Can you please share tips on how to prevent injury while exercising?

Em Lio Q.
I’m in my mid -forties playing long tennis matches multiple times a week. I’ve developed a ritual before every match that helps me prevent injury. I always take a hot shower—as hot as I can handle —and I do a few toe touches and shoulder stretches under the hot water before my match. I drink lots of water and always have a banana. I tape problem areas (elbow) and sometimes i’ll take an ibuprofen. I never skip a full warm up. This helps calm me, energize me, it gets me into a success mindset and I feel loose and limber!
Amelia U.
It’s best to warmup first by walking and then stretching thoroughly before starting any exercise. Do not push yourself to the point where your body hurts because an injury is bound to soon follow.
James C.
To prevent injury whilst exercising it it a good idea to stretch and warm up first to stop the risk of injuries such a pulled muscles and twisted ankels
Polda O.
Jane Fonda’s ”Make it burn!” is actually bad advice. Instead, pay attention to your body, and select coaches, instructors, and/or trainers who will allow you to work at your own pace. A heart rate monitor and initial assessments will be helpful. If you have existing health issues, make sure you consult your care team before starting a new program.