What do you do when you feel too tired or ill to exercise?

Alison E.
I still show up to the gym and workout. It may take me longer to warm up but with some good music and workout friends eventually I feel better even if by a little and make myself workout because after I’m done I always feel better than I do if I was to just stay at home and skip the gym.
Ariosto C.
When I feel too tired or ill to exercise I try to do something simple such as jumping jacks to keep my mind from getting to relaxed with falling for "I'm too tired or too ill." I know when I get sick its better for me when I take it easy on myself but also sweat it out.
Oskar Q.
Sometimes you have to listen to your body. I will often take a “power nap” just for 15 minutes or so. It gives me just enough time to get to REM stage and I feel refreshed when I wake up.
Misty Z.
I push through it because exercise helps me feel better and helps to wake me and my body up. I just tell myself that I can do this, I’m strong, I’m stubborn, I will get through this and it will help me feel better. It’s all about what kind of motivation and support you have.
Kimberly F.
More often than not I take the easy option and do nothing. BUT the times I dont, I simply got for a short walk or do some stretches, once the bloods flowing this often gets me motivated to complete the excercise I'd tried to avoid. When that doesnt happen, at least I know I did something and at least tried.
Ella O.
I'm still working on that! Sometimes saying my ritual to myself, or going through the reasons why exercise is important to me really helps. If I'm really tired I'll try to do something that isn't intense or even a short workout just to get something in. If I'm really, truly sick I will allow myself a day to rest. One day at a time.
Eva Z.
If I'm to tired I will either do a regular workout but would modify, and if I'm feeling ill then I would either do yoga or just stretch
Ken G.
If I don't feel up to actively committing to exercise, but I'm not too ill to get out of bed, then I try to just get up, put on some upbeat music and potter about the house. Maybe I'll start by brewing some green tea, then in the meantime put on some laundry, wash the dishes or even take a shower. Just getting up and moving around can help wake you up, and I often find myself feeling like I have more energy than I expected and start dancing to the music while I do my chores: bam, exercise happened without even trying 😉
Magnus W.
Usually I berate myself and feel bad. I try to just do something.. a little yoga, a walk. I really need to work on routine.
Mira E.
First I make sure my sleep is adequate. If my sleep went well about 7 hours most of the tiredness will go. Still if I feel board I will take black coffee. Cafine is best to boost up your workout. Taking a cold shower also helps me break the sickness.
Willie Z.
If I am actually ill, I'll just skip exercise. There's no reason to make harm to yourself. 😊
If I'm really too tired I might rest for a moment and then adjust the exercise to meet the energy I have at the moment. If tired means "I just don't feel like it" 😉 then I'll just force myself to get started and usually I'll soon begin to enjoy movin myself.
Apr Gio Q.
If I am too ill to exercise then I concentrate on getting better.. and decide when I can go running. If I am too tired I still try to go out because I will regret not going. If I am really exhausted forest with a clear conscience
Soline B.
I give myself an easy day, but I still do something. I find that when I exercise, I'm more disciplined and productive and happier throughout the rest of the day.

So if I was going to go for a 20 minute jog, I'll switch my plan to a 20 minute brisk walk. If I was going to lift some heavy weights, I'll plan to lift lighter with lots of stretching and foam rolling.

When I do these easy days, I usually find that my illness wasn't that bad or my tiredness melts away pretty quickly and I end up doing a full workout anyways. Even when it really does turn out to be a light and easy session, though, just doing something, ANYTHING, is better than nothing.

Conny E.
I just do some stretching and do my go to yoga moves that way I still accomplished something and can feel good about that but I didn’t make myself miserable doing an exercise I don’t want to do.
Alfredo T.
Tell myself if I get up and do it now I can do or have something that makes me happy when I'm done then count to 5 and get to it before I reach 5.
Stanislav J.
Small streathces is agreat idea don't bush your body very much just small move to realize your body or you can do one or two yoga postion sometime playing favrout music and just moving your body
Kristen Z.
I’m trying to sleep a little bit and do less then I usually do. But it’s very important just to begin, even do something a little time.
Jofre N.
It depends. Some days, I know I don't feel like exercising but I still force myself a bit do to something small even if it's just a couple of stretches and usually after that I feel better. Some other days I just don't seem to find the strength and I try to tell myself that it's okay and I need to listen to my body.
Norma E.
If I feel too ill, I would switch it out for some extra water and maybe some breathing exercises or stretching. Recovery is more important. If I’m feeling to tired, I push through it, maybe stop early, but most importantly, I take steps to ensure that I’m not as tired the next day. Going to bed early, getting some good rest.
Chris P.
When I'm too tired to exercise I tell myself the results of exercising and I do it, but if I'm too ill I just wait and do two exercises tommorow
Claude O.
Even when you’re tired or sick you can always do something for at least a minute.That’s when the 1 minute exercise come in. Just get moving in some way. Maybe even just dance to your favorite song. Something that feels fun makes you feel better.
Katrine Z.
I just do as much as I can to keep the routine going. It might just be walking up and down the hall a few times. Just whatever I think my body can handle.
Katie Z.
Honestly, skipping a day or two is not a problem so long as you exercise consistently and it doesn’t turn into a habit. If you are to I’ll to exercise – listen to your body and skip the workout. If you are too tired, opt for a lighter workout or just muscle through it! 🙂
Eleanor E.
Like tonight, I stayed home not to over do. I am older and am cautious about not being in full mode tomorrow. Too many times in the past I powered through and then paid for it later. Patience is a virtue.
Am Lie Y.
I put my favourite music on and dance to it… love dancing too much I guess so never too tired or ill to let my body express rhythm
Alex T.
I look at myself in the mirror to remind me why I need to workout. I also think of how little time it takes to do some sort of exercise. Remind myself that 20-30 minutes a day is enough and better than 0 minutes
Elouan O.
Too tired? I still try and push myself to go as it gives me energy. If I am feeling too exhausted however or too ill? I give myself a rest day to recover so I can perform at my best the next day.
Dylan C.
If I'm tired, I will normally still push myself to exercise. Even if it's just a short one. Put on some of your favorite music and dance to it if nothing else. But if I'm sick, then I will give my body the rest it needs. I won't overwork it when it is already working hard to get me better. So I will rest for a couple of days depending on how I'm feeling. I hope this helps
Tha S Q.
I think about how I think I’ll feel after I work out. Will I feel accomplished and proud that I pushed through? Or will I be so fatigued or ill that I’ll be immobile for the rest of the day? Most of the time the answer is the first one, so I push through and do my best based on what I can do that day. One day at time. You can do this!
Carole Z.
I do a very small exercise, usually involving stretching or just a few star jumps or push ups. Then I congratulate myself and ask my body if it can handle one more round. If it can, I do the same again and celebrate the accomplishment.
Geza X.
If I'm tired I do something lazy, like using the stairs instead of the elevator; if I'm ill I prefer just to rest, it's your body asking for rest
Caroline Z.
One good alternative is yoga. It has many health benefits and gets you moving but is not too intense. It might also help you to feel better overall
S L Ne Y.
Just rest to recover my strengths. I looking for a book to read and always try to write something about my state of mind.
Mario F.
I nap. Or, I exercise anyway and nap after. But if I get into the habit of not exercising when I don’t fell well, I just start to feel worse and then I stop exercising all together.
Yolanda Z.
Walking outside for half an hour can be a low-intensity substitute for whatever exercise routine you have. Even if you do not feel good one day, it's always good to move a bit.
Marie F.
Take a rest! Rest is really important, exercising every day will lead to injury or dropping your habit completely. So just go easy on yourself if you don't feel up to it
Desiree F.
Don’t break the chain! Go for a short walk and listen to something you enjoy. Congratulate yourself for not breaking your exercise chain. If you feel really really ill remind yourself your body is working hard to fight germs or disease. Thank your body and tell it that when it finishes it’s job of keeping you well then you will get back to what your body loves, movement and exercise.
Dan Y.
Evaluate myself honestly. If I am sick or injured, I give myself permission to rest, but I also try to think of something I can do, like stand and stretch or do a quick bit of housework. If I am tired, I break it down to the smallest possible thing until I think of something that seems easy- like dancing to one song, going up and down the stairs, doing a single bicep curl, or walking outside for 1 minute. Once I do that, odds are good that I will keep going, and if I really AM tired, at least I did something to reinforce my habit. Maybe I just need a nap, or maybe the exercise itself will make me less tired.
Johan Q.
If you are ill i advise you to take the day off but if your just being lazy then get motivated music reading mags what ever get motivated
Mariusz O.
When I feel ill, I listen to my body and give it the rest it needs to recover. I’m an avid athlete so I remind myself that health is my priority, not just “going through the motions.”

As for being tired, there are two possible outcomes. First, if I’m sleep deprived, I will again default to putting my health ahead of a habit. As a general rule of thumb I won’t train if I’ve had less than 5 hours of sleep, and I won’t train intensely on less than 6 hours of sleep. That might vary for you, but those are my parameters. Your body needs sleep to recover.

But sometimes I just feel lazy or tired, we all do.

In those moments I force myself to do the first five minutes of my routine. Nothing more. I promise myself that I’ll leave if after five minutes I’m still convinced I can’t do it.

I’ve never once left after the first five minutes.

Now this might take some time for you to figure out. Again, I’m an athlete. I’ve trained with broken bones and other issues, but only because I know my limitations and I set clear boundaries with myself and anyone I train with.

But some exercise is better than none, so unless I’m bed ridden, I’ll take a short walk while sick or exhausted, even if it’s not my usual routine.

I once read that sitting is the new smoking. So there’s something to consider.

Hope this helps!

Diane O.
I sit and watch TV or play on my phone. Most of the time it’s more of a feeling of burden. I was doing good with a simple yoga routine every morning, but vacation threw everything off. Maybe I can get back to it.
Ana P.
When I feel too tired I try to do a shorter workout or ensure that I get my 10k steps in that day. If I'm I'll I'll prioritize rest for my body to recover.
Raphaela F.
You should never work out if you’re sick or push yourself too hard when you’re not feeling well. It’s okay to take a rest day every once in awhile. You could even just take a casual walk for exercise if you’re feeling up for it.
Joan U.
I will go for a short walk or meditate so that I’m not missing a day and the change I have set forward is more permanent
April O.
First you have to ask yourself why are you too tired? Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep surprisingly isn't fully understood but we do know that it's vital to get enough. It trumps both exercise and meditation in importance.
Exercise doesn't have to be going to the gym or involve massive amounts of energy. A simple walk will do you good and will probably help wake you up. Your body needs movement after a sleep so in my view no matter how tired you are some simple stretches and a little walk will help wake up both your body and brain. As to being ill it all depends on the illness? It can be helpful or harmful depending on the condition so I won't touch that.
Erkan R.
I think rest is also part of the exercise, and if you are ill, your body also need some rest if you can’t exercise, I think.
Frida A.
I complete other goals for the day, rest, and make sure that I am drinking enough water. I also sometimes eat a nutritious snack.
Tilde N.
I didn't excercize when I was too sick for two day, I did my other routine items. But lost my streak, not happy about it, so if anyone can tell me what to do when you are sick, that would be great.
Gottlieb C.
If I am unwell, I rest. If I am tired, I start light, with low expectations- sometimes I just get out the door – and that seems to be enough to shift the fatigue. And some days I don’t do anything but I notice on those days, that I don’t feel the same pride as when I take action.
Ewen S.
I will listen to my own body and its needs and rest until I get better. It is important to excercise but even more important to take a rest when needed. In this case, my body will be ready for further excercise and challenges.
Andreas Y.
If you are too tired, try listening to music or a video that inspires and motivates you! It can be your favorite song or some awe-inspiring movie scenes. Get into the right mindset and then take action! If you're ikl, take it slow, your body needs to recover. Maybe do some stretches or a very brief walk (even inside your home)!
Emilia Q.
When I am too tired I just think of how far I've come and how much I've progressed. I think about my goal and what I set out to achieve. I also think of my son and my brothers who are watching me. I won't let them or myself down. Good music always helps too.
Wade F.
If I'm I'll, I skip the exercise. If I'm tired I try to think about the good feeling I always get after I'm done with the exercise, but if this doesn't motivate me, I go for a walk instead and do the exercise the next day.
Villads W.
In some small part of my mind, I know I can push myself to exercise even if it’s only part of what I often do. I listen to that one voice, mand repeat it in my mindy. You can do it and you’ll feel so much happier for doing so.

So, I’ll grab a painkiller, maybe a nice cup of coffee if it’s morning. Drink plenty of water. I put on comfy clothes that I can exercise with, they don’t even need to be exercise clothes- that’s not our aim. I then put some good super lively music that I like on. The song that you can’t help stomping your feet to and singing along to. I sing along and dance around for the duration of that song, almost like a PRE workout hype out. Then once it’s finished and the next track begins, I start to exercise.

Alison E.
If you’re ill, then you shouldn’t exercise! You don’t want to over exert yourself. However, if you’re too tired, then do something simple like yoga or Pilates. Some exercise can help wake you up!

You’ve got this, Queen.

Irene T.
When I am feeling exhausted or sick I usually try to walk around the block. If I am just tired, walking usually wakes me up and it is then easier to try something a little more vigorous. If I am sick, walking is great because just a few minutes of it is enough to help.
Morris G.
Sit there, away from screens, and rest or take a nap. Don't force yourself to exercise when your body and mind are not ready for it on that day.
Sedat U.
Stretch, do some light exercise. Maybe focus more on exercises where I am on my back. Take a short bike ride to get some fresh air.
William S.
Stop making excuses. Search for possibilities instead of impossiblities. To ill for the gym? Train at home, YouTube is full of short excersises. To sore for training even at home? Do some yoga, take a longer easy walk.
Theresa S.
The first thing I do is check in with myself to get a little more accurate. Am I actually to tired or ill? Or am I making excuses and falling back into bad habits? If it’s just a little push I need then great. But sometimes being tired and ill are real. So I might try a meditation to support gathering energy. And if I’m sick then I actually take a break, I listen to my body, give myself the rest I need and decide to be kind and know I’ll need to focus on returning to exercise when I’m actually feeling better. No point in exertion for the sake of this app check box if it actually serves me better to honor what’s going on with my body.
Ugo E.
That's a great question actually. I usually do a tiny, minimal excercise like 10 squats, pushups and crunches or triceps dips.
Lewis C.
If you’re ill, don’t exercise! If you have to, just do small thing, like stretching or walking. When you’re tired, try starting with yoga or pilates, then move on to something harder once you feel more awake.
Stacey Z.
I won’t exercise at all. I would just go head to take care of other priorities of the day. If I feel better later in the day, I might try to make up for the missed workout in the morning.
Frederik N.
That's a very real feeling/situation. Exercise is a core part of my mental health so going without, even when I am ill is not sustainable over long periods of time. I practice compassionate exercising. If I can make to the gym and only work out for 20 mins because I am winded, that is a great workout. If can't even leave the house I will so some simple yoga stretches as part of my medidation to present my body in a state of worthiness even when it is not feeling or looking its best. The important thing is to be present, turn inward and honor your body.
Valdemar W.
Today I had planned to go for a run. Building up, since I'm recovering from a burn-out. It is the beginning of a heatwave, and I did not feel too lively, so I decided to do some yoga instead. At least I did something which makes me feel better, instead of doing nothing at all and feeling bad about it.
Hon Ria Q.
So I recently dislocated my ankle, and and it’s still incredibly painful, there are a lot of exercises I can’t do – at least for the time being. When moving is too painful, I do 8 minutes of gentle yoga stretching. You can do a lot of those poses whilst you’re still in bed in the morning, so feeling ill or tired won’t be too much of a problem. Try the reclining pigeon, happy baby & butterfly poses, and some seated twists. Also stretch your shoulders and arms. It’ll do wonders.
Sara Z.
I try to force myself to get up and just put my workout clothes on even if I’m not feeling it. Once they’re on, I feel a bit more motivated to just start the workout. Then, by the time I get going I feel much better.
Irmengard U.
If I’m actually physically sick, I might refrain from exercising when I feel unwell. But I have to really be honest with myself because I can easily convince myself that I don’t feel well enough when really I just don’t feel like doing it. If I’m too tired then I do it anyway, or do what I can. For me it’s more important to get moving every day than to crush every workout.
Donald O.
No matter what, I always at least go for a walk. If I feel tired, I just tell myself to get outside and walk for five minutes away from my home, then 5 minutes back. Just to stay in the mindset of getting a workout in every day. If I’m too ill, I try to go for a short walk, but sometimes I just need to lie in bed and recuperate those days, and that’s okay!
Noam C.
IItd be better to hype myself up. Picture my goals, see myself with those goals and tell myself… girl you're there. Find the energy to give myself the energy to get off the couch and get it done knowing that I'll feel rewarded the moment I'm done.
Aaron T.
Rest! Your body isn't going to build itself up if it doesn't have the resources. Eat good whole foods, drink lots of clean water, take any medicines you may need, and get enough sleep, or all your exercise regimen will do is frustrate, exhaust, and possibly injure you.
Andre E.
Exercise for 1 minute only.

Do whatever you can.

I suggest some jumping jacks. But if you really don’t feel like you can do it, sit on your bed and stretch your body. It will help you feel more relaxed and can make you feel better.

Do the best you can the way you can and, when you finish, go there check your exercise routine as done.

The most important is that you never give up doing what you need to do.

Aaron Z.
I do a smaller less intense workout. I know that if I break that habit I will never get back into it. Did you know the you can exercise on your bed. There are a ton of exercises out there for you to try. Have fun!
Rosa U.
In those moments, it is important to listen to your body. But instead of foregoing exercise completely, it's about recognising what you are able to do. For example, maybe you could do knee pushups instead of traditional ones, or take a walk instead of a run. Go easy on yourself but still commit to your goals. Everyday matters and you will definitely thank yourself for it in the long term!
Malou F.
If I feel too ill, I usually do some light stretches. If I think I'm too tired, I drink a cup of green tea and start with one small exercise. It usually builds up into a whole workout.
Jeffery O.
If I feel truly I'll and overly exhausted I will do some flowy stretching/yoga to some good jams. Just to move my body but nothing elaborate.
Alix O.
If you're ill, just walk and don't sweat it (literally). When tired do some kind of exercise that makes you happy, like dancing for a few minutes. Also, once you start exercising and get over the starting hurdle it's easy to finish.
Gabriel Z.
I lay in my bed and do some stretching. I look up videos on YouTube on my tv or phone for doing a workout in bed. If I'm super sick, I recognize that my body really does need rest and will take a break for a day or two.
Felix Z.
I simply just do some stretches. I have injured my foot recently. So I can't do much on it but I can do a bit of stretching which helps and counts
Gerald U.
When I feel too tired to exercise I always have that split second thought of "I need to exercise" when you get that second thought just jump up and get ready to exercise. If you don't hop on those thoughts of doing you'll continue to make excuses for yourself. Dont let your sub-concious rule you. Take charge of your Mind!
Mikkel Z.
I unroll my yoga mat and I get on it and I just start by breathing. Even if all I do is lie there and breathe, I showed up. Often my body will decide to move organically, and I let it do that. Sometimes I just lie or sit still. But I show up.
Mat O Z.
I do not feel myself such tired yet, but I think if it will be so, I will do tiny exercise moving. It is better than nothing.
Guillaume O.
I power through. Usually if I'm sick or feeling under the weather or hung over, exercise will always give me a little extra boost so I just try to focus on that benefit at the end rather than what I'm experiencing in the moment
Stephanie T.
In the past, I just didn’t bother with it. But since making a commitment to change, I just choose a different workout or do what I had already decided anyway, maybe after hitting the snooze.