I can’t get started when I’m at home. I travel a lot and can squeeze a morning workout in on my travels. But how do I make it routine at home?

Aust Ja N.
As you find time for yourself during travelling days, it may be something at home that distracts you. Identifying it would help you. If it is family-can you agree with them that the 30 min/hour in the morning will be for you and you’ll dedicate it for yourself?
Tonya S.
How are you traveling! We are supposed to be in quarantine, I thought that airports were closed and stuff, I mean you can work out, I use apps that help me enforce a habit
Paloma Z.
You can include working out at home by understanding it how fundamental it is for setting the tone for the day (if you do it in the morning) or unwinding and de-stressing before dinner and then sleeping better (if you do it at noon/evening). Your body will thank you even if it’s just a 15 min workout. We all have time for that, instead of doing something that won’t help our body like looking at our phones for example. That happens to all of us and it’s ok. Practice self compassion and experiment with your routine to make it more beneficial.
Nancy Z.
Look at what conditions you have when traveling versus at home. Is there a fitness center in the hotel you have access to versus at home? Does the hotel provide a continental breakfast versus you having to make your own? Or are you getting breakfast from a restaurant? Are you sticking workout time in when you would normally be doing chores at home?

Take note of the small things that are saving you time or are convient to you while traveling and try your best to mimic those conditions at home or try to make a routine that can easily translate to home and travel.

Rio C.
Make it a ritual and add steps to it eventually having those steps lead you to the actual work out itself in your home. Add steps like
Rehydrate with one bottle of water
Set up a music play list
Walk the dog or do a quick 10minjog to warmup
Eva T.
I have this problem too, when I'm at home, I feel "too comfortable" and thus put off all the things I want to do, but when I have a busy routine, I somehow make time for everything. For me, small steps have helped. Instead of a time-based routine, I try to do an action-based routine. For example, when I'm home, I'll often get lost in Netflix episodes and spend all day on the couch or in bed. So instead, I say "you can watch as much Netflix as you want, but you have to do it while on the exercise bike." I find that this encourages me to exercise, and limits my browsing to an acceptable level and after the first episode is done and ive worked up a sweat, even for just 15 minutes, I feel better and more encouraged to exercise more. Good luck!
Clinical U.
Setting a specific time may assist in your attempts to make this routine solid at home.

Having a specific time where you wake up intentionally (different from your usual wake up time) helps you approach the day from a different perspective.

You probably are in a much different headspace on the road as opposed to when you’re at home. Making subtle mindset changes helps you get things done.

Don’t forget, you’re a master of your mind !