Is it easy to wake up earlier to do exercise?

Sally C.
It is easy. It is the battle within my mind that is the challenge. I should remember I did it successfully for years. It is easy and I am grateful I can do it
Pierre Q.
Not too easy. Of course now I wake up myself at 7 am. But to be in time with the full list I would like to do – I need to wake up 30 mins earlier. This is hard to do already. Also this way I miss other valuable morning time in bed.
Dean F.
For me it is definitely easier because the beginning of the day is when I feel the most willing to get out of bed and go exercise. It may not be the same for you but this is just something to think about
Jeremiah E.
It's easier for me if I plan the night before (e.g. type of workout, location, duration, etc.) and get a full night's sleep.
Celestine E.
For me it is better to wake up earlier to do it, I like to wake up early to exercise because I shower in the mornings. So that way I can wake up exercise which wakes me up so I'm more alert and then I can shower and be clean for the rest of the day. If I exercise at any other time then I won't want to take another shower or waste water so hygiene wise it is best for me heh
Nolan G.
In my case, it is. I figured that my energy levels in Thebes morning are a lot greater than those in the afternoon when I’m already drained by all of the day’s events. Waking up early to exercise also almost guarantees a full tank of energy to get the day started (after you’ve been doing it for several days). It won’t be easy at first, but the long-term benefits are well worth it!
Cindy Y.
It is a lot easier than it was before I started to wake up earlier than beforehand and exercise now that I am actually doing it on a daily basis.
Misty T.
For me no. It is a challenge. Since I work from home I can schedule in my exercise time. I think morning works better though to exercise. So I have been up had coffee and eaten breakfast before I exercise several hours later.
Erin J.
Yes, because it gives you a set amount of time to get your exercise and therefore reduces any morning procrastination you may have. It’s also great because you can exercise first and then eat, which will reduce your appetite.
Julian C.
I would say yes. I have fone from being a night owl to a early riser and I try to start the day off by at least a 7 to 10 minute workout. I used to be pretty relivious about no work in the mornings and just exercise and planning the day forward but currently that is not possible due to business school and work. So just spliting at least 10 minutes for something physical and eating healthy has been my goal. I am much less fatigued or stressed in the morning and once exercise is done, I feel energized and ready for the stressors that may come.
Elijah F.
I have no problem waking up, since I go to sleep around ten pm. I have more problems being inventive doing excercise (i live in an appartment) Running is easy, sometimes I go to my crossfit box, but I can do pushups or a tabata from home as well. Bought a jump rope, thats nice too. I can do yoga or stretching but never done that yet
Amelia G.
Definitely not. All I want to do isn’t go back to sleep and the taste of the bland water instead of coffee or milk doesn’t make me excited to wake up. But, I know that it will help me a lot so I force my self to get up and follow the routine in order to feel great later that morning.
Logan X.
Well, that depends on what kind of person you are. If you’re a morning person, then yes, going to bed earlier and waking up earlier will be easier. If you’re a night owl, you should work out at night. The best time to work out is the time that you are most likely to say “yes, I can do this”!
Constance Q.
I feel like this varies from person to person. I have two small children so it is ideal that I get up and take care of myself before they wake up otherwise it’s easy for me to get distracted by their needs. So in my case, it’s easier to wake up early to exercise than all the other options.
S Rgio I.
Yeah, I find I have more motivation to workout when I wake up. And it is easier because I feel better working out on the morning than I do later on in the day. When I work out in the morning it makes me feel good and happy, and it helps me have a good day.
Lauren P.
No, but it depends on your motivation. And whether you want to be vibrant and healthy when you are older, perhaps work or travel with a companion (takes energy) or just another beat up senior citizen on social security
Alizee Y.
At first, it is never easy. I am still working on this – there are days when I wake up early and days when I badly want to sleep in. But the idea is to make waking up early a priority. I am building a sleep routine now so I at least sleep on time. Thats easier than waking up early – but typically thats the first thing to do. Thinking about it now, I have to create my night routine on Fabulous! I am making sure I go to sleep everyday at the same time – have a warm cup of detox tea, get away from my phone, go to my bedroom and read a calm book. Not more than 5 pages usually. Then I think in my mind the time that I have to wake up. Think like I am instructing my body. If I hit my target, I try 10 minutes earlier the next day. Yes, the mind knows the difference in 10 minutes. Never underestimate the power of your mind in a sleepy state! Once this is set, waking up early and at the same time everyday is only an eventual result. Wow that helped me reinforce my thought so much! Thanks for asking the question, friend! Happy Fabulous You!
Johan Z.
In my experience, yes. If I tell myself I'll do it later in the day it's easier to find an excuse throughout the day not to exercise later.
Basile T.
Not in the beginning. Once you establish the routine it becomes a lot easier.

You’ll want to make sure that you are getting to bed early enough to allow your body the rest it needs. Track your sleep first to see how many hours you need in order to feel rested. Then make sure you are in bed in time to get those hours before waking up to exercise.

Also make sure that you are doing exercise that you enjoy. Life is too short to not have fun!

Arnold T.
It is difficult for me. I have a 16 months baby, so I am little tired. However I would like to get up early to have more time to do before baby wake up
Erich T.
No it's not, I prefer to exercise in the evening after getting off of work. Because I wake up early already to be able to be at the office in time
Richard E.
Well it is easy when you have the will and you really are committed to exercise. The first 2 to 3 days, it might seem hard, but later, you get used to it. Start with a exercise routine. For example, I started waking up at 5:15 instead of 5:30 to do a 10minute morning routine. And I know I can commit to this. Had I decided to wake up at 5 to do a 30 minute routine, i think It would have been harder for me.
Florian Q.
I already wake up earlier than I need to, so I wasn’t hard to incorporate this into my current schedule. I do think it would be hard to wake up any earlier than I already do. Like if I have a morning appointment it would be hard to work around that.
Simon Z.
Not always but you can change the kind of exercise depending in your feeling. It’s not about complete a stricht workout it’s about Learning to change your life
Flenn S.
I like to get up and get out of the house for a long walk in the park before I really wake up. Makes it easier to make a habit of when you don't have to think about it.
Grace U.
No, it´s not. Throughout the years of my adulthood I revealed that I am not a morning person and it´s okay. I need 2 hours after sleep to restart my mind into reality and then I can do all my plans. That´s why I have rituals for my morning, too, but not common such as exersize etc, but writing down my dreams and embroidery.