How do you motivate yourself to keep on trying after you lose a streak?

Astrid W.
What is a streak? I didn't even choose most these activities or want to do them! A very inflexible program, it's frozen in time. … This trial is not a good representation of all that this could provide.
Emila N.
This is the funniest thing I’ve been asked because I’ve lost my streak over 20 times and I nearly threw my phone away. But I’ve set up a reminder on my phone at a time that I know I’m available to complete my fabulous streak. Thought it’s irritating, I know I set myself up for failure because I didn’t take the necessary precautions to help me establish that routine of completing my streak. Walk it off, you know you can do it again and u might do even better!
Nikki N.
I remind myself that even though I might’ve missed a day or 5, I can still choose to start again at that moment rather than let it get to a day 6. And that will be one day more than yesterday that I worked towards my goal.
Catherine N.
I know that's not a very good reason, but I would define my primary motive as fear. I'm afraid to go back to my worst state – when I didn't want to get up in the morning, to get out of the bed, when I didn't want to live. So now I do everything I can even if it's hard So that I don't live it again.
Eliot P.
I just tell myself , losing the streak is better than losing the whole process . I tell myself that it’s totally fine to try again and forgive myself (i go hard on myself a lot but im trying to be nicer ) . There’s a quote i read and it really hit hard : treat yourself like you would treat a friend or a loved one, same thing goes with giving advice . That’s it i guess .also this app is so satisfying, i really like how uplifting they are when i finish the goals of the day