How do you bring consistency and discipline to their exercise habit?

Bastien O.
It is very simple, start small and start with one habit. Continue doing that perticular task for 2 weeks then add some more habits.
By start small i mean do 5 push up for first 4-5 days then slowly keep increasing
Irma T.
First and foremost its about finding something that you like to do. Something that won’t make you think about consistence or discipline, because it’s something that you love to do (I.e it doesn’t feel like a chore). The next thing would be to challenge yourself. The same routine will get boring over time so setting challenges and goals will keep things interesting. Finally, I would have to say community plays a role; try to find a friend who is interested in doing the same workout/sport and motivate each other.
All the best, and remember you’ve got this. Just take it one day at a time.
Sim O S.
First you have to seek instant gratification. As important as the long-term health benefits of exercise are, simply being aware of them isn’t enough to motivate most people. Instead, research suggests you should focus on the more immediate benefits. The key is identifying what the short-term payoff of exercise is for you. Is it sounder sleep? A better mood? Clearer thinking? Less pain? More patience? Such benefits may not be instantly evident if you’re new to exercise, so determining which ones apply to you can take a little time. Secondly, you have to set goals. Setting specific, realistic, measurable goals is also key to staying motivated. A vague wish, such as “I want to walk more,” isn’t enough. Instead, your goal should be something precise, like “I will be walking twice as far six weeks from now.” Lastly, you have to have a game plan. Getting sidetracked by daily events happens to all of us. Sometimes missing a workout is unavoidable because of an emergency or other unexpected event. But in most cases, inadequate time management is to blame. The solution is to plan ahead and make physical activity a priority. Think of exercise as an important appointment. If you plan to exercise away from home, be prepared by packing a bag with what you’ll need and setting it by the door the night before. Keeping a packed bag of “emergency” fitness clothing and accessories in your car can be useful as well, in case you forget something or have an unplanned opportunity to work out.
Gilbert O.
You need to focus on your goal. Write it down, place sticky notes all around you house to remind you of what to do and when to do it. It’s all about organisation and self belief. Reward yourself with something after you complete your exercise. For example a spa day at the end of the week if you complete your exercises for a week.
Isabella W.
By enjoying it! I do not look at exercise as a chore, but as a privilege. Something that I have the ability to do, that will make my body and mentality and life in general richer. When your brain deeply understands the connection between exercise and happiness, you start to look forward to doing it.
Denise S.
I still struggle with this. I haven’t been able to be consistent like I want to be. I just continue to work the app and attempt to be as proactive as possible. When I lag behind, it only makes it worse.
Daniel C.
Try makimg the habit incorporate something you already enjoy, for example go for a walk to your nearest coffee shop and back. If you enjoy reading, try doing a few five jumping Jack's or squats after each chapter.
Odeberto I.
I use workout videos to help me stay consistent. Although I cant always do everything they do in the video I attempt to do it
Oliver W.
For me, I have get through that initial first few days, or about 2 weeks max, until the rust is off and it starts to become routine and something that isn't at least a total grind. I've come to realize that I start to seereal changes in my body in a lot less time than I used to assume it took, which becomes a big motivator.
Joel T.
I try to keep my exercises easy to get started, such as walking or running on a treadmill, and finding YouTube videos I can do at home for yoga after a work day
Brooklyn F.
I bring discipline and consistency to my exercise habit by insure myself it’s helping me and being proud and thankful that’s I actually have the ability to exercise and move around when others don’t
Ken Z.
If you find your routine difficult , Break it into small parts which makes it simpler. Keep your workout clothes ready. Set a timer for pre-workout energy bite. And be at ease if you go late than usual or miss a day, its not about 1 day . Look at the calender , it never ends. See how many days went compared to last month
Celine Z.
I enjoy going on walks with my friends so when I complete my tasks every morning, i get to walk with my friends around the neighborhood. If I don’t complete the tasks, I need to skip walking around for that day.
Jose U.
By starting small, you can do both those things. Instead of overdoing it at the start, I decided to take small steps by following the 7 minute exercise routine. It consists of ground exercises.

It's isn't too easy, yet it isn't too difficult either. In this way, it doesn't create too much of mental resistance before you even start, which is the most difficult part. Make sure to do it in small steps with minor increments weekly.

Don't overthink it, just start. Even if you want to start with 15 reps of pushups, ab crunches and squats a day, just start doing it and make sure it's easy enough that you stick to it daily. The consistency will come.