How can I make my self run 5 miles outside? I find I can do it on the treadmill.

Olivia G.
When trying to run outside the best thing that works for me is fine a marker point. So as I’m running I will look far ahead and pick a point like a specific tree. Once I make it too that tree I will find a different marker point. I will do that for the whole run then I will stay distracted just trying to make it to that mark.
Nika F.
If you like to go out and run , I suggest you go out with some of your friends, it will be much more enjoyable for you. And you can go to places that have beautiful spaces for running.This way, instead of running indoors, you prefer to see that beautiful view and run outside.
Julie I.
Then, do it on the treadmill! It might be nice to change it up and run outside sometimes, but why do you need to make yourself? Good to get some fresh air, and may be nice to have a change of scenery. It also might be challenging in a different way with different terrain, or even slight changes in incline outside, etc. But, running can be great and doesn't need to be outside to be great!
If the issue is the 5-mile mark. Then, maybe run outside I bit less than that sometimes, just to change it up!
Best of luck! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ˜‰