What do you find to be the best time of day to fit in exercise as a working person?

Urien S.
As a student, I have a lot of work to do and on top of that I pray several times a day. I help with house chores and look after my siblings and mom. Whenever my friends have a problem they usually talk to me. I do a lot regularly on a daily basis so exercising was not a huge concern for me. I have a good metabolism so I can’t fully tell if I’m healthy or not by just looking at myself. When I found out I had high blood pressure and some other health concerns, they told me to exercise. After several months of trying to fit it in my schedule, I found out that the best time is at night. Try for yourself and see if that works! If not at night, then before you go to sleep just do a short 5-15 minute exercise. I hope this helps!
Maxence A.
I have been pretty consistent with my morning routine for 5 days in a row now! I've had a glass of water with vitamins and eaten a healthy breakfast! For 3 days in a row I've been doing some exercises to target different muscle groups. So far, I've used the timer for an 8 minute workout. I hope to work up to longer workouts with higher activity levels in the future. My goal to reach is 30 minutes in the morning and add more cardio.
Ted E.
Hi! I usually try to look up over night recipes, like overnight oats, chia seed pudding, etc. but if I don’t have time I the morning, I’ll make sure to arrange everything the night before, like putting a yogurt in the front of the refrigerator, or placing almond butter on top of a loaf of bread. Remember, it’s okay to not always eat “healthy”! That doesn’t make you any less beautiful or worthy 💞