Could I consider walking to the school (1mile) as my morning exercise?

Dustin Z.
Yep it's better actually but keep in mind that u r exercising not just random walk ….maintain a pace try jogging if possible
Ryan X.
I think so!

The only concern that I would have is that it's one repeated low effort motion. It might be good to do a little bit of a motion at higher speed: a quick dance, a light jog, or a few pushups. Really just anything with a little freer movement that feels less routine, if that makes any sense.

But that's just my thought!

Chrissie J.
Definitely, anything that gets your heart rate elevated is s goal. Plus, think of the environment, petrol costs and increases mindfulness
Ella W.
Absolutely . It's a beautiful idea . You get to walk so you'll be full of energy. Also as you walk along, you can practice being mindful , like just observing the surroundings as you go. It will let you enjoy the beautiful mornings , appreciate the beauty of all the different weathers and seasons . This will not only boost you physically , but also mentally. Good luck 👍
Tatyana T.
Yes, just try not only walking but also notice thing around you: trees, people, buildings, animals, the sky, anfld others.