What do you do when you get sick and still want to/ have to exercise?

Norma E.
Depende do quanto eu me sinto disposta. Se estiver muito indisposta, não faço. Se estiver levemente indisposta, faço exercícios mais leves.

Francisco U.
Perhaps you could do 'softer' exercise, take a walk or do some yoga. I think it's important to keep moving but you should be careful not to overwork yourself.

Albert F.
um I try to stretch my body where I am or try to walk a little ( a little is better than nothing!! ) or maybe I'll use YouTube!

Villads Z.
Actually being permanent in every aspect of your life is much more important than the duration of them, so i suggest you excercise even if it's for 8mins just to know u didn't give up excercising because of sickness, thats all that matters. If you do that you'll probably get back on track fast when u get better cuz u didn't stop.

Jana 145 N.
First You shouldn't do any exercise that makes you out of breath or make your sickness worse , second try doing yoga or meditation exercise instead of regular cardio or an extreme sport ,hope this helps

Lily T.
I try to walk around the house to have some sort of exercise. But if I'm really sick I just don't do anything, because I know that my body needs rest to feel better.

Lucas W.
When you are sick it is ok to take a break for exercising but you can just take a quick walk around your house or take a step outside and breath in the air.

Manuela G.
Depending on my strength I will find alternatives. For example up and down the stairs a few times perhaps a little dance 💃 to my fav song – little steps can take you a long way 🤷‍♀️