How much exercise is enough?

Jacira A.
I try to get between 3 and 5 hours of exercise a week. 3 is pretty reasonable because it could be 3 days at 1 hour or half an hour for 6 days. I mostly do cardio but I understand that HIIT is the best workout for losing weight and building muscle
Dilan Z.
You will feel its enough when your body starts yo become exhausted and recovery is slowed down. As well as when your worked out muscles feel heavy. All this means you got a good work out session.
Duane Z.
Well, it depends on the person. Age, fitness level, health, weight and previous injuries are all things to consider. For me, 30 minutes of rigorous exercise is enough for the day. I also try to be conscious about the muscles I'm working and making sure that I don't ignore a large muscle group. I also try to make the training varied so that it incorporates elements of agility training, strength and flexibility.
Victoria E.
Its important to keep up your stamina e.g. walks, etc. But also to do exercise/activities that raise your heartbeat. I aim to do it at least every other day
Georgia N.
"Exercise" is defined as designated time for moving.
It is good to focus each day for a time on moving your whole body with Mindfulness.
It is more important that you maintain a level of movement throughout your day in as many ways as possible. That is the real key to weight management and general health.
Calvin Z.
I’m a very lazy person but I have been told by several friends and trainers that once you start to feel a burn go for an extra 4-5 mins it all depends on how in shape you are
Bernardete F.
I believe that any little time you spend exercising helps! Creating an habit with little it’s more likely to enjoy doing more later! ♥️Keep up the great work!!! Xoxo
Gislinde N.
I depends on how intense it is. Sometimes I do 20 pushups, 20 jumping jacks, 20 situpss, 20 squats, then 19 of each, all the way down to 5 of each. It takes about 10 minutes and wrecks me. On the other hand, light jogging for 30 mins and I'm barely sweaty.
Isaque E.
at the beginning of the day even a stretching is enough, or you can try one min exercise: move your head, your arms, your upper body and your legs. just move them for 1 minute. And if you feel more energetic you can try rope jumping or regular exercises like push/pull-up and squats. Best of all you can try learning and practicing a dans (that will be more fun and persistent). The important thing is that you need to keep doing it every morning without any excuse, so you have to choose your own type that you will be able to stick with it. Wish you luck:)
Bernfried X.
It will depend on your objectives but if you are looking to build an habit then enough is something that you can easily achieve in a daily basis that give you small small improvements enough to make you proud of the exercise compared to previous day, never try something that goes beyond your capacity as that will set you for fail or quit in a short time
Gero O.
If we are talking time, I would think 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week.
However, I base this thinking on an activity that gets the heart rate up, swimming, jogging, tennis etc.
For activities like Yoga and walking I would think that 45 minutes to an hour to see the same benefits
Emy Z.
One where you’re heart rate stays elevated for at least 30 minutes a day. As you gradually increase the time you exercise, you strengthen your heart, lungs, and stamina.
Lauren J.
It depends on you and your life style.
I consider when an exercise is enough that your mind is fresh.
In the case that l exercise before studying it helps me to focus better and exercising before studying lessons can help you to have better results.
I said it depends on your life style because you have to see why are you exercising?
Do you exercise for studying ?
So half an hour walking or running could be effective
Do you exercise for building your body ?
So my suggestion is to run to the nearest gym and start body building
And if you are doing exercise to have a healthy life and body, consider how much time do you have for it ?
Brandy F.
Adults should be active for at least 30 minutes a day. Find an exercise that you love to do like dancing , walking, or a sport that you enjoy. Anything above and beyond what you are already doing for movement is a step
In the right direction. If you are primarily sedentary then any amount of exercise is great. The key is to keep consistent with it and increase amount or level of exertion as you are able. Make it part of your day and schedule it in. Tell your family and friends what and when you are doing it so they hold you accountable, better yet, exercise with a friend. That’s real accountability!
Alyssa A.
Even short one is better than none. It's hard to tell. I try to exercise 4 times per week and choose walking rather than driving and just move more during my day
Clifton C.
I think the more important thing is that its consistent. Daily exercise for even just a few minutes is "enough" for beginners. Everything else has more to do with where you're at and the quality and speed of your growth. Daily exercise, even short and sweet, is enough. Everything else is an added bonus. Balance is key.
Eli O.
Enough exercise is when you feel accomplished but still want to do more. And you carry that want to your next exercise session. Your body is capable of more work than you may feel comfortable with at the beginning. And your mind is the greatest obstacle. No one that’s a great athlete ever followed conventional advice on what is enough: Lebron, Phelps, Jordan, Schwarzenegger. IF you don’t have that level of desire and motivation, just know you are capable of doing more. Get to know your mental and physical limits in order to discover that your current notions of safety and ability don’t satisfy your potential, that lifting heavier, running farther, stretching longer will not break you, as long as you pay attention to form. When your bodily awareness and ability to maintain form are challenged, that may be a good stopping place.
Manuela Z.
Specifics depend on your goals and where you are in terms of physical fitness. In general, 40-60 minutes of intervals (see;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1562808281/RO=10/ at a time, plus 10-15 minutes each for warmup and cooling down, is most effective. More than 1-2 such workouts per day and more than 5-6 days per week will reduce their effectiveness.
Jeanne Z.
I like to exercise. I have been doing it all my life. For me it's easy. What I found out is that 3 is the magic number. You should aim at 3 sessions per week, one hour at least.

Selma W.
It should be long enough that yu feel accompished. Starting out, I did 20 mins. I'm now working out for 40 mins a day. I look forward to working out for an hour everyday. It's important to me that I only do workouts that I enjoy because it's only then am I able to work out consistently and be able to make working out a joyful habit.
Isidoro P.
This is such a hard question to answer because we are all different. Some of us just want to feel good, some of us want to lose weight and/or some of us just want to keep up with our kids! At this point in my life I’m all about the first one and the third one. Yes, I could stand to lose some weight but I find the most effective way to think about it is that I just want to feel good in my body. I want to feel strong and capable.
Ramazan J.
Well first i do the sun salutations stretching salutaions stetch to get ready. Then I work out till I 'work up' a sweat.
Niviane E.
I feel it all depends on your own body … If you are sore than Yas you are working it!!! If you can't move than it is too much …
J Ssica C.
I'm not sure. It varies from person to person. I tend to do the 7 minute workout provided in the app daily. That's enough to keep me in shape and maintain my weight.
Celestine P.
Some people will probably tell you about calories in vs calories out. A standard diet is considered to be 2000 calories. If you're losing weight, then you should consume less or burn more.

I'd ignore this. Calorie goals are approximations and averages and don't accurately portray the needs your body requires.

Instead, you want to do high intensity exercises that your body is capable of doing in short periods of time. The key is to exhaust your body without straining it. The amount of time to achieve this is irrelevant.

If you're a walker, you need to walk until you're too tired (not in too much pain) to continue. This could be anywhere from 5 minutes if you're in poor shape to 4 hours if you're in excellent condition.

Find out what you can do, push your limits without hurting yourself, and then repeat at least 3 times a week. That's how you exercise.