Is it better to drink water during your meals or half an hour before?

Minnie R.
I do both. Water aids in digestion of foods. Staying hydrated helps with mistaking hunger for thirst. When I feel hungry I drink a glass of water. If I’m still hungry , the I eat. If not, then it may have just been thirst. Water helps regulate many bodily functions and your appetite.
Karl Heinrich Q.
Drinking water before your meal with make sure that you don't eat more because you're really just thirsty. Also, it will make your stomach feel full so you won't overeat.
Cassandra Y.
While I don't have the scientific research to back up my answer, I think it would be best to drink a larger amount of water before the meal and then small amounts with it. This way your body has fluid to make digestive juices without the stomach acid being diluted with a great deal of water.
Amber Y.
From what i know , it is better to drink water half an hour before meal, that makes you feel full quicker but you still need to eat well 😉
Sam E.
I don’t know if it is better to drink water 30 minutes before a meal or to drink during a meal. However, I choose to do both. I drink before a meal to help curb my appetite as well as for extra hydration. I drink during a meal as well, since it helps me swallow, and I believe it helps me be hydrated as well. I believe dehydration is one of our most common health issues.
Alma X.
Depends on why you're drinking water. Are usually don’t drink anything during my meals and often have a 16 ounce glass of water after my meals. I drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day. It doesn’t matter when I do it.
Joshua Q.
I like to drink it before and also with. I feel like drinking before a meal makes sure I'm not eating when I'm really just thirsty and also helps me avoid over eating. Drinking with my meal also helps me recreation from over eating, and had to make digestion easier.
Elena S.
If you want to feel full more quickly then drinking some water during a meal is a good idea. Not too much though or you wont be able to finish your meal. I personally drink water before a meal and again after.
Robert F.
I think you should do both. A glass of water half an hour before helps prepare your organism. This and drinking water while eating helps digestion. Even if all of this were false drinking water is great for your body so try to make it a habit.
Adrien C.
Both. It takes time for your stomach to signal to your brain that you are full. That's why drinking your water earlier not only hydrtaes you, but helps you get a better sense of how hungry you really are. It's also the reason health experts suggest eating your meals more slowly in order to give your brain time to receive those signals.
Dennis X.
I've heard it is better to drink water before meals because drinking alot during a meal can impact the effectiveness of digestion. Regardless, sipping during a meal is totally okay , but not drinking a whole lot. I've learned that a glass of water 30 min before a meal aids the mind and body in knowing when it has eaten enough.
Irene E.
I've heard that drinking lots of water during meals makes our digestive system slow down. I think it's okay to drink water during meals as long as it isn't an excessive amount.
Angela Z.
I've heard that it's good to drink it before the meal, but I find it way more enjoyable during. And in the end, the most important thing is that you're drinking at all isn't it?
Janice Y.
Hello dear freind, during the meals I wouldn't record that ,drinking water while eating wouldn't let u eat the right proportion and it will get u full quickly which might get u hungry later on during the day , so I recommend enjoy ur food , make it healthy and in a right amount ,then drink water , during ur day while u r studying /working or resting drink ur water as much as u can.
If u don't enjoy plain eater ,try to add fruits or lemons/oranges inside to flavor it up and change from drinking water to smoothies ect .
Hope I helped 💓
Letitia E.
Depends on the quantity of water! If its more then half hour before is good and if it's sipping water then it doesn't matter if you drink it during meals
Vadim F.
Well what you use as a general rule for water is this: drinking water will give you a feeling of fullness. So by drinking before you eat will make you eat less by feeling fuller sooner. Also drinking it after eating will also keep you from over indulging in food after a meal. Another example is that the feeling of being thirsty can sometimes be mistaken as the feeling of hunger by the body. So next time you feel hungry between meals, try drinking water instead.
Judy F.
I am told before because it fills you up and you eat less. Of course that is coming from the lose weight perspective rather than an eat healthy. So really? I don't know the healthy eating right idea.
Victor W.
During meals as it helps with digestion.
Bozena U.
I find that drinking water before a meal stops me from overeating. If I wait until after, sometimes I feel to full to want to drink.