How do you motivate yourself to keep going when you hit that wall mid-workout?

Camilla E.
Remember, your health is one of the most important things to keep well, so when you hit that point, remember that you are more than capable, just a bit a discipline and gentleness, and understand that your body will thank you for the workout is much more precious than anything else
Michelle Y.
If I hit the wall, I start focusing on tinier steps, for example, doing 1 more repetition. And then 1 more. I also listen to my body and determine if I simply need a shorter workout on this particular day.
Jeppe P.
To be honest, if I have a goal in mind I’ll do anything to accomplish that goal. I’ll always try to finish a workout. Sometimes I have little motivation at the start of a workout but by by 10 minutes in I’m ready to go to the end
Alexander Z.
I guess it depends on what wall I have hit and what type of workout I am doing at the time. If I am at the gym, I give myself an amount of time and say I have to do so many of an easy exercise in a minute and then a exercise I find difficult for 30 secs rest for 30secs and repeat. If I still not feeling it I will put on my favourite hype music. And if I am tired I end the workout. If I hit the wall and I am running outside I note how far from home or the car I am. If I have ran more than 15mins I will turn and run back. If I haven't I will run until it hits 15mins and then turn back. I personally believe that forcing yourself to enjoy something will only make you hate it more. Small steps are a good thing, if you have hit a wall there is no shame in going home and coming back tomorrow. You came today and you started and tried then celebrate that.
One last thing have a tv series that is at least 3 seasons long that you haven't watched yet. And tell yourself that is your gym tv show only watch it at the gym, either walking or running on the treadmill or doing weights. Stay for the length of the episode and then watch the next episode the next day. It might help with the motivation.
Dei N.
Think about all the things you’ve stop midway at…and tell yourself this time will be different, that you’re a fighter, and how even finishing this workout is a vote towards something greater.
Jessie T.
i just ask myself one question – would 2023 divya like this behaviour ? and answer is always no and it pushes.e towards a better version of myself