How do you wake up refreshed every day?

Maxence Gerard
Going to sleep early, waking up at the same time, having essential oils mist, helps me wake up refreshed every single day.

Gaudêncio Rocha
I normally don't, but I find it helps to keep a bottle of water by my bed so I can drink it right when I wake up. Also to have an actual alarm clock that you have to get up and walk over to turn off helps.

Florence Thompson
Relaxing and letting go all your thoughts and worries before going to bed
Breathing deeply and letting go just preparing to fall asleep

Angelo Dubois
Before bed I give thanks to the good things that occurred to me during the day; usually saying three things I am grateful for and a memorized prayer afterwards. Then I do a six phase Meditation and visualization before bed. I begin my morning by drinking water, stretching, and doing push-ups.

Alicia Carpentier
it depends to ur body but if u can change ur daily life that let u sleep @11 pm, gradually u get used to it
”ater sleeping cant help to be fresh in the morning

Marsha White
For me it is all about rythm, routine and knowing what works for you. I go to bed at the same time almost every night and have a very stable morning routine. That helps me feeling fresh and kicks the day off to a good start

Harry Lewis
When I go to bed sometimes at midnight and sometimes before or after I make sure everything is set and ready when I wake up from my sleep (like the bottled water put in the frig so it’ll be cold) and I make sure I’taken my nighttime meds; and just recently since joining Fabulous I make sure all the lights are out & the room is comparable cool in temperature. Then I just hit the hay and snuggle up under my covers and drift off to sleep.

Eleanor Armstrong
Of course regularly get at lest 8 hours of sleep. Drinking lots of water is always a good idea too. Get your room temperature a bit cooler. I've also found an app called "Sleep Cycle" which wakes you up at the phase of sleep when you are most likely to feel like getting up

Athanasios Rühle
This one is actually short and sweet. Making my bed helps me get ready for the day. It looks nice and somehow brightens up the room. I love it. Gets me ready to get my glass of water.

Seth Arnold
After changed my wake’s routines I start the day much more energized, singing, happy and optimistic… my thoughts are: it will be a good day… and actually happen like that

Deborah Stanley
I'd say it's really hard and I don't manage it everyday. I think it's an unrealistic expectation to wake up feeling refreshed everyday. I find I start to realise I have more energy than I thought once I get going

Isabella Morales
I wake up refreshed every day after a full 8-8:30 hrs sleep every night. I also tend to drink water before sleeping. After I wake up I immediately stretch arms and legs and do some neck exercises to warm up the muscles which have become stiff overnight. This also helps increase blood circulation after waking up. There is no substitute for a full 8 hr sleep cycle.

Amanda Lopes
I leave the blinds open so I wake up with natural light. This doesn’t work for everyone so try it on a weekend when you don’t have work, but it will allow you to wake up in your lightest sleep phase. I also put lavender essential oil in my diffuser and put some on my hands and inhale a few times. This is after I spend 5-10 minutes meditating. I can’t guarantee you’ll always wake up refreshed (I don’t), but this approach allows me to get more deep sleep (I think) which helps me feel more refreshed. I’ve been monitoring the amount of deep sleep I get on my Fitbit app and it has been increasing.

Marin Rolland
Always start the night before. Give yourself time to prepare for sleep (no screen, drink tea or warm lemon water, read a book), and also keep a notebook and pencil near the bed to let your mind debrief and not be trying to remember things for tomorrow. Clear the bedroom of any chores (laundry, etc.) so that you don’t wake and immediately feel reminded of your obligations.

Sherry Johnson
Sometimes I don’t, but I stretch out a little in bed, drink some water, and then I exercise a little bit and eat breakfast 😁

Marilyn Lawson
I’m in the process of a sleep journey, but here seem to be the biggest improvements.
Most impactful of all has been the sleep cycle app. You place the phone under your sheets, it tracks your movement and thus figures out when your brain is close to consciousness. I wake up faster and without the sudden jolt. Sometimes it can’t find a good time to wake you up, but I believe that as I set my sleeping patterns to be more consistent, this will improve even more.
After that I’ve gotten a routine that does not let up. I have to wake up very early for my job, so I preset and then follow a series of wake up tasks.
Flask of water to drink right away.
A mint. (This one I’m not sure about and might drop)
Put on headphones and select my morning playlist. (Starting with Wake Me Up by Avicii)
Quick stretch and exercise.
Eat a bowl of cereal I laid out the night before.
Brush teeth.
3 minute shower going from hot to cold.
Put on fresh clothes that I selected the night before.

I have an hour to accomplish all this and get out the door. It is a relaxed routine but does not allow for any rests. That keeps me focused on my end goal.
After some experimenting and a few weeks repetitions, I found that I could almost do it on automatic and come out the other side ready to for whatever may come.

Leana Roger
Taking a refreshing shower. Taking time even a short moment to feel the water rolling down washing the worries away. Feeling how good the water feels. A good dose of water therapy! Take a mindful moment in the shower!

Billy Cole
I don’t wake up the same every day. I just try to accept what I feel and observe. Sometimes I initially feel low and soon feel better. Sometimes I feel refreshed and great. I’m looking for patterns.

Magdo Fernandes
The thing that helps me the most when im tired and dont wanna get out of my warm bed is drinking a whole glass of cold water. It wakes me up almost immediately. Then exercising isnt such a problem and im really looking forward to my bteakfast.

Clifton Castro
I sleep early the night before and before closing my eyes, I dig deep to feel gratitude for the day that I was given and I set a good intention for full recovery and sweet dreams for the night ahead. 🙂

Rose Sutton
Make sure your room is black. Black our blinds and block and led lights you have. As well, no screens for 30-60 minutes before bed.

Alfred Pedersen
A good morning starts with a good night. In the evening I try to avoid screens (phone, tv etc.). Instead, I try to read before I sleep or do a mindfulness exercise.

Jeffrey Rhodes
Really the biggest difference is going to bed on time and carving out enough time for sleep. It has to become a priority. If I get my sleep, I have the energy to get through all the tasks I need to accomplish and still make it to bed on time.

Deanna Graves
I wake up the instant the alarm went off. I realized it a brand new day. I put a smile and went into the bathroom. I hope you have a good start in the morning.

Emma Christiansen
I don’t drink caffeine after 6pm, I don’t eat after 7 pm, I start an hour long relax routine at 9pm ( no screens at all after 9) and I get at least 7 hours of proper sleep at night, which means I go through bed 45 minutes before I actually want to be asleep, so I don’t stress out if I can’t fall asleep right away.

Kyle Robertson
“Wake up refreshed?” 😅🙈 there is nothing like that🙈 I wake up “like a zombie” in every morning😂 There is some rituals for “mood care” in the morning, like as skin care. When you open your eyes in the bed, you should smile at yourself for no reason 🤗 drink a glass of water, then play your favorite music, dance/sing etc anything you want.. Look at the mirror and Say good things to yourself-no need to be what you believe, positive things to be enough- Believe me it works🤗

Benjamin Thomsen
i try . working on it .
the thing is i have a hard time staying asleep .
ive been removing and shut down electronic from my bed room .
i still struggle .i keep hitting the snooze button and i do this for at least 3 times .
but when i do wake up .i drink about 17 oz of water before i start my day and do a reading and mediation and .im feel refresh .