I normally have a short workout before I eat my breakfast. Should I eat first or eat after I do my workout?

Amy A.
Personally, I find working out before breakfast is better. One, so your stomach dose not feel like your going to throw up. And two, so once you finish working out you get to reward yourself with a good breakfast every day!
Ryan N.
I would try both and see which makes you feel better. I personally prefer before, but it’s also a fairly light breakfast of oatmeal and banana
Morgan I.
It depends on your preference. Sometimes, if I eat before I work out, after I finish the workout, I get super nauseous and sometimes sick. However, my sister, for example, can eat a full meal and run a mile and feel fine. It really depends on your body.
ゆいゆい N.
I BELIVE doing a workout before eating is much more better. But when you can’t handle it you should eat before you have an exercise
Muharrem B.
I prefer to do some activity with empty stomach and have a breakfast after …. But walk is also nice solution for digestion. I believe it's individual.
Falko U.
I think that you need to do workout before breakfast. Because when you eat breakfast you can be really full and you lose your motivation or you just can't workout because of food.
Sarah Z.
I generally eat after. I find otherwise I feel sick and have an upset stomach for the rest of the day. I do always have a glass of water and wait at least 30mins after waking up/having water before exercising
Alfredo T.
I don't recommend eating before your workout since your body will attempt to invest energy in both digesting food and keeping you moving. It is inefficiënt and oftentimes makes you feel unwell.
You should beware however, a taxing workout on an empty stomach may leave you fainting. Not a recomendable experience, I speak from a place of experience.
Maybe try at least consume some sports drink for example. It should provide you with enough energy to last you through the workout without imposing to much on your digestive system.
Anyway, have fun during your workout!