How do I balance my morning when I only have one hour to get ready?

Arc Lio O.
I get my clothes prepared the night before.

I pack my meals for the next day and ensure I have what I need in my pocketbook the night before.

I make sure I have bottled water for me to drink by my bedside the night before.

I do meditation for 15 min before I hope in the shower in the morning.

I get dressed and out the door.

Taking care of the most time consuming tasks the night before helps make an hour enough time.

Betty P.
Not very well. I can be flexible in the time I spend getting to ready for work but it's not really a good thing. I really need to manage my time better. I have been unable to do breakfast until mid to late morning, and that's if I can get it together to grab something on my way out. I have been exercising though and that is huge!
I have told myself change will come but perhaps I am letting it take longer than it should….but then again I also don't want to set myself up for failure by too much too soon.
In this reflection I believe I can step up my routine, manage my time, have a breakfast or at least prepare something healthy to take with me.
Ask me again in a month ๐Ÿ™‚
Fidan Z.
Hi ! I have the same problem as well.Sometimes I try to get up earlier , it gives more time to get ready.But it is not always possible.My advice is that as soon as you wake up,drink water and move around (maybe just jump or whatever) even if it is just 1 min.Make your bed and put your outfit.It kinda takes 15-20 min or less.So then eat your breakfast.And prepare yourself for a day.That is what I do.Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
Shahad N.
Try to make most of the decisions a day before.. like I prepare what I want to wear and what am going to eat for breakfast, sometimes I even preper my backpak at night before am going to sleep. And if you find that you need more time and one hour is not enough maybe you have to wake up earlier. I hope my answer was helpful.
Everardo S.
Do the key things that you need to do i usually manage it in 30 minutes. But do key things like get dressed have breakfast and so times if i don't have long ill do a really quick work out
Wilma O.
I relate to this question a lot , I personally try to keep a similar routine every day. If thereโ€™s something that needs to get done put it at the top of the list and try not to put it off. It can be hard sometimes but remember itโ€™s a process. Just remember to keep it simple and fun!
Rhonda U.
Before breakfast, drink a lot of water so that you'll feel fuller, and then, have a small breakfast. Take the rest of your time to get ready without hurrying.