My biggest enemy right now is the snooze button. Any tips on how to get out of bed in time to have a full morning routine?

Waldtraut O.
Think about your reason why you want to get up and start the morning routine and don’t put the alarm beside your bed. Put it in a spot that you have to get out of bed
Harry S.
I turn the snooze button off in the settings and instead have two alarms. The first one I set for a quarter of an hour before I am meant to get up. For some reason this works for me. But you might have to try a few different things before you find what works for you.
Laura Z.
Hello, there are three things which help me get up on time in the morning:
1. Making myself shut off everything on time at night; I have a tough time shutting down sometimes, but am becoming more consistent (yay!)
2. Put whatever device wakes you up (phone or alarm clock) far enough away, so that you must get out of bed to turn it off, helps.
3. I found it was not enough on some days to get out of bed. So, I have water next to my phone now and drink 4 to 8 ounces of water when I get up.

I then feel more alert and energized and will find I cannot go back to sleep; even if I lay back down I will usually get back up before the snooze ends and turn off the alarm before it goes off again.

It has taken a while, but these days I am getting used to just not laying back down and staying up. If really tired, I will try and take a 20 minute nap in the afternoon. The app has an interesting caffeinated nap option which actually worked for me.

Best of luck to you! Sleep is important to memory and not being cranky all day. 🙂

Harold X.
I have a positive quote on my screen so I see it when my alarm goes off.
Don’t let excuses get the better or You, remember why you started.

The first week is hard, the message reminds me it’s worth it. Getting into the routine is the hardest park… soon you will be in the rhythm and loving it.

Keep going, you’ve got this !!!

Jessie T.
What time do you have to get up? Look at that time and count back at least 7 hours. Set a bedtime schedule for the evening, and whatever that time is put away all devices about an hour before and create a wind down routine. Do some stretching, take a shower (or bath), wash your face, brush your teeth, read a paper book, turn down the heat…you get the idea. The point is you won’t want to snooze when you’ve given your body enough time to rest. Just like anything else this will take practice and sacrifice, but remember it’s for your greater good.
Joel P.
Make your alarm a song you like so you wake up happy, put your alarm/phone across the room so you have to get out of bed to go turn it off. Put a note by your alarm reminding yourself that you're already up so why would you go back into bed and ruin your morning routine.
Mae F.
Try to get accustomed to waking up after REM sleeping cycle. The drowsiness of waking up is not necessarily because you didn't sleep enough but may be also because you're waking up at the wrong moment. Studies show that people waking up after REM cycle are more energetic and "ready to go" regardless of how much the slept.
There are devices and apps that track your sleeping cycle such as "sleep for android" and will wake you as your REM cycle ends in the time frame you set.
Another useful tool I found is to stop using the sound alarm and instead use a viration with your phone/watch or, and this is what I do, a "sunrise clock" – these desktop clocks can have sound alarm but their main feature is to slowly light up the room prior to desired time of waking up imitating surise and allowing the body's cycle to slowly adjust to waking up.

That being said, a good night sleep is the most important thing that will help you wake up refreshed and to not need the snooze button !

Cilly E.
I'm struggling with the same thing. Only thing that works for me is to be in bed, lights out, phone down, with enough time for 8 hours of sleep.
Theresa Z.
The question for me is how to wi d down earlier at night so that I will wake up
earlier. At my age I think it is good for me to sleep until I wake up.
Freddie T.
Put your clock or device away from your bed so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Don’t get back in bed, just jump into your routine.
Antonin P.
Put your alram or the phone ling away of your bed thats force you to get up from bed and close once you wake up you wont back to bed again
Matthew Z.
I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying a couple of minutes in bed each morning as long as it’s something you can control and as long as it doesn’t interfere with your plans. How about setting two un-snoozable alarms 15 or 20 minutes apart, one to wake up and the second one to get up?
Tristan C.
I have trouble with the snooze button sometimes too but thankfully for me, my cat never stops pestering me once she hears it! But on a serious note, I think the most important thing is the evening routine. When I don’t stick with my evening routine, I struggle with the morning. I need that downtime and enough sleep at night. This morning for example, I got to the gym and showered but no time for my healthy breakfast or celebration. I did not follow my evening routine at all last night. So start there! Analyze your evening first!
Carter U.
First thing to consider is are you getting enough sleep ? Other thing that I do if you are a snooze buttoner is out your phone in another room and get an alarm clock out the alarm clock as far away from you as possible so you have to get up fully to turn it off. Make sure the alarm is obnoxious as possible. Of you have a way to have a mini fridge in your room put a bottle of water in there and chug it when you wake.up caffeine pills are great to if you need a boost in the am. The snooze button is enemy number one so if you can take it away from.your self as an option
Ken O.
Put your phone or alarm clock on the other side of your room. That way you have to stand up and walk over to it to turn it off . Once im up it's really hard to go back to sleep so this works well for me.
Charlotte S.
Well, Is have hort answer that worked for me. Start counting down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and go up. Works pretty much every time – it, a kind of a brain hack.
Good luck!
August P.
Hiding the alarm / phone somewhere far helps you get out of bed without just snoozing. Or get an old-fashioned alarm clock that doesn’t have snooze and leave your phone in another room.
Osmano N.
I think the best way to avoid hitting the snooze button so easily is to put the alarm a little bit away from you. Like put it on the farthest dresser in the room or something of that sort so when your alarm goes off , you’ll have to physically get up and turn it off. By the time you turn it off , you might as well get started on your routine.
Lorenzo C.
Try putting your alarm as far away from you as possible so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Drink some water instead of getting back into bed to wake up your system 🙂
Andrew U.
Well first you have to want to get out of bed. Find something that makes you excited about getting out of bed and getting started with your day. Whether it be doing some stretches, taking a shower, listening to music, going to get a coffee or breakfast. if you don’t want to do any of that then just try getting up a few minutes earlier than you did the last time you hit the snooze button. A little progress is better than none.
Sidraque Q.
It’s so warm and cozy and it’s so hard to let go of the feeling. It’s even harder to think snooze the enemy is making me stay in bed. But the faster you get out of the bed, the fewer snoozes, the better chance and time for you to complete the morning routine. And once you complete the full morning routine, the feeling must be even greater because you’re doing something good for yourself.
Ante T.
Disable the button, or find an alarm app that does not offer the snooze button. You can also checkout Carrot Alarm – this will make you wake up
Vickie O.
Start where you are. Even if you hit the snooze button, still get up and do the morning routine (even if short). Over time, you’ll welcome the wake-up routine and it will be easier to get out of bed (less snoozing). In other words, focus on adding what works and that will help you solve the snooze issue because you won’t dread getting up!
Sophie E.
Replace hitting snooze or picking up your phone with another activity that is automatic and kick starts your day. I turn my lamp on before turning my alarm off then have a big drink of water. I then start making my bed and if I do these three things in quick succession, there’s no way I can go back to sleep!!
Lola J.
I use the “NASA” trick – count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…launch! And jump off the bed. Combine with putting your alarm in a distance which forces you to stand up from bed.
Vilator P.
Just throw yourself out of bed and promise yourself that before you get dressed, if you make time, you will get back into bed and lie for 5 minutes.
Onira Q.
At first just set your clock so that you have time for a 10 minute workout. I put my alarm across the room so that I have to get up to turn it off. I put warm clothes in front of the alarm so that I’m not tempted by the warmth of the bed. I put on my clothes, then drink water. If I’m not awake enough to work out I just walk downstairs, by this time I can decide to either work out, or jump in the shower. Oh yes, I also put a note in front of my alarm with these words I big letters “Snooze does NOT actually = more sleep”. Because 10 more minutes in bed, even if you fall asleep, truly does not give you any more rest.
Roseneide C.
this is basic but put ur phone across the room. so if you have to get up to get it. also i recommend going to the bath or rinsing ur face with cold water. it really wakes you up and makes it a lot harder to go back to sleep. 🙂
Lieselotte Z.
I would say that even if u want to lay in bed just like sit up right when you wake up and get down from your bed. It might seem hard but trust me after a couple times it will get better 🙂
Frank E.
Try and go to bed early! Get all the things you need for the day packed and ready to go the night before. That way… even though you may not feel like getting out of bed… getting up doesn’t seem so hard
Arnold P.
Keep your phone/alarm outside your room so you have to get out of bed to get it and so you don't waste time scrolling through social media in bed. The instant you hear your alarm, literally jump out of bed. If you're trying to work out in the morning, go to sleep with your workout clothes on.
Heinz Dieter J.
I had the same problem! My husband however has to get up a lot earlier than I do. He presses his snooze button quite a few times. I get up with him. I used to go back to bed, telling myself it’s too early for me to stay up. I can go back to bed and get up in a little bit. That plan never worked out. For the last 3 mornings I’ve put on my exercise clothes, that I keep in my bathroom, and get my exercise out of the way followed by the rest of my morning routine. I have time to make myself a great breakfast and even put my makeup on. Such a sense of accomplishment to start my day has been great.
Gesine F.
I’ve noticed that since I’ve been drunk water I feel more powerful in the morning and during the day. So I can suggest you to drink water before to go to bed and immediately as soon as you wake up. Hope can help
Storm F.
I really relate to your question! I too struggle with this. What seems to work best for me is to really reflect on this before I go to sleep. To realize that my state of mind in the morning is different (and without willpower), at least for the first 5-10 minutes. I try to have a clear plan for the morning and include something I can look forward to (such as a nice breakfast). I visualize my morning and focus on how good it makes me feel to wake up on time and have some ‘me-time’. It seems to help when I sleep according to the sleep cycles and to set my alarm accordingly. Last, but not least, I put my alarm on the other side of the room. Good luck and keep on trying things that work for you!
Eva Q.
I also use the snooze button and I don’t want it to be the reason I fail to form my goal habits. So I put my phone far away from me, not my bedside table definitely, so I have to get up to turn the alarm off. When I do get up, I find it hard to fall back to sleep. Maybe it will work for you, too.
Gabe F.
The online thing that works for me is listening my favourite musics right away…i use Spotify to make a list for me, so i don’t have to choose a song 🙂
Helmtrud F.
My dear friend, I had exactly the same problem. I was working and at the same time I had to give some exams, so I was really stressed out every morning. I took some days off and I tried to organise and break the problem (exams) into small pieces -every day challenges lets say-. Certainly I am better now, after passing these exams, plus I asked for some time to work less hours. Thus, I would advice you to search what is the reason that keeps you back every morning.
Ps: A great breakfast or a small morning treat for yourself could help.
For my point of view, that I have always been a night owl, the morning routine certainly helped. On the other hand I enjoy weekends that I stay in bed a little bit more 😉
Ga L S.
Remove your clock away from your bed and across the room. As soon as you disable your alarm, aim straight for the kitchen and drink a cold glass of water. The water not only refreshes your sleepy senses, but the chill shakes you awake!
Debra B.
I just stopped having a snooze button entirely. I found giving myself that inch, I'd go the whole mile and just stay in bed. So, I stopped! It was hard at first being up at the first alarm but the more I did it the better it got. It also helped that I made myself keep a sleep schedule as best I could with my weird work shifts. I get up at 6:30am every day at the latest, and 4am at the earliest if I have to open!
Randall S.
Put the phone in the bathroom. Use the Alarmy app and use the photo option so you need to take a picture of the bathroom in order for the alarm to stop.
Heather C.
Do not think that 5 more minutes won’t make you more sleepy. Turn on the light and force yourself to stretch and slowly get up!
Charles X.
Try to wake up on sync with the sunrise. Sleep enough 7/8 hours. Be sure that your sleep performance is good checking how your different habits affects to it. Drink water before you try to snooze. Don’t keep the bedroom too much warm.

Miguel Aranda

Gabrielle Q.
I had this problem into my mid twenties. I was even late for work occasionally because of it. Look to the night before. Did you stay up too late? Change that. Move the clock across the room. Nowadays, it’s easy enough to set a second alarm on your phone out in the kitchen.
Wieland O.
I can never snooze because I’m terrified of not waking up again. I think it’s a great idea to either set your clicksxa bit ahead or try and start waking up 20 minutes earlier every day to change your sleeping in habits!
Carter O.
I use the app Sleep Cycle. It has a sort of reverse snooze so you still can hit the snooze button, but not beyond a designated time.
Denise Z.
Put your alarm clock some where in your room of course, but not close to your bed. This way you will be forced to get up and turn it off, this may be hard the first few times but once you start waking up naturally at that time you won't feel the need to go back to bed.
Lilian E.
Set your alarm to a realistic time and move the phone far away from your bed. If you need, set multiple alarms on multiple devices a couple minutes apart but too close together to fall back asleep.
Caroline Y.
The biggest help for me was putting my phone out of arm’s reach, where I actually had to get out of bed. If that doesn’t work, set two different alarms back-to-back and place them in different places in the room. Above all, try to get more and better sleep so waking up is easier. We gotta do what we can to wake up!
Ambre Y.
You just have to break the cycle. Realize every time you hit snooze it gets harder to open your eyes. In fact rather than setting 5 alarms starting 45 minutes before you actually have to get up, set one alarm and get up when it goes off. That way that 45 minutes is spent getting valuable rest, rather than hitting snooze repeatedly.
Connie Z.
Go to sleep abit earlier and try to have yoyr alarms consistent. On my days off from work, i wake up around the same time
Lee J.
hi, I had the same issue, I tried to set only one alarm so I had to get up at the first ring bell, but it was more proficuous to put the alarm away from me so I had to leave the bed to stop the noise
Nuray X.
Go to bed earlier than you think you need to
I go to bed very early on the nights I have to get up and am able to get up at five each morning which allows me time to exercise, journal and other things
Wade J.
I hear you! If you can somehow move your focus from how comfy and warm the bed is to something you are looking forward to in the day, you can begin to get your body going on autopilot. It's hard to do though. Maybe you listen to a favorite song, podcast, or a few minutes of audiobook in the bathroom or while eating. Maybe try to focus on the yummy breakfast you will have. The more you think about being awake and doing things the better. I have a zero tolerance policy for the snooze button. I'm not allowed to press it even once. And I set my alarm accordingly so that there's no extra time.
Ottokar X.
Keep your phone away from your bed. When you get up don't snooze and just start doing jumping Jack's and repeat to your self today is going to be amazing.
Ugo O.
Set your 🚨 earlier than you actually need to be up plus one for right before you have to get up and move ur 📱 away from you so tht you have to get up to turn them off by the 2nd or 3rd time of doing tht you should be completely awake from the moving up and down
Rose Q.
Go to bed early and move some of your evening tasks to early morning.
This way you kind of force yourself to wake up early as you already slept enough and you have some important work to do.
Brittany U.
I will be 100% with you. I don’t have any tips on how to avoid the snooze button except for ME, I’m determined to make my habits into a lifestyle so I push through wanting to lay back down. If I had to give a tip it would be to set an earlier bedtime for yourself. Turn off the lights, light a candle, unplug your phone and if your a tv watcher at night like myself, set it on a timer so that when your body falls asleep you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off. Other wise, it’s about how determined you are to set good trends for your life to reach your goals. Train the mind and the body will follow.
Lana C.
Plan your routine. Don’t allow yourself to do or have something unless you can wake up on time and complete everything in order and on time. Now that might sound very restrictive but once you actually get up maybe you can swap some things around or out of your routine. It’s always nice to keep things fresh. For me with my morning yoga, I try to find a different practice every morning. I really recommend doing yoga in the morning and doing yoga with adriene or just your own simple calming and grounding flow.
Jordan F.
Just get up, even if feeling not do this. Because after I get out of bed and wait few moment during I feel bad and want to come back to bed, after that is better. Think about consequences of getting up earlier and getting up later.
Yolanda B.
Keep your phone away from bed this way you have to get out of bed to turn it off. If you have a small task that you rally like plan it to do as first next day this way even if you push snooze you will start thinking about doing it best if you feel like you can’t wait to start doing it
Tilde G.
Sleep earlier if possible, before you go to bed think the time you want to wake up and believe that you will make it. Also you can use many alarms. In addition to this, I find my fitness band really useful as it vibrates in my wrist and it gives me the impression that somelse is waking me up.
Hector S.
Make the first thing in your routine something fun that you want to get out of bed and do! Also, make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep so you have the energy to actually get up!
Franklin C.
Firstly, always get enough sleep, 7-9h.
Secondly, don’t use the snooze button, ever.
Thirdly, try the 5-Second-Rule by Mel Robbins.
Justin F.
The best way I know to avoid the snooze button is to put your alarm far away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off. Other than that, you have to decide you are going to just get up as soon as the alarm goes off.
Emma Y.
Snoozing is like lying to yourself. Do you do crunches or laps at the pool and inflate the number? Do you tell yourself I did 10 when you really did 5? Snoozing is a form of self-sabotage. Wean yourself of this habit. Say I will only snooze twice. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than your promised wake up time. Commit to yourself.
Elliot S.
If it's very hard for you not to sbooze, you should put your alarm or phone in the other side of the room, so if you are going to snooze you'll have to get up and after a while you will no longer be tired and you'll get up.
Harold F.
Well i wake up and start doing my routine never wanna hit the snooze button coz i know i will never be able to do my roitine again. With a baby its hard to manage everything
Dave F.
I have been battling with lateness for such a long time all my life actually. So I added it in my habits and named it “no snooze” for my morning routine. I use an app called spin me and you have to stand up and spin 2x, I also use multiple alarm clocks, one in the bathroom, 2 in my room. This helps me tremendously and after doing it for a few weeks my body just knows to beat the alarm clock nuisance and I get up before it goes off. Hope this helps.
Luke B.
I think it’s more important to feel energised in the morning as you open your eyes. I tried this thing yesterday where I just meditated for 10 mins. And I actually woke up way before my alarm because I felt soooo well rested. It might help 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sergio Y.
I’m a night person rather than a morning person and it seems most of the guidance is written no morning people who never have to face mornings like night people do. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me, but on those days where it feels like each individual muscle and organ are waking on their own schedule, I take it really slow. Sit up, rotate my feet a bit, bend my head, stretch my arms. Try to give my body many signals that it’s wake up time so eventually each part of me gets the memo. It’s still miserable but it works.
Dawn C.
I'd say going to bed early like if you know you need x amount of time to sleep then going to bed earlier will help you get up in the morning.
Elmer C.
Prepare yourself mentally by getting to bed early, telling yourself how awesome you will feel in the morning. Sleep in your work out clothes and keep you running shoes next to the bed, so you have to put them on to reach the phone across the room
Stephen Z.
I think the only way is to go to bed earlier.

If you exercise right when you wake up, some people say try going to sleep in your exercise clothes? But I’m. It sure if that would actually be comfortable depending on what you wear to exercise.

Aur Lien Q.
I have no answer. IT is my biggest enemy too. I do not hit the snoozebutton I even do'nt hear the alarmclock. I hear IT, buy it does not reach nu brain.
William Y.
Put the alarm away in room is the old trick, so you have to get up. Another way is putting a huge number of alarms really close tp each other so that you have to push snooze all the time and it will get you up, trust me 🙂
Thea Z.
The thing that has helped me the most (which I’m not always consistent with) is putting my phone out of reach. I find when my phone is in reach I snooze my alarm just so I can scroll through social media for 9 more minutes. With it out of reach, I have to get out of bed to get to the phone. And once I’m out of bed I’d rather go through with my routine than scroll on social media.
Sacha Y.
Try putting your alarm further away so you have to get up to turn it off. That way you get moving right away, and it’s harder to go back to sleep. Or set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier to build in a snooze or two before getting up.
Elenara Z.
I change my alarm tone often and it reminds me in the mornings when I hear it that I want to get up and not snooze. When you change the alarm tone twll yourself that you're changing it because you want a reminder when you wake up to get out of bed and not snooze. This works for me I hope it helps you too.
Christoffer X.
The best tip I have is to just work your way up into waking up early for weeks I tried to wake up at 6:30 using pure will power and it just didnt work plus I felt awful and i'd still wake up at 10:00 or 11:00. So I tried to wake up at 9:00 and then after a week 8:00 and now im working on 7:00 it takes more time but in this way im more productive and my bdoy feels better. Also sleep apps saved my life going to bed with the sound of rain is so cleansing.
Ava E.
the two things that have worked for me are either to put my alarm clock across the room, so i have to get out of bed to turn it off… or to use an app such as “Alarmy”. the alarmy app makes me solve math problems to turn it off, which wakes my brain up. (there are other challenges as well) sometimes I still get back in bed after walking across the room to turn my alarm off, but so far i’m awake 100% of the time after solving simple math problems. Alarmy is also free. I highly recommend it.
Rachel C.
Pensare la sera di riuscire senza problemi ad alzarsi alle 6:30 E avere degli obiettivi chiari e rilevanti… sapere chealzarsi presto ogni giorno significa iniziare lottando e allenare la volontà e uno dei segreti fare malgrado tutto e tutti, sonno, tempo, energie, avere la lucidità di fare un passo al giorno.
Kaitlin J.
well , first of all, sorry for my bad English. I , myself, sometimes had difficulty getting up in the morning but now i am doing a lot better. Usually at the night before i try to picture how my next morning will be like and i see myself doing a lots of things so in the next moring if i dont get up right away then everything will be delayed. Still having the same amount of work but less time so you will be a lot more tired that day . The point is getting early so that you wont bare too much stress of having to do too much work in the same time . Plus sleeping too much makes you tired and want to sleep more and more and this state will go on and on never end . But if you are a person who have to work all day long i think you should try to figure out how to spend you day effectively and go to bed earlier. you should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and less the 30 mins at noon. That’s all I have, i hope you can overcome your problems!
Larry E.
I really love my morning cup of coffee and it helps me to wake up. So when I’m not wanting to get out of bed, I imagine that cup of coffee and how once I’m actually near it, I’ll already be more awake than I am now. What is the thing you look forward to in your morning that inspires you to get up?
Sofia Z.
This can be so tough. For me I literally rolled out of bed so I could fall on the floor. Another tip was getting on my phone when I woke up to wake me up or make it so that it was hard to turn my alarm off. Its gruelling at the start bc I was so tired but it gets easier.
Caroline C.
Ensure the snooze button is far enough for you to leave your comfort zone and before you reach the snooze button you cross through your prepared upcoming task/goal.
Fernando Z.
There is an aplication named Walk me alarm, I use this to wake up because if you don’t walk a certain step alarm doesn’t shut
Sheila Y.
What helped me greatly is putting my phone in a different room. Before, I was the biggest snoozer ever! I could snooze for more than an hour and then hate myself for neither getting up nor sleeping properly. But now I'm much better. Sometimes I am determined to snooze when I wake up and walk to my phone, but by the time I reach it I'm a bit more awake and it's much easier to make a right decision. It was a game changer for me
James N.
I just don’t have this luxury as I have a small child and have to get up early and fit in the routine around caring for him! There’s always a way. You need to really want to make it happen.
Celestine Q.
I’ll have to stand up the moment I hear the alarm as well as plan ahead so it doesn’t get too stressful in the morning. Furthermore I should stand up after the second Alarm.
Jason J.
Don't worry about for a few days, but if you wake naturally before the alarm goes off. Roll out of bed drink your water and exercise and start your day!
Hilda U.
Search for the 5 sec theory. You just count down from 5 to 1 and do immediately what you has plan to do.

Sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier. Or also do some exercises on bed until all you body is awake.

And fake the time put your alarm 15-20 before the actual time you have to wake up.

Carolyn P.
I set my snooze button 1/2 hour before I am actually ready to wake , another at 15 minutes before then the last time at the correct time. This way I actually have 3 alarms oh I have another which is 15 minutes after just Incase I might be having a lazy day , trust me with all those alarms you will get up
Dean E.
I have never been a snooze button person. I am usually awake before my alarm if I have one. I like getting up early but that means I go to bed fairly early.
Mocinha A.
I use the app Alarmy (an alarm clock for those that have a hard time waking up). Within the app I use a loud upbeat song for the alarm and turn on the feature that I have to get up and take a picture of something to deactivate the alarm. I also have the feature turn on that I cannot use snooze at all. Hope that helps!
Eva E.
I am not the best person to be asked about this. I have the same enemy… but i think a good night with sleep helps a lot…
Hassan U.
Do the water bottle thing. Put a full one right by your bed and only commit to sitting up and drinking the whole thing before lying back down to snooze. After a few days it’s harder to fall back asleep—easier to start the rest of the routine.
Luis T.
There are special alarm apps on play store like shake it alarm. This alarm will stop ringing only if you shake your phone vigorously for a few seconds. There are several options to switch off the alarm making sure that you wake up
Constance Z.
My biggest secret is my cat ‘Zeytin’ 😻😻 I always want 5 more minutes, I know I have to wake up. I call my cat, talk to her like a human 😜, and feed her etc. Or I brush my teeth ( my eyes are closed by the way 😩😴) but it works for me ..
Brushing my teeth in the mornings is more useful than washing my face to provide wakefulness. Choose a song that you love, brush your teeth, dance a few minutes, hug your pet 👹 Theese are useful for me…
R My Z.
Prioritise sleep like you would any other non-sleeping event like gymming or spending quality time with family friends. Treat it like a foundation pillar. Get your body into routine so you don’t even need an alarm to wake.