Is it true that lifting weights will help me lose weight?

Adrienn Bernadett O.
I don't have much knowledge in this but as I know it do help a lot. You should do short circuits slowly instead of doing the exercises fast becouse fast reps helps you get lean and slow reps works your muscles more and helps you lose more weight. Hope that my answer helped.:))
Jonathan W.
Exercise is really good you know, it makes you lose weight, boosts your mood and generally improves your life. Weightlifting in particular can foster scores of benefits, both physical and emotional.
Despite the false fackty that lifting weights makes you "bulk up", it can actually help you lose weight and slim down.
Sans O F.
I guess so? I'm not really sure. I guess lifting weights helps build up muscles thus making you lode weight in the process.
Paige Z.
Well, you’re gaining muscle so, if anything, it’ll make you gain weight but It is good weight so I would recommend lifting weights cause they make you look and feel stronger and maybe give off a “I can beat you up” vibe if that’s what you like 🙂
V Jas O.
Not really. While it will help you gain muscle and you will burn some calories, you won't lose any significant weight from just lifting weights. However if you pair that with some things then yes.
For example if you count your calories and instead of the 2000 per day you consume 1500 only. You will slowly start seeing results, if you begin running everyday on top of that or doing some other form of cardio then the results will be even faster. Just make sure to drink lots of water so you don't always feel hungry or dehydrated. If you feel any severe fatigue, pain or other serious issues try taking it down a notch and just build up slowly.
Ottfried X.
I assume the answer is yes like any exercise but with lifting weights it is requiring more energy be burned while you're exercising and energy equals calories and fat