How do you force yourself to learn? And if you don’t need to force yourself, how can you pay attention and learn 45 minutes every day?

Thea P.
I usually get distracted a lot but once I take the step and start learning I will be immersed in it… But to make that happen I need to take a step. When I'm in mood to study I'll proceed but it happens once or twice a year which is worse.. so I need someone to assign me tasks and make me do it just like fabulous has tasks and all… I would feel much better if you add study/ learn task to daily habits and motivate me daily. Thank you ☺️

Zlata B.
I don’t force myself as much, even if I don’t like. I try to listen, work and learn as much as possible, even if my attention is almost gone. I try my best, because it’s for your mind to be smart and stuff. Or when i don’t have 1% of motivation, I give myself a reward if I do good when I come back!) Sorry if it’s a bit complecated, English is not my first language.

Buhlebenkosi M.
Most of the time, what brings me to be able to start learning, I think about why I need to do it and what I'm working towards. If it needs me to be learning for 45 mins or even 45 hours…I'll do it for the sake of reaching my goal.

There's no use in being disappointed in not reaching my goals if I didn't put in the work anyway.

Riccardo O.
I think learning is very important. There is way to much to learn and a whole life is not enough. But the pleasure of discovering something new everyday worth it.

Dana N.
how i force myself is thinking that it will help me in the future so if i do it now, it will help me in the long run and i’ll be proud of myself. i rlly wanna b proud of myself. I can do without by just going to sleep early but i like my new habit

Cathy N.
You can work your way up! Start with a 25 min timer, then gradually increase it. The pomodoro method is good for this. Allow yourself 10 min or so to get into the zone by starting with an easy task (aka just take it easy, don’t force yourself to focus). For example, maybe I’ll organize some emails for 10 min, then move onto homework

Albaraa U.
1stly, thank you for promoting me with this wonderful opportunity to express myself throughout this question..
Lastly, here is my answer;
# By focusing on the process of learning " the operations and the systems of learning" and letting the results express themselves by thier own ways of existence 😉