I run in the mornings but I want to do some other exercises as well. What are your favorites?

Tracey J.
I love to practice morning yoga (for the start you can find on youtube Cat Meffan – she has good choice of flows for beginners and advanced too). I feel very good after yoga and my mind is positive and conscious.
Have a nice day!
Silke A.
If you’re running, throw some strength training in the mix. I use a few weight/body weight routines throughout the week. Yoga is also great and you can find a bunch of YouTube yoga videos to target specific areas if you want. There are also a lot of yoga for runners videos.
Philomena T.
Hi, I also run in the mornings and practice yoga or exercises to tone up my muscles. I like to do push ups, squats, abs and more. I am a yoga teacher, so I try to design my practice wisely with a combination of stretches and toning of the muscles.
Gene E.
100 squat challenge – 100 squats a day for 30 days. Form counts, it’s amazing and invigorating to accomplish this every day.
Tara Z.
I’m having trouble getting started with exercise. I think it’s fantastic you’re running. I have a friend who has worked with Pilates just on her rug in the living room. She’s got it down to 20 minutes it’s quick for her and gives her and overall work out for muscles. She also rides horses. Her style is different than mine. I’m not sure where you are but hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains is always enjoyable and good changeup from running. Good luck
Vlado I.
My fauvorite for the morning is yoga. It makes your body feel rejuvenated and light after sleep. It also delays the effects of sitting in the office all day.
Lilly I.
I like to mix it up. I do a lot of different exercise videos from yoga to dance and everything in between. The most important thing is to get moving. Sometimes it’s just playing with my dogs.
Marc X.
I’ve been a fan of Zumba and other dance classes for a long time. I also just like to hit the dance floor at a retro night. I find that walking around the neighbourhood to run errands and shop locally invigorating and satisfying. I’m big into watching Netflix on the treadmill at the gym. Restorative yoga is a treat! I hope that gives you some ideas 😊🙌
Chad E.
I do freeletics. Your whole body takes a beating and an all-round mix of functional strength and cardio based stamina is well needed. It won't be fun. We have busy lives (like you too, no doubt). Freeletics actually struck a chord with me because 'workouts are tough and highly effective. Check it out with being gifted with a 20% discount on the Freeletics Coach!
Raimundo P.
There are different exercises you can try on the app: press launch morning routine and when it gets to exercise scroll down. But my favourite way to exercise is to dance to my favourite songs.
Livia E.
I should say Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ it’s an amazing way to connect with your inner self and keep you active during the whole day….
Josini A.
I usually do one of FitnessBlender’s workouts, they have hundreds of free videos on their Youtube channel with various workouts that can last a few minutes or an entire hour – depending on what you’re looking for. Sometimes I also like to do some ab exercises like lying on the ground, lifting my legs and “drawing a circle” in each direction for 30 seconds or doing pendulum planks.
Juliane Z.
After running, I use the “seven minutes” app to really start sweating. Then I do core workouts (abs and glutes). My favorite glute workout is clams! Even though plank is hard it shows great results, and you can even make a challenge of it. If I don’t feel like etting my heart racing, yoga (for example sun salutation) is a great way to start the day
Beverley N.
I also run 3x a week. 3 other days I do excersises at home by help of an app. These are for the upper body and abdominals you can do at home. I use programmed courses because I feel the progresse this way. Of course I do warming and stretching. I have one rest day on Sunday
Jesse F.
I do some exercises on an app called KEEP Training. It’s a fun app as it has different exercises each day and you won’t be bored with only a few options.
Dwight E.
Running is very nice,especially in a beautiful scene (forest, sea, lake, park etc) 👍🏼👍🏼 and my favorite excercise is yoga 🧘‍♀️ if you can, swimming is perfect I think,,,
Unfortunately I’m living in a small town which hasn’t got any pool to swim 🙁
Heinz T.
In the mornings I enjoy yoga for circulation or heart chakra to start my day right. Otherwise I do leg/glutes workouts to boost my self confidence for the day.
Elo Se E.
I love weight resistance exercises. Weighted squats, lunges, curtsey lunges, planks and plank rows, etc. Googling weight training for runners would be a good place to start.
Nicole C.
I like the Nike Plus app which offers a variety of body weight exercises you can do at home. It helps build strength which is a great compliment to cardio. I also like doing yoga. It’s relaxing, and it builds strength and balance.
Boavida S.
I have joined a group training program at our local gym. The support and motivation provided by everyone is really inspiring and keeps me coming back. I also try and get in a yoga or stretching session in the evening before bed. Nice and relaxing which sets you up for a restful and rejuvenating sleep
Teodemiro Y.
Yoga and dancing I find are my favorites in the morning. I often walk in the afternoons . the stretch helps me to feel limber throughout the day
Heiko T.
I love doing yoga because it calms me down and makes me feel spacious. It’s also helpful for keeping flexible as you age. There are great online options if you can’t make it to classes.
Lohan Z.
I like to dance most of the time. Running is not usually accessible over here. So dancing is what I would do. Plus, I get to listen to my favourite songs and have fun while exercising
Matteo Y.
Yoga or a developed stretching routine. Being flexible is very good for you. If you're not that flexible you can do light stretches like (Pigeon,seal, shoulder stretching etc…)