What is the best breakfast for avoiding blood sugar spikes?

Joshua W.
Don’t need any sugar, try eating peanut butter and jelly or eat cereal that does not have to much sugar or try eating organic cereal
Emilie Z.
Any breakfast high in carbs and sugars is the best for no blood sugar spikes. It may consist of fruits, veggies, eggs and wheat anything.
Gra A G.
bread with low gi – check the nutritional value.. sugar/carbs should be less than 2g! with a good protein like egg or even organic peanut butter!
Anna O.
Yogurt bowl. I start with mashed banana, dried cranberries and cut up dried apricots. Then I add grape nuts and finally, unsweetened yogurt. It has the carbs necessary to give me the energy to start my day, but the fiber and protein keep the hunger from resurfacing.