What’s the best music / sound to work out to??

Sheila A.
I found some playlists in Spotify made by other people for working out. The songs I like from there I put on my own workout playlist.

Ella N.
I think it depends on the type of exercise. When I do yoga I like to listen to nature sounds of very soft and smooth music. When I’m running, I like something with a quick beat that my feet can fall into like a cadence. It makes running more enjoyable to listen to upbeat music, like pop! If I’m lifting or doing a HIIT routine, I prefer modern rock and alternative rock music. It’s more motivating and keeps the heart rate up. Whatever it is though, it’s all music I love.

Naja W.
The best music is your favorite music which is going to give more energy and positively to do the work for effective. White music or sound is also a good option to start with.

Ryan F.
I love listening to epic movie soundtracks/scores. It makes me feel like I'm the protagonist 😀 One of my favorites is the song "What are you going to do when you are not saving the world?" By Hanz Zimmer.

Kam N.
Personally I love some alternative rock to pump me up. Like “me against the world”, “warriors”, “ born for this”, “I’m so sorry”, etc. They have a beat which makes me feel like I’m a knight on a way to slay a dragon or a 90s Russian spy trying to fight off some bandits. Very motivational 😀 I also occasionally listen to badass pop songs, which motivate both by energetic music and lyrics. For example, “Do it like a dude”, “work, b*tch”, etc. Hope it helped!

Samantha T.
Music that's soothing, familiar and not too loud. Country is uplifting and romantic so gs make my heart happy and calm