What exercises do you find the best when you’re not in the mood for workout?

Leire Q.
Going on a walk somewhere quiet listening to music is what I do when I’m not in the mood to workout. I do try and make myself go at a semi-fast pace just so it’s not a ‘casual, casual’ walk.
Samantha F.
I think yoga is best when Im not in the mood to workout. Walking also could be a great way to get in some exercise and improve your mood. Its great to take a day when you’re mind isn’t in it! These are some great ways to improve mood and get a good workout in!🤍
Delainy O.
Easy workouts that I can do in my room! I’ll do kind of a circuit that I can do while watching a show or listening to music. Planking for 30 secs (or longer if you can) scissor kicks, side plank (with hip dips if you are able) and then start again. Sometimes just watching a 10 minute workout video helps and I just do what I am able to! Anything is better than nothing 🙂
Signe F.
I like stretching and yoga. Its just like im calming down and im getting my exercise. I like to play with my little brother to or do something with my family ❤️
Leonel Q.
I do arm, back l and shoulder workouts because when I do legs I always get too tired and in motivated and when I do core workouts it hurts way to much and give up before the workout I finished. I don’t like to do slow burn but not high intensity because when I’m ding slow burn and high intensity it makes me wanna stop the workout. Even if I go go I walk do 15 minutes I still feel proud of myself because I took time out my day to at least workout. ❤️
Anaaya F.
Yoga, because it make me relax it is a smoothing exercise it make my mind and me relax it's like close your eyes and dream of your best thing in life you are mature you are sitting on nature
Kerttu U.
I have a workout for my knees & leg muscles that I do every day. Even if I don’t feel like doing a thing, I’ll do a few squats. A little is always better than nothing!
Caroline P.
Today I was NOT in the mood for a work out at all! I stuck with my couch to – though because the dancing makes me smile and they are 10-11 mins long. I did it and I am proud of myself for it!
Lance C.
It’s not technically a workout but if I was really not in the mood to workout I do love to just listen to some hyper songs and dance to them or I would just do some yoga’s basics than doesn’t really take much effort -hope This helps !!-