I like to shower before I go to bed, to keep my bed clean. Do you shower every morning after exercising, as well as every evening?

Emily X.
Depends on the exercise! I usually do one super sweaty workout once or twice/ week, those days I workout afternoons and only shower night.
Te B.
I wake up and make my bed every day as an old habit I developed while growing up with a militant grandfather, I shower straight after wards, I usually shower straight after my work out while still at the gym, unless I am at the gym nearest to my house, in which case I will shower once home before bed as part of my evening cleansing ritual
Vanessa X.
Yes I shower at least twice a day. I run every morning so I shower before work and I go to the gym after work, so I have to shower at night as well.
Elliot Y.
I exercise multiple times a day.I do exercise in the morning as well in the evening.But, I usually only take a shower in the evening.