What do you do in your exercise routine?

Darryl Q.
I go out for a run, which is my go-to exercise activity. I was used to run a deveral years before, and it was a great time for me. You just have to pay attention to your body – don't push it! In addition, I also engage in strength bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats and abs.
Aynur F.
Because we are on lock down at the moment, I am not able to go outside for exercising, so I have downloaded an app that allows me to exercise at home, without the need for any equipment or huge space.
Bibiana Q.
I run and walk every other day. I also do a short and and core workout before the run/ walk and then some stretches afterwards. Light yoga in the evening.
Tais O.
On a good day, I do yoga in the morning (15-30 min) then take a short one mile walk with my partner and dog. Then after morning activities I do strength training by either a Nike class or Datura belly dance class for 30-50 min. I’m really getting ripped! I take off days with the strength training (normally I do 5 in a week on average), but I really try to do at least 15 min of yoga a day.
Heinz J Rgen X.
Usually, back exercise for 5minutes continuously, followed by suryanamskaras. When I somehow don't feel fit enough for the above, I go for a 15-20min walk instead