My job involves a lot of walking so I am mainly getting my cardio that way. How can I transition to something else for days I’m not working or if I change jobs?

Li Y.
Why are you pushing yourself to do cardio everyday? If you want, just take a walk on days you don’t work. If not, it’s always fine to skip some days.
Janell O.
Incorporate thr gym into your routine. Knowing that you are creating good habits will ultimately make you strive to get them
Greta O.
Set up a routine, on days you’re not at work, go on a walk round your neighbourhood, do some jump rope, or you can find plenty of workouts on YouTube. If you change job, do somebody cardio when you get up in the morning, in your lunch hour or when you’ve finished work.
Eden Z.
Hello 🙂

For example I do every day right after waking up a small exercise of yoga. There are plenty of short videos on YouTube, you can find them in specific time measures.

If you are willimg to stay with cardio but a different activity, I recommend buying a bike and going to countryside. You dont need a partner for that, when its sunny you an enjoy a beuatiful view ans it is a quick way of transport. You can buy one even for indoors or go to gym 🙂


Carl Z.
Do a walk in your neighborhood in the mornings. You could also try walking to the grocery store or to your new job if that makes sense for you.