What’s your favorite “trigger” to kick start your routine?

Bassarme F.
I don’t know if I would call it a trigger exactly, but I put my water bottle beside my bed before I go to sleep, and I put my vitamins beside the bottle. When I wake up I immediately reach for the bottle. I may not drink that much water, but even a couple refreshing sips first thing in the morning have become really really enjoyable. I haven’t been doing this that long, and I’ve already developed such a fondness for this particular habit that I can’t imagine mornings without it already – and it’s really so simple, all you need to do is fill a water bottle!
Then, because my vitamins are right beside my water I just naturally take them, because they are right there. So easy to access.
If I don’t eat relatively quickly after taking vitamins I start to feel a bit sick, so having taken the vitamins it really prompts me to get up and get myself some food ASAP. Luckily for me I already have pretty healthy breakfast habits, so it’s not so hard for me to make sure I eat something healthy. Donuts and coffee have never been my breakfast of choice.
As far as the exercise goes, I think I still need to find a way to trigger that step of the routine. It still doesn’t feel entirely natural to fit in for me.
Lina P.
Fabulous is great for establishing them. I think planning ahead is key. Your rituals should be sacred and uncompromising
Amelia C.
My alarm going off. As soon as my alarm goes off I drink water. Then I only have a small window of time to launch into my exercise before I get hungry for breakfast. Then once I have worked out I can eat breakfast. The sooner I do these things the less I procastinate, feel bad and set a negative mindset for the day. Achieving my goals early sets a positive tone for the day.
Louison E.
Drinking a large glass of water! When I wake up every morning dehydrated, it’s a nice pick me up. It also makes me feel healthier.
Jocelei C.
Thinking about my goals and feeling good about them, 'I can do this! It's really not hard, starting is the hardest part!'
Derek U.
My children. I want to become better to be the example for them. Also improving my physical conditions will help me to be more active during interactions with them
Carl Y.
I start my exercise routine with a plank! I think it helps because it's not a lot of moving and it starts easy and gets harder as I hold it.
Cl Re R.
My trigger starts with the smallest thing when I get out of bed, drinking water. After that all the other good habits feel effortless and just happen.
Fabian Q.
My favourite trigger is a mood board and rewards, it gives me more reason to do things because I give myself a rewards after doing something or achieving it. Showing myself what I can have after doing certain things or sticking to habits makes me more prone to doing it, and when I’ve held onto the habit it’s integrated into my routine so it doesn’t feel like something I could live without, because I’m so used to doing it.
Julien Y.
i think my favorite trigger is my breakfast. I figure, I can run from 8-15 mins in the morning, hop in the shower and then drink my protein smoothie and I am at a good place in my day.
Belarmino Q.
My favorite trigger to start my routine is opening up the curtains when I wake up in the morning to let the sunlight in and make me feel more awake.
Marion J.
I don't have a trigger, I just start, but the little things I enjoy about my routine are what keep me motivated and get excited to follow through on my routines. For example: drinking tea; having an automated plan that I know helps my health, mind, and soul; and the little sounds the app makes
Stacy P.
Using a journal to write down my intentions for day has really helped me to keep a routine going together with ticking it off and writing down observations and feelings. It’s also great to let the family know what I’m doing to reinforce the habit.
Henni J.
I find that drinking water is the best anchor to kick starting my morning routine. I drink a whole 500ml and instantly feel ready to achieve my goals for the morning.
Ian T.
I think that having that glass of water nearby has really helped to remind me to get out of bed and going. Especially having to put it there every night outs my mind in the appropriate mindset so that, when the time comes, I don't make a decision, I just do it rather than think about it
Travis P.
Coming downstairs into the kitchen. The kitchen is ny sanctuary. I worked hard to decorate it and i work everyday to keep it clean and tidy.