Any tips on how to drag my butt out of bed to work out in the morning?

Alicia E.
Well what I always do is wake up and think what exiting things I’m doing today like even going to school. And if I don’t think of anything that moment I think of something I can do. Sometimes I listen to super upbeat music to set my mood for the day
Arron E.
It sounds silly and a bit infantile, but I use a "reward" system. It doesn't involve getting treats or an allowance or anything that you would use for a child though. I use the Fabulous app's visual progress tracking capability. It's becomes a bit of an obsession to keep the streak going and I find that's enough to keep going because I don't want to start from the beginning!
Zoe C.
Maybe try thinking about how you will feel after you work out. And by working out in the morning, you’ve already accomplished something at the start of the day rather than putting it off for later.