Hey girl hey! What exercises do you do?

Rocio E.
I like to do yoga stretches in the morning and hold it for as long as I need to, especially in the areas I wake up sore from the day before.
Katoue I.
I do exercises from BODi 🙂 i get to workout at home with it and I never get bored with it since there’s a variety of workout programs!
Sylvia T.
There is a story why, but I hated exercise since I was a child. I've never exercised consistently and now, since I added the habit to my routine, it's a bit all over the place. My most consistent exercise is walking, which I try to do every day. I also stretch and started light weight training. Because of my health problems, I'm I'm kind of limited so I'm hoping to get a gym membership real soon because I love the swimming pool!