How do you speed up the process when you start work at 8:00 am and you don’t have that much time to prepare food, get ready and exercise?

Benedikt E.
You can try waking up earlier, for example at 6 am. It might be easier to progressively wake up earlier, setting your alarm 10 mins earlier every day. Then you will have time not only for your morning routine, but to also enjoy yourself and observe the world at an early hour that you might rarely experience. To speed up things, you can plan everything the night before: you can cut up fruit for breakfast and put it in the fridge for the morning, you can make sure you have everything you need for work, and declutter your desk. You can also prepare a set of exercices the day before, so you dont waste time looking for one in the morning. Hope this helped ❤️
Rachel U.
Hi! I start work at 7am so I understand. I try to do as many preparations the night before as I can- laying out clothes, making my lunch, etc. You could prep your breakfast up to a point as well. This helps me tremendously. I also keep my morning exercise shorter on work days and will try to do something in the evening like yoga or a walk.
Kelsey P.
It's really hard at first, but wake up earlier. I have found that I get a much better rest if I read a chapter or two before I go to sleep and it helps me wake up in the morning. If you can get up even 30 minutes earlier, it makes a huge difference
Madjer T.
I know, from personal experience, that I take a long time to get ready. My trick is to get everything prepared the night before: my night routine consists of tidying my spaces, preparing my clothing for the next day, and so on. My breakfast, which is oatmeal, is cooked beforehand in large batches that can be easily reheated with fruit/nuts added in (frozen fruit or just nuts for maximum speed). That way, I can pare my morning routine down to the bare minimum to have enough time to get everything done. Same with my work out: I lay out all of my clothes and can even prep the space so when I wake up I’m ready to go (even get dressed in workout clothes to sleep if you really want to be prepared). If there is really no time to work out, I try to promise myself that I’ll work out immediately after getting home or have a simple short workout/movement routine to get going in the morning without the time commitment of a full workout.
Ed N.
It depends how much time you have free in general in your life, the easiest solution is to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, I find it worth getting up early to do my routine, but I have time I can eat in to in the evening by going to bed earlier, if you don’t have any time just do the best you can, have a banana for breakfast, just do two minutes of exercise, something is better than nothing, hope this helps
Bertram U.
You could prepare your breakfast, iron your clothes and get your work stuff ready the night before. That way when you wake up, you won't be stressed. And, all you have to do is shower and your ready to go. If you've little time, maybe even do a "to-go-breakfast". For example, pack a healthy sandwich, protein bars or shakes.
Martina Z.
I believe it's important to do something. At least one little thing: this will make you feel better and productive in the morning. You don't have time to exercise? Do one minute of exercise or the sun salutation. Time for breakfast? Rearrange your time to earn minutes: while the water is boiling do your skin care, prepare the Bread the night before… I think that the key is to be flexible and organized
Mylan Z.
You can still complete your habits without spending hours on them! Try exercising for only one minute—Fabulous has a great one that can get you moving! As for breakfast, try prepping as many steps you can the night before, so the morning is more of a grab-and-go! You'll find that you can still feel good about completing your routine and also make it to work on time!
Holly J.
That’s a good question and I have no idea lol. I’m still figuring that out myself, any tips/tricks I’ve learned have all come from this app. I would actually say my biggest struggle is being able to wake up as early as I’d like to be able to do everything in my morning routine. So I guess my advice is don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s okay if you don’t do everything on your list. Start with the tasks that take top priority, try to appreciate absolutely any effort you made toward your goals instead of worrying about finishing, and, most importantly, just keep going.
Elisa O.
First of all start wit energetic and uplifting music! When I don't have time, I do just 1min moving session from Fabulous (thank you for that!),few simple breathing exercises, squats and legs lifting while brushing my teeth, drinking coffee and meal replacement protein shakes, which give you everything you need from the meal and preparation time is 1-2min only. Or I have muesli, but it doesn't keep me full that long.
Lisa U.
Prepare as much food as I can the night before and sleep in exercise clothes or have them next to the bed for a quick 15-20min run on the machine each morning.
Kelly U.
I choose a breakfast that can either be prepared the night before, or can be brought with me to eat at work or on the way. I make a priority list and choose the things I feel is the most important to do in the morning and then make time for them, and sometimes that means I’ll go to bed earlier & wake up earlier. The things I don’t have time for and can’t make time for I’ll do later, on the lunch break or in the evening.