I usually don’t want to eat anything in the mornings, so I feel like I’m running on low batter. What can I do for that, or what should I eat early in the morning?

Caitlin Z.
If you don't want to have typical breakfast foods like cereal, eggs, or oatmeal, try a piece of fruit or a granola bar. Go for an apple, a banana, an energy bar, a protein bar, or even a premade smoothie.

Rachel F.
Try just toast with some protein on top (PB, bananas, avocado etc.) and a hot/cold coffee or tea of your liking. I’m the same way and this helps me TREMENDOUSLY when I know I need to eat but I don’t feel like it lol

Mason U.
Something that you like. Maybe begin the night before the next morning preparing fruit so that you can at least eat some fruit in de morning. And you can build that up to bread or yoghurt or crackers.

Emma Z.
I tend to go for portion sizes that I know will satisfy me, while also making sure that I don’t overstuff my body. Balance is key within any meal and too much or too little will leave you feeling less than great. Also! Water. Water, water, water and vitamins are your best friend. You won’t regret investing in them whatsoever.

Rapaz O.
A protein bar is quick and easy, yet help you get energy. Also nuts are good because they can help give you a feeling of being full

Jimmy F.
eating when you wake up helps boost energy, and honestly confidence. i always feel so much better especially when i can make something healthy and sweet

Sean T.
Feeling like not to eat anything in the morning is common don't worry, but at the same time taking proper food in the morning is critical.
I suggest you to go for milkshake with nuts you prefer and peanut butter and some seeds like flax, to start you can start with sweet shake later on you can drink without sugar to make it more healthier.
Have a fabulous morning and the rest of the day.

Fredo J.
Try starting with a very light breakfast, then slowly start eating more as you make it into a habit. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat it even if you don't want it. Try making boiled eggs and storing them in the refrigerator. Just eat one or two or however many you want when you wake up. Or make an egg sandwich on the stove or in the microwave by putting one egg in a microwave-safe bowl that has been sprayed with a nonstick spray, mixing it like you are making scrambled eggs, and microwaving it for one minute. Just check for any remaining raw egg before you eat it because you don't want to eat that. If there is still raw egg in the bowl, you need to microwave it longer. After that, just slap it on some bread or toast and you're ready to go! Use your imagination or look up recipes for a light breakfast on the internet. Or you could eat a piece of fruit or two, like an apple, banana, orange, pear, avocado, etc. Have fun and stay healthy!

Mia S.
I think it’s best to set aside things you can eat on the go, like a granola bar, or a cup of yogurt. Setting aside time in the morning to eat after being up for a few hours may also be helpful.

Dona N.
I am the same. I drink water as soon as I wake up and do some stretches, while in bed. It helps me wake up to start the day. And I usually would have coffee with protein shake, for days when I do not have a lot of time. And in days when I have a little more time, I will make smoothie with frozen fruits and vegetables, oat milk and superfood powder with peanut butter powder or any protein powder.

Alma Z.
I suggest you an apple with peanut butter it may sounds silly but not only is it delesouse also boost you up all day long

Jonathan P.
Sometimes I feel this way too. Even if it is just a banana or protein shake that is better than nothing at all. Studies have shown that students who eat a banana before taking a test typically p better than those who do not.

Keeli Q.
I have absolutely no appetite in the morning and often will feel sick upon eating, a good way I've found is to have ready available food like an up and go, a piece of fruit, I like to cut up my food when I buy it so Its as accessible as snacks, it seems like alot of work but it takes less than 10 minutes and makes the world of difference, another thing I do is juices just blend fruit and drink it that way you have sugar and vitamins to start your day

Jan U.
I understand, I was also not used to eat almost anything for breakfast. It changed when I wanted to gain some weight. I did some research and I find out that breakfast is the foundation. It is one of the most important meals. No breakfast = no energy, no kickstart in the morning. So I suggest you to start slow, eat something small at first and try to add more. For example, I like to eat cereals. But you can eat wholegrain toast, dairy products, even vegetable. What also helped me a lot was using calorie tracking apps like MyFitnessPal. Best of luck!

Mae U.
I have multiple friends that can’t eat in the morning. Maybe just drinking a nurturing smoothie will give you enough energy to start the day? If not then some apples will do the trcik!

Jessica N.
What I usually do, is eat a bowl of yoghurt with some granola. I’m also not that hungry in the morning, but breakfast is a really important meal. I think you shouldn’t skip it but just eat a little. It doesn’t have to be that much, as long as you make sure you feel energized

Emilie A.
Usually yogurt or hot cocoa work for me on those days I don't feel like eating in the morn. They're not extremely nourishing, but at least I'm not starting my day with an empty stomach

Julian X.
I typically have a large glass of water and a few kiwis. Then I will do granola inside vanilla yogurt. It’s a light, yet impactful breakfast to start a great day. Hope this helps!

Amyna V.
If you have fruits available in your home , you could make a smoothie , or you can pop up some nuts in your mouth, so it could make your day going awesome

Helene A.
Try just a small snack to start such as a slice of cheese or a handful of nuts, but make sure your snack has protein to get you started. To really train your body to eat in the morning, try to not eat a mid morning snack or if you do make sure it is smaller than breakfast.

Aqua Z.
Eating a good breakfast gives you energy or you'll be burnt out for the day! Eat at least a banana or an apple. Trust me!!

Ewen O.
You can eat less in the evening or you can eat just half of an apple, some nuts or drink warm milk. After few days you'll feel better and maybe you'll start eating bigger meats.

Mj N.
I’m usually not hungry when I wake up either. What I have is always simple. Mixed nuts or a protein shake are my go to, because they’re simple, easy to take with you, and eats more like a snack than a full on breakfast, but still gives you the boost you need until lunch.

Ian F.
Dates, bananas, dried fig juice or protein smoothies are my go-to options for a quick, on-the-go breakfast. It also works for when I’m lacking an appetite for a proper breakfast. Of course, you should start your morning with a nice, refreshing cup of water to kickstart your day.

Lena N.
Hey, so I had a similar problem, because I wasn’t feeling good after I ate. I started with smoothies and that helped. You can eat/drink them while you do other thing, they are not too much and if yes then you just put them in the fridge and wait. They helped me eat in the morning to have energy and because I mostly drink fruit smoothies I felt fresh and energized.