Do you find better to exercise often for a small amount of time or few times per week but for longer sessions?

Manya F.
I find consistency is more effective for seeing changes in my body. So often for a small amount of time is better for me. However, if you struggle to find time everyday just get started and do whatever you can. Getting started is the trickiest part.
Curtis E.
Since I want to build a habit I find it better to start small. If you only do 10 mins, you'll be more motivated to continue and then you can build up on that.
Cleusa F.
I totally prefer often and small amount of time. 30 mins is perfectly great. Duration is not key. Form and exercise type are key. Intense 30 mins can do what a low impact 1,5 hours can do
Manya F.
Exercise often even if it's for a small amount of time as something is better than nothing! There will be days where you don't feel like exercising at all but that's the time when you have to push yourself. You'll feel really happy and fresh when you finish your exercise/workout in such situations. Having a better version of oneself depends on the consistency. Slowly and gradually you'll see the changes and you'll be willing to exercise by yourself, when you've achieved this. Then when you'll look back to your journey you'll be glad that you pushed yourself on those days where you didn't feel like exercising. That will be a proud moment for yourself. So keep going and pushing yourself. Good luck for your journey!! Stay safe!
Charlotte O.
You should listen to your body. I think it’s better to exercise often in a small amount. I personally exercise often for 45 minutes. It’s better to exercise every day in a smaller amount than few days a week but bigger amount. I hope this helps!
Gustav Y.
exercise often for a small amount of time because it makes my body easily adapt to the exercise rather than a few times per week.
Rurique Z.
It depends. Sometimes I do workout challenges for a determined amount of time, for example, two weeks of working out half an hour per day, and then rest for a few days. And some other times, when I'm not following a challenge or routine, I workout just some days a week and not necessarily doing longer sessions (sometimes the time depends on my motivation or availability).
Erlese N.
I usually exercise small amount of time but per day.i just felt comfortable doing that because im not reallt comfortable of long session exercise per week
Travis Q.
Personnaly , I find better to exercising often for a small amount of time! Consistency is the key. When I exercise for a small amount of time , I have a motivation to do anything throughout the day but if I doing few times per week for a longer period makes me demotivate and I stop doing exercise.. It upto you.. We all are different. So, some find its great to do longer period of exercise for few times a week..
Jacob X.
It’s better to excerice a few times a week but for longer sessions because when it’s only a few times a week; if you love doing it you have time to look forward to it and if you don’t want to do it that much at first
Vernon C.
A tip to avoid getting distracted is to turn your phone off and to look over what you have done or what you are going to do before you do it, kind of like you are preparing your mind to the work
Lisiane F.
I enjoy working out a few times a week in longer sessions. Usually a little mix of a yoga video and some higher intensity workout, so that it adds up to about an hour of excersize.
Max W.
I always eat breakfasts
I like excersise 3-4 days per week with longer session and everyday with quick stretch or a walk
Arquim Nio S.
I prefer longer sessions for a few times per week but I don’t usually do that. I usually do exercise a small amount of time and a few times a week.
Lily O.
Often but small amounts, even if only 5 minutes, because it helps create a routine that you can get used to. Eventually you'll be able to increase the amount of time you exercise each day