How do you make going out for a run interesting?

Walter X.
Getting traction slip on maybe for my shoes. Promising to shower after. More washes. More clothes. Good income. Need to have newer clothes more often anyway. Prioritize health more. Donate clothes. Need rug at door step again
Arnold X.
Running with a friend or a family member is somewhat of a good idea so you can keep a conversation with them while running. Also, if there isn't significant traffic in the area you are running, you can listen to a good playlist, radio or podcast with some earphones at the same time. My personal favorite show I like to listen to while running is Buzzfeed Unsolved.
Ellen Z.
There are a couple very small things that motivate me to go on runs and I’ll list them out. Firstly, music… if you have a certain artist/album/playlist that is dedicated to you runs, whenever you hear them, it will remind you of the escapism of running and how music can distract you from normal everyday life!
Secondly, I like to think of running as a way to escape from everyday life (escapism) and not even acknowledge that it’s part of my routine. I just impulsively decide to go on a run and usually that ends up making it more interesting. If you plan to go on a run at a certain time, then you’re going to associate that time with it and if running turns out to be really awful for you, you’ll dislike having to pull yourself up and forcing yourself to run.
Mohammad F.
I realize the benefits it has on my mental and physical aspect. Running is a strenuous exercise and by no means an entertaining one. If I push my mind to eat that pain regularly, then I will definitely take anything thrown in my way along the day. It’s like “taming the beast” relation with your mind. You get to stretch it beyond its capacity.
Chester E.
Well interesting question.
First off you can make a play list of your favorite hype songs and play that on Thebes way.
You can also look at running as a way too clear your head.
Set a goal for yourself like I want this body
Or I want one wear these clothes.
Remember not tic pressure yourself go you need too take little steps. Like for starting run 15 minutes a day Andrew start increasing it.
Heather O.
Running or going for a walk is not difficult for me, because I love it. It is not a chore, or a thing to tick off the list. Change your mindset. Expect to enjoy it; think about how good it makes you feel once you're back home, after your run!