What’s your favourite morning exercise?

Linda Patterson
I like to do the 6-minute HIT workouts from my fitness app. Afterwards, it feels good to stretch, and continue to do a few extra HIT moves if I’m feeling up for it

Sharon Douglas
First, my morning exercise isn't a workout. I work out in the afternoon.
However, I do have a sort of warm routine that I do every morning upon arising.
First, a handstand for 1 minute, which sets my shoulders and posture, plus inversions are great at putting you in a good mood.
Then I do 4 minutes of star jumps, hip thrusts, forward and back bends, squats, pushups, sit ups, and planks.
That gets my body warm but doesn't work up a sweat, that's for the afternoon.

In the afternoon, I train with kettlebells.

Maria Watson
Walking early in the morning. I walk with a friend part of the time at a slower pace because they are older than me then I speed up the second half to get in a real workout. I mix up my routes but stay consistent the time that I go out.

Christoffer Larsen
I prefer start morning with set of pushups just to make my heart beat faster, it helps to wake up and then I’m doing couple stretching exercises

Brás Rodrigues
My favourite morning excercise is running. The couch to 5K is a great app to get you started and helps improve stamina in a gradual way. Doing 20 squats is also a nice morning excercise for the days I don't run. If I wanna stay in the house instead of running, I'll do yoga.

Jacob Christensen
Taking my dog for a walk/run is great for both of us. We get the connection and it starts both of our days in a good spot. I like to vary wearing headsets and not, as it gives me thinking time and mindless entertainment time.

Josefine Larsen
Deep grande pliés with soft classical music. Stretching gently and slowly in front of my window while I watch the sky light up

Adonai Alves
I like to do yoga it helps me strecht out because I usually wake up in the morning feeling like a stale potato chip rasain

Tina Diaz
Running it pushes me and makes my body feel great. I always push to go a little bit further than the previous day. I enjoy being outside and taking in deep breaths of fresh air

Arthur Richardson
My favourite morning exercise is Yoga, I find it empowering, invigorating and gives an awesome feeling to my body, mind and spirit.

Melinda Alvarez
I jog every morning to stave off my anxiety and depression. I know it isn't for everyone but I think it is the best morning exercise.

Violet Fields
Taking a walk or doing yoga is really nice for me at this point. I'm not quite up to the more strenuous exercises until the afternoon.