If you do yoga, do you have any recommendtions on poses/sequences to do for morning exercise? I love yoga but I am very inexperienced with making my own routine.

Zaido C.
Don’t know all names any more, but do the following:

To Warm-up:
Roll back and forth in ball (arms around legs)

Sitting with legs out, row with arms.

Then :
Forward stretch
Again on either leg
Wrap alternate arm around each leg — twist

Then facing floor
Cat alternately with Cow slowly
the cobra
Arms under body holding
Up the lower extremities
The bow

Then the plough

(All above for one minute)

Then shoulder stand for 3

Been doing them off and on — now habit.

First learned this at 18. Am 74 — so forgetting the names
Is understandable.

Duane U.
Hi there!
Since in the morning your muscles are still cold, try doing some stretch poses.
Personally I like doing the following: forward fold, lengthening the spine, downward dog, cobra, cat & cow.
I hope this helped 🙂
Trudel F.
Keep it simple, especially if you’re just waking up and your muscles are cold. Do relaxation poses for one minute – like child’s pose into cat stretch into downward facing dog into cobra. Then do a pigeon stretch for 30 seconds each leg. There’s your five minute morning yoga routine. Focus on your breathing. Once this is a regular habit, you can always add more to it for longer durations.
Elizabeth U.
I do a yoga class weekly and we typically do things called "vinyasas" (sequences) where we repeat a sequence of movements several times. You can look up morning yoga vinyasas or morning yoga routines for beginners on Youtube and find some really good routines. I think that's the best way to get a good idea of what poses would work, and those videos vary in length and difficulty. Look for ways to modify difficult poses for beginners (the videos should explain that). You definitely don't want to overdo yourself because some movements look deceptively simple. Good luck!
Signe P.
I would recommend looking up some YouTube videos theirs a lot of videos for beginners, that’s how I started. They give you tips and you can actually see how they get into certain positions. Plus it’s encouraging to look in the comments and see people going through the same struggle as you. Hope this helps. 🙂
Sisenando C.
There are an abundance of videos on YouTube you can follow along with like this one: https://youtu.be/XCIviBT3Txc
Also, @amandabisk frequently posts yoga flows on her instagram page that are great
Johanne C.
I do yoga often at a studio! To be honest I don’t love doing yoga at home as for me going to class and practicing with an instructor is the most valuable to me. However, if you want to add this to your own routine at home download a yoga app that will take you through basic poses! Apps like down dog or daily yoga are great because they offer free trails and have routines for everyone!
Cl Mence Q.
Try the routine that is offered in the fabulous app. It's the "greeting of the sun" (Sonnengruß in German). I repeat the sequence for 15 or 20 minutes and then I add 10 minutes where I lie down on my back and use the body scan meditation from the "make me fabulous"/"meditate" menu. What I tried only recently, is to add 3-5 minutes of breathing meditation in the beginning, so that in total I spend about 30 min for that part of my morning routine.
Travis J.
My 15 minute workout routine includes alternating weights and yoga daily. I also workout at Life Time three days a week. On my yoga days I watch Rodney Yee’s “AM Yoga”. I had an old DVD player I put in my bedroom and I sourced the DVD and many other workout videos from Goodwill. “One person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are a lot of apps and YouTube yoga classes that help you practice yoga from your home which allows you to find the style that’s right for you today. (There’s not a right or wrong style but there are people who set up camps in one style and sweat by it). Here’s the most important part about yoga. It’s about the breath, not so much the movement. It’s about the meditation while you flow or move through the routine. Focus on your breathing as you try new poses. As for putting together a routine, I practiced Bikram for many years which incorporates a specific 26 poses and two breathing exercises and I know it cold so that’s what I work from when I don’t have media. I recommend finding a vinyasa yoga flow sequence you like and practice it so often you can do it in your sleep. Also find a Hatha yoga sequence online and learn it. Then focus on these. Your body will know when to try a new routine. Knowing a sequence instead of constantly changing allows you you focus and get into a meditative state, allows you to see your body’s progression and allows you to understand what’s going on with you on the inside. One day you can do a pose easily and the next day you cannot even get into the pose. The reason is often what’s going on in your head and heart.
Clara T.
Hello! I practice yoga infrequently, but it is on my list of behaviors to consistently incorporate into my routine. I follow a yogi online who motivates and inspires me. I would recommend trying out the free videos on YouTube and picking someone to watch that motivates and inspires YOU. Have a happy day!
G N L C.
A simple short routine, like Sun Salutations followed by Savassana is a great way to start a morning yoga habit. There are many free and low cost apps that can help you with this. Down Dog is a good one. Start with 5 or 10 minutes.
Tristan X.
Yes i do, its a very good way to start my day after i drink some cold water! It also helps me warm up for my morning runs. I am also a begeniner at yoga so i just start with the balana pose then work my way to the shavasana then the malasana then planks this should be more than enough for a good strech…. hope this helps
Francisco T.
Learn the sun salutation. They are very simple moves that you can do and there is a guide available on fabulous. You move from standing, into a lunge, then into a plank, press down then lift your chest, back into down dog, back into a lunge and then back to standing. You can do this on both sides ( left leg back in the lunge on the first round then right leg back on the second). Do this 4 times doing each movement timed with your breath so you slow your breathing right down. Once you get used to doing this you can add movement into the sequence. This is a great way to start making your own routines as you learn to move through your practice
Hans Helmut S.
Sun salutations are a good place to start with a focus on synchronizing your breath with the movements. Youtube also has a lot of yoga channels.
Janet Z.
I would recommend trying some youtube videos from ‘yoga with Adriene’. I love her teaching teaching style and humor. There are tons of videos, from 5min till an hour. Plenty to choose from!
Suzanne E.
Start easy, do it for up to 5min to 10 minutes. There are great YouTube channels to help you get started. Sun salutation is my favorite yoga practice and my favorite pose is mountain pose.
Sander C.
I love following. Yoga by Candace video for my yoga. She has several YouTube videos that range from gentle waking up or going to bed routines to more vigorous routines that will make you sweat.
Sinaida F.
I have personally been bad about going to yoga but I used to do it all the time and I made sure to incorporate sun salutations, tree pose, various forms of stretching, cobra, cow and cat, and at the very end of a yoga session lay in corpse pose for 10 minutes. YouTube also has various yoga sequences to follow.
Freja C.
In the morning I love to do child’s pose, cat-cow, sun salutations and forward bends. It helps get rid of the stiffness of being still all night.
Suzy P.
I use an app on my phone or there are also a ton of free instructional videos on YouTube. I have found listening to an instructor’s voice on how to position your body and movements are a key must have.
Brandie Q.
A pose that will stretch your body upwards is energizing. Try Sun Salutations. I have a bad back, so I like Cat, Cow, and Child's pose.
Tracy O.
Absolutely! Start with a basic sun salutation (super easy to google). It’s a series of integrated movements designed to wake up your body’s inner connectivity and get you ready for the day (hence the “sun” part). Best of all, it feels like its own path, so you’re not left thinking “well shoot, what do I do now?” And you can build from there!
Noelle Z.
I have tried yoga a few different times. At home. At the gym. In the park. With friends. Alone. Big group. Select group.
Sounds like Dr Suese.
I don't like yoga.
Just because every one is into it doesn't mean you have to love it. The only yoga class that gave me satisfaction was when I was training for a half marathon -Hot yoga really stretched out my muscles. I Smoot other sports.
**I suggest go on YouTube learn the basic poses.**
Then try a class. I always end up learning more at a class even thought it might take a bit to talk myself into actually getting to the first class.