What do you do when you feel discouraged about your performance during an exercise session?

Oc Ane P.
I have been going to kickboxing classes 3 x week for 5 years. I love the music and energy of this group class, but i am not a natural athelete and during many workouts i feel clumsy and, being older than most, like i have no strength or form. What i have found is that these less satisfing workouts are actually producing the most physical gains in the long run. If I muster the energy to keep going and stop worrying about what i must look like, by the end of the week, I have made some improvements and i feel stronger and more skilled. Time has shown me that the work done in the less satisfying workouts are what contributes to progress over time, and showing up consistenly is the real formula for long term success and physical gains.
Rasmus P.
I just try to remember that a not great workout session is still better than no workout session at all, and I'll just push myself more next time. You don't have to be 100% all the time.
Joseph E.
I try to remember that my body speaks to me. Some days I have more energy than others. I’m not always going to feel 100% but if I make an effort that’s important, too.
Balbino C.
Radical acceptance -even if I just get in a few minutes of exercise, I’m happy I got any in at all. I try to completely accept my performance and not judge myself.
Luca A.
I remind myself that I am here to do my best and give my best version. For that I am grateful for the opportunity to grow. Every moment is a gateway to growth and opening to experiences.
Roberta A.
Remember that some exercise is better than no exercise. Just take Baby steps everyday and keep going, one step at a time.
Lea F.
This is a really hard thing to deal with, and the solution is even harder to handle, because for me it's remembering this: a poor job is better than doing nothing at all. And that's hard to deal with! It's literally why we procrastinate: we would rather deal with doing nothing than potentially doing badly. But if you're struggling and feel like you did a terrible job exercising, you still did and got more out of your time than the person who did nothing. Embrace doing a bad job on things, and you'll eventually do a better job more often.
Silva C.
Well one exercise session is only 1/5 or 1/7 (20% or 14%) of your ACTUAL weekly exercise output, so just make up for it in the next one by doing a couple more minutes or some extra reps and machines.
Britney I.
That’s a hit home question because that situation is a challenging one t I me and is an indicator as to what kind of shape my body is really in I then know how much work needs to be done to get back into optimum physical condition.
Ad Nis N.
It's bettet to adjust your exercise session to what you can do and gradually increase the durarion or intensity as it becomes easier, instead of starting with an exercise session that discourages you because it is too difficult. Some stretching and minor strength exetcises everyday, 5 or 10 minutes to start, is enough. Then increase it when it starts to feel too easy. And don't give up!
Lotte U.
Remember that any progress is good progress. Things happen over time, not overnight. Progress photos and journaling can help you record your progress.
Avery Y.
You push forward! Discipline will rid you of discouragement and seeing results will bring happiness. Sticking to whatever you do and start it the best way to make it happen.
Stanley W.
Usually I don’t focus on performance, I do what I like to do and performance not important for me since I am enjoying doing smth and when u enjoy usually u have good performance and i don’t do smth what I don’t like to feel discouraged
Andre S.
Just don't allow those bad thoughts, do the best you can and reach for balance. We improve everyday if we're constant, and there may be days when we are just too tired or disconnected to our bodies. It's normal. Never compare yourself with the rest, each one has it's journey, and Tomorrow will be a better day!
Anete T.
If I feel that way I celebrate my success at doing it and realize not every day will be perfect and it is all working toward a goal and one less than stellar experience will not halt the progress.
Isabella N.
This actually happened to me today. I was doing an at-home HipHop workout and one of the moves was a bit challenging. I felt all sorts of awkward and uncoordinated. I almost stopped the video. Then I told myself “Who cares??!! This isn’t professional dancing. This is the first time you’re doing this. Just do the best you can and keep going.” And I did just that. I set aside the need for perfection and just moved within the technique as best I could. I worked up a sweat and didn’t allow myself to give up. Definitely a great feeling 🙂
Ida U.
I don't feel discouraged. I'm doing this for my health so I feel really good about any and every effort I make towards my new lifestyle. I don't beat myself up over anything anymore. Yay me! I'm my biggest fan 🙂
Zander C.
Any workout is better than no workout. Note what you think you could do better and work on it the next day but don't waste time being upset with yourself. It doesn't help you in any way.
Christian C.
Keep trying! I tell myself that not everyday can be the personal best or record breaking day but that I’m still running laps around the person sitting on the couch and that the daily effort will add up and pay off!
Pamela W.
Watch videos for my fav singer, take a deep breath and remember that I have to motivate myself to get better and be better
Howard F.
After feeling discouraged, I try to find out why. Were my goals too lofty? Was I tired, stressed or otherwise preoccupied? Finding the scenario that led to discouraging thoughts let me see that it was worth exercising even if my expectations were not met. Once I challenge the expectations I'll often feel satisfied again, and continue to look forward to the next time I can thank my body by taking care of it.
Ramon N.
I focus on the previous achievements and set achievable goals. I think, if I could do 5 sit ups today, that means tomorrow I can do that and more. Let's see where I get tomorrow. And the following day, I focus in being better than yesterday, be it 6 or 10 sit ups… And even if I go with 5, i can settle with the fact that I'm doing as good as the day before, and complement my workout session with some other exercise
M Rcia N.
Try harder tomorrow. Not every day is going to be 100%. If you managed 50% today – you’re still 50% better than someone who isn’t trying at all. So no matter what effort you gave, thank yourself for being present, forgive yourself for the missing 50%, and just try again tomorrow.
Tammy J.
Focus down on just putting one foot in front of the other- one thing on the to do list at a time, and break things into smaller steps
Lucas W.
I remind myself to be proud of myself for getting up and doing exercise. And that every day is different, so performance differs as well.
Gerald O.
I think about every person starts somewhere keep in mind where you want to be 1 month or 1 year from now and think how amazing your transformation will be from now. One day you will be able to say I started here now look! And that is more inspirational than oh Ive always been able to do this!
Margit O.
Right now I'm trying not to look at it from the perspective of performance or lack thereof. I think there's something to be said for not putting that kind of pressure on yourself until there is an established routine in place. Focus on completing the task rather than doing it well.
Delores E.
Remind yourself that yourself that you are a work in progress, that you aren't always going to be satisfied with what you do. Remind yourself to try a little harder next time and improve day-after-day.
Elo Se S.
Remember that every day you get out and repeat the habit even if it’s not the best you win! The habit is what’s important, not general performance within that habit.
Albert W.
Well I tell my self If I don't preform to the level I expected then I atleast have to make someone else happy. So I buy my loved ones gifts. But my wallet is not infinite so i gotta preform!
Falviana O.
I celebrate the fact that a less than optimal exercise session is far better than no exercise session. Some days are just going to be off days. Some days are going to be harder than others. Some days, everything is going to align just right. I realize that it is not a reflection on me and don't internalize it personally. I assess what is actually going on so I can learn from it. Does my body need more rest? Is my mind just not in it? Is it just an off day? Sometimes I'll come to the conclusion that an exercise session isn't going well, so much that I may be better off ending it, stepping away, and coming at this workout a different time. It's all ebb and flow. I'm not going to get in shape from one workout. I'm also not going to lose fitness from one workout that doesn't go well as I expected. I just keep going with the flow and moving forward.
Neil R.
I aknowledge that it is fine to have poor results sometime. I've already won because I've completed exercise session and it is worth celebrating that fact
Rene J.
A bad workout is better than no workout. At least you made the effort. Not every day will be your best day, but you showed up. That’s what counts.
Dilermando Q.
Acceptance is a key for me because when you feel that isn't right and also fail, you just have to accept the failure and try again.
Gabin Y.
I try not to judge myself when I work out. I know that , even if I’m the slowest runner in the 5k, I’ve won because I am out there doing it. I have the same feeling at the gym, if I can’t keep my plank going, or if my weights are much less than everyone else. For me it’s about doing it.
Ivan U.
I remind myself that the performance today is irrelevant compared to the performance over time. Just showing up to do the habit today is the victory!
Magnus Z.
For me, it always feels good to remember that ANY exercise is better than none. Breaking a sweat, a beating heart, and burned calories is never a BAD thing.

If I’m really just not feeling it or don’t have the energy, I try to transition to something completely different… normally increased time stretching and or sauna. Sauna jacks those dynorphin levels and leaves me feeling great after.

And on a superficial level. Try changing music genre / playlist. Stale music is a workout killer

Ferdinando Q.
I remind myself that performance is not my biggest challenge and not my primary goal. It’s consistency. That’s why I’m using this app to build my habits. I want to make exercise regular and therefore, just accomplishing any workout regardless of performance is a major victory. If I can achieve regularity, performance will take care of itself in the long run.
Yolanda E.
If I have too, then I lower the intensity or the weights for the next 1 – 2 sessions. This way I get extra time to bust my confidence and recover mental or physical.
Garance G.
I set another workout session for the evening or divide the workout into small chunks. There's always a way to make it easier if you need to.
Darlene U.
Honestly, I don’t generally get discouraged! If I start to feel bummed out – I’m not stretching as far or can’t get as many reps as yesterday or my running time has gone up rather than down – I remind myself that no two days are ever going to be alike. The important part is that I showed up and still did my best, or at least put in some major effort.
We can’t win every time, but we sure as heck can try! Either way, we’re still exercising!
Laurete T.
As you go progress, there will always be not-so-good days, where you’re like “what happened?? I could do this yesterday.” And if you’re just starting out, that’s the hardest part, and it takes a while for your body to adjust, but it will. The exercise routines are goals. If you’re unable to complete them, that means you’re doing the right routine. Notice the things you did slightly better today – maybe you did one extra sit up before you gave out, or even that you really wanted to quit at one point but didnt. Your body is doing its best right now and that’s how you get better!
Paul Y.
I remind myself that at least I moved today, which is more than before. I tried and that counts as exercise even if I didn’t go 100% it still matters that I made the commitment to exercise at all.
Alfred U.
I’ve found that being nice to myself gets me much farther than being mad at myself that I want to stop. This doesn’t mean I stop exercising, this just means I take a deep breath and tell myself that it’s okay, and if I’m really too tired to just finish it out but lightly. For example, if I had 10 more pushups to do, I’ll tell myself I’ll finish them but in a half-push-up position. I make sure to always finish it through. Even if that means I have to be nice to my mind.
Carl Z.
Realize some days are better than others and always finish the whole session even if you aren’t at top performance! And just hope to do better the next day!
Jeffrey J.
I think about other people’s performances and that they are not better than me. I think that i should do this ; it’s easy!
Christian Z.
I think about the fact that I am lucky to be able to exercise and to have a healthy body and that I don't need to kill myself but that my mind is telling me I can do less than I can
Tim Y.
Think about the previous days where I performed great. Not everyday will be a great exercise session but If I woke up an attempted, that’s a good day for me; I will push myself harder the next day.
Paula X.
Take it easy and start with a tiny, simple, easy task. If you want to build muscle, then start with 5 times push-up a day. (Less than 5 time is also fine.) The next day, do push-up for 6 times. After the next day, for 7 times. It really worked for me. Don’t bite off more! Or, you would risk serious injury..
I think you sure be doing great! Good luck 🙏
Emmie F.
I'm not sure if your performance isn't good bc you don't know exactly what you're doing, you didn't really try or you just feel you're not doing enough. I have a trainer and kinesiologists who I work with. One of them isn't as nice as the others, when I ask her for help, she sometimes gives me something I know isn't right. When I work with her, I don't get the same workout so I will do twice as much cardio or try to do something on my own the next day plus more cardio. If you're not putting in the effort, maybe change trainers or workouts to something you like better. Maybe you need a new trainer or program. If you're not doing enough, try to do a little more. Mix up your routine. If you hate machines and weights, try Pilates or yoga. If you hate those, try swimming, rowing, or something else. Make a workout playlist with music you love that motivates you. If you feel it's your trainer, ask for a new one. I go to mine three times a week. I changed Wednesdays to a different time so I don't see the lazy trainer. I switched to the one who corrects my form, angles, hand/foot position and who always encourages me but also pushes me. Monday my trainer added a band around my thighs on one workout. Today my trainer added heavier weight on one exercise and more reps on two. I have three different programs that change and get harder every six weeks. I go three times a week, so I do a different program each of the three days each week. It's always interesting and never boring like that. Think positively, say affirmations to yourself and try to remember why you wanted to work out in the first place. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water and be kind to yourself. You can do this!
Malthe W.
I think that the secret is to start small, very small. You should starr at a level where you feel joy and excitement when doing the exercise. So if you feel discouraged maybe it is because you set yourself for an exercise which maybe is too dificultat for your body now. You will definitely be able in the future to do this exercise with no problems but in order to do that you should maybe diminush either the intensity or the duration or choose something where you feel confident that you can do it. Later on when you feel powerful and confident that you can do more yoy should increase it,but gradually:) setting a new habit is about being joyful and starting the exercise with enthusiasm and a light heart!
Gabrielle F.
Try harder next time! But I try to make sure I’m always really focusing on my form as well as my breathing so that I know I did my absolute best. Even if I don’t do as many reps. It’s better to have better form and less reps.
Rebecca N.
I remember that exercising at all is a major improvement from being sedentary. If I am training for something where performance matters, I pay attention to prolonged dips. If I’m competing with myself, I accept that I have off days and give myself some kindness.
Larry J.
I feel ashamed that I let my body get so out of shape. Brings me back to my days of playing soccer as an overweight child, which were filled with running all over the field while super anxious about my athletic ability, which can give me panic attacks. I cook and play videogames and sometimes smoke weed to cope but I'm trying to get clean.
Doris Z.
Every time I exercise it is a positive experience for me. I don’t need to be the best or even very good. My goal is to move my body, improve my balance and keep moving.
Ida B.
Someone told Edison that he failed 10,000 times before he had an incandescent lamp. Edison responded, “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways it won’t work.”

There will always be peaks, valleys, plateaus, and everything else between. Exercise is not about winning or losing. It’s about what your body learns from the actions performed.

Practice movements in slow motion to feel what body parts are activated throughout. You might “find” something. Best case, you are learning about perfect practice.

“Wax on, Wax off…and no forget to breathe, in through nose, out through mouth, very important” Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita)., “The Karate Kid”, 22JUN1984

Soline Z.
I remund myself that I tried, that I took the time out of my day to better myself and that alone is simply enough because I am who I am and even if my body isn't so called 'perfect' it doesn't matter because its my body. I'm taking steps to me a better person and I'll have to remember that even when I cal on my face I'm moving forward just not the way I expected.
Erdmute Y.
I never feel discouraged because getting up to exercise, even for a few minutes or when I’m tired, is a huge accomplishment because it isn’t easy. Always pay yourself on the back for having to strength to make as far as you did, and be positive that you’ll get even better day by day.
Madaleno N.
Somtimes I get frustrated and want to stop. It usually helps me get through something challenging when I have someone I am working out with. I am able to push through typically as long as I stay engaged and I pick good, manageable exercise.
Simon N.
Whenever I feel discouraged about my exercise performance, I tell myself that the most important part of exercise is to show up. Giving any effort is better than none, so while I may not be doing my best this time, I have the rest of my life to improve.
Janine E.
I constantly remind myself I’m doing well just to try regularly. I’m terrible with consistency, and I have a horrible track record of deeming I’m going to get fit, overworking it, and quitting shortly later. The fact that I’ve actually gotten consistent with just a small thing is a win in my book. I’ve felt discouraged because it felt like the drinking water thing, feeling insignificant, but then I remind myself once I get consistent with this, I can build. One day, it will be satisfactory. It’s just not this day, because I don’t have the discipline for it just yet. But constantly doing this one thing, even when “I don’t feel like it” because it’s small, is building the “I’m going to push myself even though I don’t feel like it” satisfactory workout down the road. Keep at it friend – and you’re not alone!
Mathilde W.
Remember that I’m a human being and that ups and downs are normal. I can always improve tomorrow. It’s not about being perfect but to do it!
Wilma O.
I generally feel bad about it then I remember that I am human and I can turn it around. I look back and see what encourage me and what distracted me. I motivate myself that I can do it AND more importantly its about PRORESS, not perfection.
Gail U.
I don't. If I do even a badly executed tiny part of one exercise it's a win. My goal is building a habit not becoming a world athlete.
Infante N.
I do not care the performamce, i am not preparing myselft to the olympic games. The thing is, you are doing excersice right now!
Alma W.
I try to focus on my effort and the fact that I showed up for the session! My performance fluctuates from day to day. Some days I’m stronger/more flexible and I have more energy, on other days it’s less. I know that if I keep a regular exercise routine I will feel better in the long run.
Jennifer Z.
I just think to myself "I'm having a bad day". And that's fine. Everyone has bad days every once in a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting stronger doing it. So I push through, knowing that when I'm finished, I'll still have that satisfaction of getting the job done and being one step closer to my goal.
Cl Vis Q.
I remind myself that having done something is better than not having done any exercise at all, that performance is always up to fluctuations, it’s normal and next time is probably going to be better again 🙂
Danny S.
I try to remember the feeling that I feel after completing my exercise routin. Also, it helps my day to be fresh all day.
Priscilla Z.
I write about it. When I am discouraged with any performance, I need to give it time to process and writing is the best way for me to process anything.
Minnie F.
Find a positive in your workout even if you don’t hit a benchmark, when you get the body doing something repetitive, you’ve done something well for yourself.
Detlev J.
Accept the truth that human is made like this. A lot of meditation coachings talk in the same way that mind wandering during practice is totally fine, and it doesn’t need to try to stop thinking, just label it as “thinking” and let it go.
Gilca O.
It's like coach Bennet from Nike said. The best days to measure your progress are the bad days. If you can do what you are doing on a bad day, imagine what you can do in the good ones
Alfred T.
I remind myself that I did my best and that in the long run, what matters is that I do the exercise and I do my best. Sometimes “my best” is better than other days, but I have to give myself gratitude for trying, no matter what, because I at least put forth the effort to do the exercise.