What types of exercises get you energised and ready for the day?

M Lissa Z.
I love to wake up at a good time, then I definitely have a good breakfast! I also like to run in the morning because it puts me in a good mood and wakes me up for the day. If not, moving a little bit is great so even doing a few minutes of yoga or a quick stretch is awesome.
Urban Y.
In my case dancing or brisk walking, because they can easily fit into my routine, which in turn makes me feel energized. You need to find what suits you
Sonia T.
Eu não costumo fazer exercícios de manhã, das vezes que fiz os exercícios que melhor resultaram foram natação, stretch e yoga. Caminhar também sabe bem, mas requer mais tempo.
Harvey G.
Honestly, I really liked dancing because it was someting I looked forward to. After one or two songs, I liked to do maybe 15 reps of an ab workout.
Jean B.
Sometimes I got to the gym in the morning. But most of the time I put on some meditation music when I wake up and I do abs.
Luna T.
-Depending on the weather, going outside for a walk is really nice. You get a hint of nature in your day, especially if you are stuck inside for school or work.
-Dancing to music that you love helps give you a confidence boost as well as getting your heart rate up.
-Whether you choose to workout, start off easy like jumping jacks and high knees for 30 seconds. Then progress after a couple of days. Don't start of too strong, take baby steps.
-Yoga is another form of exercise that can help increase flexibility.
Pauline Y.
I have always liked to dance. However, since I have D D D, osteoarthritis, and osteopinia I have not danced very much due to stiffness, pain and balance problems. I am also obese and get fatigued easily. I have to get myself moving as much as I can!

Angelina T.
I really like HIIT workouts and the Victoria Secret Workout. Also Dancing to music videos or Just Dance is really good to get the heart pumping
Jeppe C.
I enjoy a good long run, or hike. I also am motivated by exercise that tones my muscles such as different types of crunches, squats and push ups. I also love a good yoga class.
Alexander E.
I ecercize my split and I use very often the 4 minute exercise here in this app can someone plsss answer my question?!!!!!
Gert T.
The seven minute workout (and a number of variations I have on the app) works well for me. If you have more time in the mornings though, definitely go for a run!
Samuel Z.
I enjoy starting music, whether on YouTube or my Amazon music app, as soon as I get up, and moving along to it…even if just with my head or shoulders; I feel happier and more awake, and more grateful to be alive (I'm not normally a morning person 🙂 )
Abel Y.
Usually, exercises that get me energized and ready for the day include intense ab exercises to work my core. I usually use Chloe Ting’s exercise videos. They totally work and are extremely fun. My favorite exercises include her bicycle crunches, hip dips, and Russian twists. You can feel even more energized by playing some upbeat dance or workout playlists on YouTube. Finally, after the workout, a nice refreshing shower will definitely leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for the day. I hope this helped!
Kim P.
I like to do yoga I felt energised trough out the day. I love to bike when I go to work, I ride my bike every day. I like to do my workouts at velo and saints and stars 🌟
Raphaela F.
Little things. Wiggling in bed. Then stretching. A small movement dance that progressively gets bigger and more intense. Finally a walk that transitions to a run or cardio workout.
Ninon E.
Anything with music I find. The right soundtrack makes a difference massively.

Walk outside round the block. Even a short one.

Stretches in bed before I get up also really good. Loosens the back up and wakes me up.

I'm not fit yet so little and often. Someone with a higher fitness level might do a run or a swim in the morning……I would to swim in the morning but at the moment wouldnt fit my lifestyle.

It's just important to find something you love or like doing because if you dont enjoy it you wont do it.

Karla Z.
I really love core excercises in the morning. They make me feel strong and energized. Like every part of me is awake and ready for anything.
Expedito Q.
Yoga. Cardio exercises like running or bikinh get me tired for the day. I prefer to do them before dinner. Yoga is lighter in this manner and gets you all stretched and active, not tired.