What do you do when your body hurts too much for your normal routine?

Olivia C.
I still try to complete some sosrt of routine. Maybe it’s only half the length it normally is, or I adjust it so I’m not injuring myself even more.
Ella X.
It depends on why it hurts. Are you sore from previous workouts? Maybe you need a rest day. Some stretching or yoga would serve as a great replacement. Is it joint pain or something more serious like neck or back? I would talk to my doctor about what exercises would be best. I would think swimming, biking, or using the elliptical would have less impact and be easier on joints. Whatever you do, don't stop moving. A body in motion stays in motion. Exercise will, in the long run, help with the pain. You got this 🙂
Liam F.
I feel that any activity is better than none. If you can get your heart rate up for 15 to 20 minutes, it helps. Swimming or soaking in a hot tub may ease the soreness enough to allow you to pick back up tomorrow. Epsom salt baths are wonderful for soreness!
Sharon U.
– lie down in a bath tub
– get an oil massage or soft massage
– do a light exercise such as yoga
– set a routine to rest; normally I exercise 3 days and rest 1 day
– apply some muscle cream
– rest
Gesa W.
Do something less. I often don't have time to do my full and ideal routine, so I'll only do some stretching and a few yoga poses. Or I'll do as much as I can of my routine until I'm called away. I believe that keeping the habit is more important than how much I'm able to do. As far as pain goes, I also do research to see if there's anything I should change about my routine or if it's normal growing pains I just need to work through.
Tracey P.
Take it easy, take it slow. Maybe only do the warmup. Don’t move through the pain and limit the movement to when the pain starts
Malvina A.
Hmm. Best thing for the body is to change the exercise you do. I alternate what I do one day with the next. Just don't overdue any exercise you do.
Hans Christian J.
Probably do half of it, ex. Normally you do 20 pushups, do 10 instead. Also you could do an alternative, not as intensive activity, such as walking 2.5 miles instead of running 5 miles.
Jesus S.
I start moving very slowly to get my muscles and joints warmed up, especially since I'm stiff in the morning. I take it easier if I've been working out hard recently. Sometimes I just stretch, which is also a form of exercise.
Marlene O.
If I know it is just muscle pain, I push through it! Sometimes, I would also do a shorter set with some cardio and then do 30 min of sauna or an Epsom salt bath. When I feel it might be something serious (especially back pain), I don't push through and I try to give myself a day off with a heating pad and Icy Hot.
Claire U.
Just do something, very light. The lactic acid will disappear but you need to keep building your habit. If it hurts it's because your body was not ready for that so build your exercise routine progressively
Lola F.
Stretch, I use this app: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/start-stretching/id827568897?mt=8
Claude I.
If my body is aching and I cannot find the energy to complete my usual excersise as part of my morning routine… I do less! I just do what my body is capable of that day and try not to beat myself up for not being perfect. I say to myself, "anything is better than nothing". Even if I only take a few steps out of the door. To be honest, once I've started I usually find I have more energy than I realised 🙂
Magnus X.
It’s better to move a little than not at all. Modify your workout, do low impact or another form of exercise different then your typical routine. Even if you are sore, your muscles will warm up quickly and within a few minutes, you won’t even feel the soreness.
Hector N.
Id rest wherever you have been exercising and do lazy things like go on technology and not to move anywhere(unless you're hungry or thirsty or you need to tell someone something).
Idalina E.
Take it easy. If I really need the break, then I don't worry about fitting a regular exercise routine in. Otherwise, I will modify it to something my body can handle, or focus on getting a higher step count for the day (I track it with a smartwatch).
Isabella S.
If your body hurts then it’s a sign that a) you’re doing something different than usual, and that’s normally a good thing! and b) your body is healing and needs to repair itself – so don’t push too hard! A good stretching session or some yoga is always great.
Vanessa P.
I just do warmup and lots of stretching. It is OK to give your body some rest, if it is hurting too much, you overworked it.
Philip P.
It’s a really good question. I guess I try to avoid all together reaching those moments that my body hurts too much. If it’s hurting that much, then I think rest would be the healthiest think to do. So in short, I try not to hurt my pain too much.
Clinton T.
Keep moving gently
Fredy X.
Although I hurt and I want to give my body a rest I push to try and complete my section. I know the more I exercise the better my body feels and my inner self feels so good.
Kaitlin O.
Try to get at least some work done in order to get the blood flowing into the areas that are hurting or stiff. Complete rest does not help, but getting the body(parts) moving does.
Jolanda S.
Identify why it hurts. If due to over exercising or incorrect form lay off a few days and get coaching to correct form. If chronic condition be ready with alternate routine. I've had a torn meniscus and separated shoulder as well as degeneratve disc disease for years. I do have to be careful to not jolt my joints by jumping or over rotating my shoulder. That might mean I can't play baseball or walk long distances on bad days. But I can do Pilates, yoga, water aerobics. There's even chair aerobics. In fact my Pilates instructor always starts class with "what hurts" then shows us a modification. I've gone in with a sore knee but come out feeling tired but better. That's a winner!
Lea C.
I just adapt the routine, usually if it's hurting too much it's cause you are doing more than you can handle at first, start slow. Also is normal to hurt a lil bit at the beginning, your body is adapting. Now if you were used to it already and suddenly it started to hurt, go see a doc