How much time do you spend on morning excercises?

Zain F.
Nowadays I just started so its the 7 minutes routine (quite effective IMO);; plan on doing 30/45 min exercise later in the afternoon!

Amelia A.
8 to 10 minutes since i think that's enough to boost up my energies and besides that my time amount r not sufficient for more

Danny X.
In reality I struggle on waking up early in the morning. But I'm working on it. I usually work out 10-15 minutes per day (stretching/muscle toning )

Rieman N.
A 40 minutes walk/jog/run and 20 minutes exercise with or without an app. I use “Workout Women” if you’d like to check it out. Have a great day/night! 🤍

Pablo E.
10 mins including warm up and cool down. I've. Started the couch to fitness, and I choose a new one every day to keep it interesting!

Olivier A.
It depends, but anywhere from 30 min – 1 hour. I created a stretching routine that I do everyday (jumping jacks first to get the blood flowing, and then stretching), and then I use this app called Home Workouts to get some exercise. I try to do this during virtual meetings so I can double task. The app has a premium plan but you can use certain workouts for free (which is what I do). I’m currently doing the massive upper body plan, and I definitely recommend it. You won’t get ripped from it, but it will keep you active. Sometimes in the evening if my productivity is dropping and the weather outside is nice, I go for a 1.5 hour walk. The walks are great for creative thinking if you ever are stuck or need to sort your mind out.

Ma Ly Z.
I dont spend time excersising
I have exams to wrote so i read morning and then write exam which lasts till 12 then i play games and then i try to ready hard but i am unavle to

Yanis Z.
Anywhere from15 to 30 minute in the morning depending on what I have to fo that day and what I. Fit in But I Usually walk for 30 minutes