Is it alright to, and have you, used outside exercise programs or exercise routines for your Fabulous exercise sessions?

Everett U.
Absolutely, it’s great to use outside exercise programs. I use YouTube yoga videos and a separate, paid yoga site (less per month for unlimited than one live yoga class!).
Sarina F.
i have gone on a walk with either my friend or one/ both of my parents – it is nice to be out in the fresh air after having online school.
Alexa F.
Yes, truthfully, I love using outside exercise programs from Fabulous for my sessions. I feel they are more tailored and have a better variety of what I’m looking for.
M N.
Yes, of course it is. I believe that diversifying you exercise routine makes it more interesting and therefore easier to upkeep.
Villads F.
Of course it is! I recommend trying different types until you find one that fits best for you. The Fabulous just has stuff that is goodness to start with.
Mathias C.
I haven’t done so in real time only because it’s only an 8 minute timer. To me, the morning exercise can be as simple as having a dance break to some music in the morning or getting into a good morning stretch
Khushaali F.
Yes, I have. I've been using the bodbot app to schedule short workouts first thing in the morning. These are really great, because you can customise the intensity based on your preferences. I also sometimes go on an hour long (socially distanced) walk in my neighborhood, or spend half an hour walking on a high incline treadmill!
Bessie P.
Yes I use Apple fitness plus for my workouts. I log it in fabulous as completing my daily workout. Fabulous exercise sessions in “make me fabulous” are very limited and other routines are significantly healthier.
Santiago T.
I haven’t used outside exercise programs so far. My method involves setting a certain amount of repetitions for exercise that works out muscles I’m interested in working out. Besides my morning exercise, which is usually push-ups, crunches and planking, I try to follow the American Heart Association’s recommended physical activity for a healthy lifestyle which is a minimum of 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. I started out by walking for half an hour during the first week. Then I started running for half an hour and now my goal is to run for an hour this week.