Is a 15-minute run worth it?

Asmaa N.
Yes, It is because running all body parts will get engaged in physical activity which will help us to be healthy and keep us active throughout the day
Uno N.
Yes. The point is to move, get the blood flowing. Also, habit building isn’t about doing the whole workout, it’s about showing up. If you put your shoes on and run for 1 minute, you will have taken the necessary steps to move towards the point of automaticity (point at which doing the habit feels automatic)
Josefin A.
Absolutely!! It will always give you endorphins which will make you feel really good, and if it’s the progress of your exercise (eg you want to get stronger etc) it’s always better to just move and do something, and focus on taking a long run or a really challenging one another day. If you do a 15 min run one day your body will also be more ready for a longer one when you have the time
Юлия Токарева N.
Yes, of course. Even 10 minutes worth it. Because when you just start to move this 10 min will go so fast that it is not enough. And you will understand that you can do more. And more every time
Miss N.
I would say yes. Any amount of physical activity is worth it for your physical and emotional health. Get moving! Even if it’s just for one minute!