance at your friend's wedding, etc. And choose activity that will get you closer to that goal. Having a concrete goal helps.
Tess Y.
The feeling I get after exercising: A sense of accomplishment, more energy, determination and focus. Starting can be hard, so I make myself put on my workout clothes without questioning whether I feel like exercising. By the time I have my sneakers on I tell myself that I will do at least 10 mins and if I truly don’t have the energy I can stop. Most of the time, I don’t stop. Big goals, small steps.
Ella N.
Honestly, my motivation is my dog. She is a darling girl and she needs real exercise! as long as it’s not freezing winter, i go out about 3 times a week and run. she’s kept me consistent, and now we run 5k together each time we go out. with Fabulous, i’m now adding the 4 minutes of core in the morning because i want to balance out my cardio. i feel soooo good when i do it!
Grace P.
My greatest motivation to exercise is that no matter what I’m feeling before the workout, I’m feeling 100 percent better after the workout. So if I’m feeling sad I know that exercising will help me feel significantly less sad. Same goes for being upset, disappointed, tired, unmotivated, etc. And if I’m feeling happy to begin with then it helps me make that feeling last longer. It also helps me build bonds with my boyfriend because we always work out together. Sharing that space is something I look forward to and has helped us build astrong relationship.
C Me E.
To feel the power in myself, so often I don't want to excerise because it's extra work but while I excerise I visualize all the barriers in my life that I want to break and each step, each day gets me closer to breaking those barriers, to stomping out negative thoughts and proving I am stronger than I know
Sixto F.
I’ve never been this unfit and I’ve noticed that not being fit is also making me anti social as well. Hoping to fix these two issues with exercise plus it helps with my depression
Jesus P.
Remembering how good I feel when I’m done. It’s never as bad as I thought it was going to be and when I find activities/exercises that I actually enjoy…it’s even fun! The secret is finding something you actually like to do (or at least don’t mind doing), if you really really dread a certain exercise or activity, you’ll never commit. It’s ok not to like everything!!!
Luis O.
The undeniable benefits on both my physical and mental health. Exercise makes the risk of diseases such as type II diabetes and others smaller and improves my immune system. Mentally, exercise releases dopamine to drive away depressive moods and it's a great focus booster for studies and work!
Jucemira N.
I do 4min abs exercise, bc it is quick and doable, however, it is still challenging. I see the result and I feel better. I strongly believe that my body will be healthier, in a great shape, more beautiful. I also need this portion of physical challenge, when I am doing sonething above my abilities and then overcome it.
Sebastian B.
Doing it to stay healthy, strong and functional in real life. Also for my mental health which is paramount. When my body feels good my mind follows. Lastly to maintain weight. I dont exercise to lose weight but maintain what my nutrition is doing to my body.
C Ntio N.
Probably knowing that I’m going to be healthier and I’m not going to be sick or at least I’m going to reduce the probability
Stefani X.
I'm 60 years old this year on Dec 10 and word is that I don't quite look my age. I attribute that compliment to my life-long focus to healthy-living, a positive mind and spirituality (that my life has meaning and purpose).

Those are set out in three Main Goals in my life: Balance; Prosperity; Abundance. So my motivation to keep on exercising forms part of one of my Balance's triptych sub-goals of 1. Physical & Health 2. Mental & Education 3. Spiritual & Ethical.

Filipe E.
The feeling afterwards, and I look forward to fun exercises, the "roll like a ball" always makes me laugh out loud because I always end up somewhere elsd in the room, haha