What do you do when you’re completely unmotivated?

Janet P.
I do very little. Generally I spent it messing around on the internet. I think that is the best way to describe what I do.
Liana C.
I think I don’t have to do a big effort… only a little step… when I forget the glass of water for example, I think I have to get a glass, it’s not a titanic purpose…and tomorrow I’ll have another good day…
Hazael T.
I think being completely unmotivated is a sign of being depleted in some way. I would be kind to myself and take care of my body: have a good sleep, read a book, eat well. Perhaps also try meditating.
Barry C.
I found something in my routine which is motivational by itself. For example, I like to watch sun raising during my morning jogging. No matter how dimotivated you are by external reasons, sun will raise, and it will be beautiful.
Diane Z.
Well. Maybe ask myself why I feel that way? Sometimes it does feel a bit like it’s all too much; how can I do all these thing gs? So maybe just pick one to start with, and hoping the motivation will follow. I have just come overseas and my schedule is all over the place, finding it a bit hard to stay grounded and do things, especially since I am so far away from home and my usual things. I don’t really have a holiday routine! But, I am trying!
Josh Z.
I let go. I am not sure it was the best thing to do, because it's a form of retreating from the task at hand. It's really a challenge to push on when I'm completely unmotivated.
Vadim X.
Do what you’re capable of doing and reward yourself for that; don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t do that day because it will only make you feel worse.
Set small goals and do your best to accomplish those
Malte M.
In then end you should have a long term goal, other than the small goals you're trying to achieve everyday. That long term goal is something that should become the anchor, if you ever stray from the path, try to think of that. You will have to create a reminder of this long term goal in a place that you visit regularly. For example sticking a quote on a wall, or a picture as mental trigger you see each day, which in time will grow to be a mental picture that you can use. And when you don't feel motivated think about that mental picture in the of your head.
Leon P.
If I’m feeling unmotivated, I try to check in with myself by asking: am I tired, hungry, thirsty? I’ll realize, too, that sometimes I just need a break. Otherwise, I’ll try to do little things like make my bed, put on my tennis shoes, do two pushups. I’ll try to be easy on myself, too, maybe try to be grateful. Sometimes doing little things gives you a break but helps you stay positive.
Malthe Z.
when I am not motivated enough, I am lazy & waste my time on my smartphone doing unproductive things. Thankfully, these kind of phases are usually very small & soon I come to my senses😃
Willard B.
That’s when I read again my goal to rewire my brain. I visualise 3 months ahead of me if I keep doing what i have to do. It motivates me to not give up.
Angel N.
I pick a single task to do. Sometimes that’s as simple as go shower or go brush your teeth. But then I count to three and I stand up on three. There’s some science behind telling yourself to do something and also behind counting to it. because it’s easier to listen to a command? And because counting and then immediately standing up doesn’t give yourself any time to think your way out of it.
Francisco T.
Always keep things within sight. Your notebook, phone and the app. Then just grind through it. It’s all about making this a part of your routine, once it is part of your routine it’ll almost be automatic.
Blake N.
Look at it as an investment in yourself, even as a monetary factor. Taking care of yourself now will make your future cost less
Olivia Z.
Be extra kind to yourself, rest, eat well and don't beat yourself up about not completing something. Do one little thing in your progress to success and you will slowly see you extending these little goals in time.
Marc A.
I sing to worship music, pray or watch a sermon by Ps Steven Furtick. The man is wise and funny.

Being grateful also helps bring me back to my why.

Chloe J.
I'm not sure I have a good answer to that question ,sometimes I take a nap to wake up with a fresh mind ,sometime I start thinking about the small things I'm grateful for in my life ,sometimes I do nothing .
I would like to know what you do
Debra Z.
The best way to get through un-motivated periods is to have a plan ready. If this is about exercise come up with a reduced version of your regular work out, or an alternate work out that is easier to accomplish, like a walk. Also consider the times you are not motivated tests of your self-discipline. Everybody feels unmotivated even the fittest person you can imagine. The difference is whether you choose to act on that feeling or not. If you do act on feeling unmotivated by doing nothing, try to figure out how you got there. Was it that you were tired, hungry, stressed, etc. ? Then make up an alternate plan to account for those things in the future. Im a woman and exercise during certain times of the month are hard. So I write down specific alterations to my workout the night before incase I feel too tired the next morning to do my regular routine . I also try to sleep a little more for extra energy.
Emma C.
Try to see the beauty in things and start doing small things or things I actually want to do, this has a motivational effect!
Frederikke C.
I scroll through Pinterest! Seeing what others have created or achieved, or perhaps reading something inspirational, is often enough to get me going.
Theo U.
I usually turn to my boyfriend. He is an amazing motivator and always knows what to do and what to day. So find your own support group and lean on them!
Alcindo N.
I review my goals – keep your goals everywhere. Remember to recommit to those goals everyday. Your goals cannot be completed because you did something once but because you did something over and over again.
Evan Z.
When I feel completely unmotivated, what has worked best is thinking about the smallest possible action I could take to move forward. For example, when I was overwhelmed, depressed, having a hard time getting out of bed and my house was a mess, one of the turning points was deciding to pick up the house and then coming to the realization that the tiny half bathroom was the smallest room in the house, so I decided to start there. One day I cleaned off part of the sink, the next day I cleaned the rest of the sink and wiped clean the mirror. And on and on. It probably took me a week to totally finish what would have otherwise taken less than an hour but I got it done. More importantly, I felt better and more hopeful. As I regain my motivation and positive outlook, I got back on track and the rest of the house, which had become so overwhelming, became totally doable.
Pierre Z.
I put down my phone. Disconnect from TV. Go for a drive, or play with the dogs. Relax your mind. Then I make short lists. Easy to accomplish. Once you start moving, things fall into place.

I play music in the house when I want to focus on getting something done (painting a room, purging junk).

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Set short goals first, and suddenly you’re tackling bigger projects.

T Rcio C.
I tend to procrastinate, find other things to do until the 11th hour and then I panic and rush! It's like I need the fire to push me and make me do the job that I don't want to do. I'll clean the house, watch tv, exercise, shop, eat but feel guilty all the time that I am not doing my work. As such, I never truly relax and enjoy this time away from work.
Bonnie Q.
I’ve literally used “observe the thought and let it pass.” When I’ve needed to, I’ve made it a mantra until my objective is met.
Marius C.
I’m a spiritual person and believe in the power of prayer. I typically pray, drink some coffee, look at some fitness inspiration (ie: meal prep, cool workouts….). After that routine, without fail I’m ready to go!!!!
Apolin Rio Q.
I start with the easiest thing I need to do and work up. Example I need to exercise . I’ll start with just my dumbbells.. 30 reps/ 20 lbs per arm.
Dora C.
I try to remember what was fun, the enjoyment and the benefits about what I started. Also remember my grandmother told me that I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.
Hugh J.
For me, I have to force myself to go through the motions sometimes. It means I'm not as efficient or productive, but I'm doing what I know needs to be done. Doing that for a while usually makes it easier to feel like I can do the bigger things and that I want to accomplish them. Sometimes it's better just to do something than to count how many times you're doing it.
Annie S.
Put on my favorite song, drink some lightly caffeinated tea, watch or listen to a short comedy bit to get myself laughing 🙂
Brian E.
I'll read some motivational books, but sometime it doesn't help cause when I feel unmotivated I easily get bored. And then I'll end up reading Love Her Wild by Atticus, it really boost my mood. I feel more beautiful, motivated and grateful for being who I am, for being a woman!

Since I love music and singing, it helps me too, so I'll listen to it, especially the ones with I-will-never-give-up kind of lyrics and lately I'm in love with German songs, Elif Demirezer is my favorite singer. Sometime I'll watch some motivational or lifestyle videos on youtube.

Those 3 activities really help me!

Eurico Q.
I pamper myself and try to do something that soothes me. Talk to my husband and last, I try to come up with a solution to make the situation somewhat better.
Brad W.
Faço tudo errado, como coisas que não são nutrientes, faço cada vez menos do que deveria fazer e depois mês Intro culpada
Randall Z.
I take my time and I think deeply about why I am unmotivated. I remember that feeling motivated is a great feeling and that unmotivated is not where I want to be. Then I remember all the things that I want in life and reflect on why I want them. I then remind myself that with consistent effort over time I will get everything I want and live an amazing life. Then I give myself understanding for falling of the wagon and slowly start the process of getting my engines rolling again.
Terrence E.
I think about all the things I am grateful for and I reflect on the efforts Ive made to become who I am. I remember why I wanted to change and all i have overcome. I remember it isnt how hard I work that got me where I wanted to be. Rather the times reached deep inside and overcame myself and turned challenges into opportunities.
Arthur O.
It’s a good idea to drink lots of water when you feel unmotivated and also to have a big breakfast so you have lots of energy.
Clarisse O.
I let myself be and just try to do something that makes me feel cared for: massage, manicure, etc. Usually feeling unmotivated is a result of being dissatisfied with myself – so treating myself well is a good spark to regain motivation
Sandra Y.
Try to break up the task into smaller bits. Focus on a smaller goal rather than the whole thing. Doesn't always work, tho. 🙂
Virgil X.
When I have absolutely no motivation, I rest. I’ll take a break or some time for myself so that when I do get back to work, I’m ready to do my work with purpose. When you really need the motivation (maybe because of a deadline you have to reach), it significantly helps to take five-minute breaks of rest and good thoughts to fuel you for your work.
Terry Z.
Check the basics: I am tired, do I need sleep/water/food/ human contact. If yes, I sleep/ drink water/eat/talk to a friend. Then, I see if I have a clear goal or if my goal is vague and needs to be broken down into smaller, easier to tackle parts. Going for a wall also helps to take a break and clear the cobwebs.
Tommy O.
I google. I Google where ever I'm at. Physically and emotionally. Someone has probably been close to there. Knowing someone has also felt that way helps.