What 8 minutes exercises do you do in the morning?

George O.
I've been going closer to 45 a day… Does that seem like a lot? Should I slow down? Or am I just looking for an excuse?
Emmie O.
I start off with some stretching for about 2 mins, then I do crunches, flutter kicks and then push ups then repeat until the timer stops. 😄
Lenny C.
If I have the time I do some yoga, stretching and strengthening core muscles. Sometimes if I have the energy and time I do some squats push-ups and sit-ups, and sometimes when I don’t have the time I take a run to the buss stop from home. It’s not far, but it’s some exercise and it gets my blood flowing. Especially if I run out and then have to come back for my keys or something 😂 I’m planning on starting to bike to work, but for now I stick with what I have. Biking is a secondary thing, a wish, and I will never give up my tiny exercise routine for it, especially since I know I won’t be able to bike in winter. So, to answer shortly – usually I do a small yoga routine, if I have the time I add some basic exercises, if I don’t have time at all – I take a run to the buss stop.
Derrick U.
I like to use my ab roller or some jogging on a treadmill. Pushups are always a good option and so is planking. Some plyometrics can be useful to warm up before an active day.
Eda C.
I usually do some yoga in the morning. It helps grounding myself and makes me councious and aware. Also since it’s not a crazy cardio exercise it’s easier to push myself to do it.
Brooklyn F.
First is I do the stretching,from head to toe,then next is set up,because i think my belly is gettibg bigger,after that i will make 10 push up and then stretching again.
Frances S.
Actually I exercise with the help of some YouTube videos and Zumba dance and exercise from YouTube videos and I go to Garden for running
Herbert P.
A nice run out. I sleep in my running shorts (and top of it’s not too hot) then when I wake up, drink water and head out with my bluetooth headphones, and listen to an audiobook (this week – “entrepreneurial you”) Get back, shower – hearty breakfast (Huel with a banana) and on to eating a frog! 😉
Eloane Z.
I'm going to the work by walk. It takes about 30 minutes. And small exercise is little stretching right after waking up. Nothing too special. Just stretch yourself like cats so do. It feels really good so you can enjoy it.
Jill Z.
After walking slowly for a minute I increase the pace for 2-3 minutes. Then I climb a few stairs up and down, do another circuit of rapid walking, and alternate climbing stairs and rapid walking. I add some leg squats and then stairs again. After 8 min I cool down and stretch.
Otoniel Q.
It's varies, but I personally think that just a long light jog is always good. Or if you have a pool or access to open water, swimming is a great exercise. There's also gyms or weights. I also sometimes will go for a good and long bike ride.
Nina E.
Animal Flow! Perfect to wake up, move any stiffness out of the body and just listen to whatever your body needs. It’s also great because of the lateral movements and rotations that hidrate the joints.
Abella P.
Oh I do more than that usually. 15-60 minutes depending on if I start when I'm supposed to. Usually weight training with some at least stetching and cardio once a week
Annett F.
I started with a little stretching (there are how to sun salutations) in the app. Now I do a crossfit class 3x a week. Next week I want to add a couple of runs.
Jesse C.
This week, I've been at summer camp. I've done morning stretches, hikes, swimming, kayaking, obstacle courses, and a host of other fun things
Norah Q.
I log into a streaming class that has some shorter routines, 7-20 mins. There is a plank and push-up routine that I think is pretty good.
Marion J.
Taking children to the kindergarten takes about twenty minutes in one side. And one of them often rides on me. So this is my most often exercise.)))) I also go to the gym in the morning and make an hour training
Friedrich Karl T.
I've been focusing more on stretching and relaxing muscles in the morning. It helps me to prepare to use my muscles during the day while I travel to and from work and as I perform my daily duties. It also helps me to prepare for my morning meditation sessions so I'm more relaxed and my mind focused.